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May 9th, 2011, 2:09 am #16

Nothing's really concrete with her, so I'm open to suggestions on how she should be written, if at all. I have a number of questions that need answering about her disability, actually. For example, how bad does a disability have to be before she can't go to a public school? What ways of helping her would a school have? Would she be able to go on a school trip, and under what conditions? How would people react to her on the campus? Is there anything else I should know about writing someone with this condition?

@ Kami and the issue of hearing impaired students - in my state, usually students with profound hearing loss (those who are classified as completely deaf) attend special schools where the entire student body and staff are deaf or come from deaf families. This is partly because all of the services required for those students are centrally located at one school and partly to foster 'deaf culture'.

Now, students with mild to moderate hearing loss are often mainstreamed into standard public school classrooms. Accomodations for them may include preferential seating at the front of the room or a pocket amplification system that they take from class to class with them (teacher wears a mic while the student wears earpiece). They may even have an interpreter or aide who travels from class to class with them who also helps with note taking and such. The student would probably also have Resource class as an elective period to help them get their work done in a timely fashion and provide academic support.

I've had three students who are legally deaf (which means they have serious hearing loss but do hear some sounds and tones) and the other students haven't treated them any differently than they do other students. Part of that comes from the fact that they have all been in class together for years. My hearing impaired students did go on field trips and outings, but the other teachers and staff involved are usually briefed about their condition and any special needs the student would have. At least one of the teachers chaperoning is a teacher who is familiar with that student, and they generally take it upon themself to keep a closer eye on that student.

Also, thank you for asking these types of questions! They are well-thought out and show that you are working on realism rather than a dramatics factor. I much prefer to try and help people with stuff like this *now* rather than having to deny profiles for it later.
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May 9th, 2011, 2:26 am #17

Heeere we go.

Winston Evans: "Too tall to be average, too average to be tall" (5'10" or thereabouts) brunette, brown-eyed. British (reason for moving tbd depending on where the new school is, exactly) and too gay to function. Quite popular, quite catty, kind of a cocky bastard when it comes down to it. Loves to party but generally puts his schoolwork first. Falls deeply in crushes very very quickly but cannot maintain a relationship for more than a month. Is passionate about reading, writing and gay rights. His parents aren't exactly supportive but his older brother very much is. Is a dedicated little monster.

Alyssa "Cap'n Allie" Harper: 5'2", blonde, green-eyed- however, due to a childhood car accident the pupil of her right eye is completely blown out, causing her right eye to appear brown (think David Bowie). Since she was a kid she's worn an eyepatch over that eye as the accident also left it completely blind, and the other kids immediately took to referring to her as the Captain or Captain Allie, which stuck and which she adores. Took up fencing as an extension of her fascination with pirates. Loves sci-fi and especially Doctor Who. Is generally very energetic, cheerful and optimistic at all times and is fairly popular without actually being part of the popular crowd.

Aidan Jacoby: A 6'4" skeleton of an Irish boy, with natural red hair dyed black and blue. Is, how you say, kind of a dick- particularly he's quite xenophobic. Is a degenerate smoker, drinker, partier, etc, and might be into some slightly harder substances (depends on what I can get away with, really). Sings lead in a rock band and has some legitimate talent behind all the assholery. Is very full of himself and thinks he's God's gift to women, which is only strengthened by the fact that he does get a lot of girls. Has a few close friends who like him despite his attitude. Spends most of his time intoxicated, playing video games or watching old cartoons.

Chitose Sakubara: A 5'7" Japanese girl with bright pink bangs. Spent the first few years of her life in Japan and speaks the language fluently. Is an avid survivalist and knows exactly what one should do in case of an emergency, particularly when it comes to zombie invasion. Loves hiking and camping. Also loves fantasy novels- her ideal night would be spent in a tent in the deep woods with a few long books. Knows quite a bit about weapons (result of the whole zombie invasion thing) but has never actually used any. Is a bit of a spacey, easily distracted individual and tends to withdraw from social situations to read instead. Has few friends.
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Winston Evans aced the last English test and would like to point out how gorgeous your shoes are.
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Time to try my hand at this and see how it rolls. (Also, bluh, this thing isn't liking the acute accented e for some reason. >_>)

Renee Quincey Valentine: Singer, songwriter, general music enthusiast. She isn't pinned down to a single style or genre. She really just goes with what she likes, and is very interested in forming her own band. She's recruited her cousin (against his will) for that purpose. Renee suffers from Bipolar II disorder. Generally she suffers a hypo-manic episode for around a week followed by a longer and much more severe major depressive episode. (This assumes she goes without treatment for the whole period.) When she's in her hypo-manic episode, she's much more energetic and creative than usual and considers those episodes to be her major inspiration periods for creating music and lyrics. Additionally, she's beginning to indicate signs of hyper-sexuality during her hypo-manic periods. Although she appears very cheery during those times, she can be very irritable as well and will throw violent tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Following the hypo-manic episodes, she experiences depressive episodes as well. During her depressive episodes, she loses all interest in formerly fun activities, becomes very angry and irritable at people for the tiniest reasons, and she finds life cold and empty. She experiences deep sadness and anxiety, any wrongs she's done adding crippling guilt to her symptoms. She's treated with Lithium and antidepressants. Aside from the Bipolar disorder, she also has a romantic infatuation with her cousin. She's much happier and more stable when he's around, and she spends her time away from him in a sadder mood.

Overall: She's a creative musician, has bipolar disorder but it's not too terribly bad (when medicated), and she wants her cousin. =D

Seth Edward Lawson: Renee's cousin. Medieval weaponry enthusiast, dark ages enthusiast, general knight-stuff enthusiast, guitarist in his cousin's band. Seth likes swords, and axes, and pole-arms, and armor, and knights, and cool horses, and other middle/dark ages things. He's no general history buff, but that period of history appeals to him like nothing else. Aside from the history, he is also an avid fan of the mythology. Swords and sorcery, dragon-slaying, kings and kingdoms all speak to him. His cousin jokes that he was born in the wrong century. Sometimes, he agrees. He has friends, and isn't shy at all, but he doesn't really relate to anyone his age. He wishes he could be a knight, ride around in armor and save maidens and whatnot. He's a little disappointed that he can't. So he makes due with his other passion. That is: he enjoys talking to and meeting with girls. The thing is, he's noticed Renee's interest in him. And strangely, he finds himself interested in her as well. He isn't entirely sure how he feels about that.

Overall: Medieval stuff lover, guitarist, likes girls, wants his cousin but is conflicted about it.

That's 2 of 4 right now. But these two I intend to work as a pair, so that's all for now.
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May 9th, 2011, 3:15 am #19

I'll give one of my guys a shot. Got one more I'll post later.

Paulo "Paul" Silva.

A half brazilian student who's known around the school for being an absurd UFC-fan, constantly clad in Tapout or Affliction or some sort of fight wear. Spends his weekends participating in backyard MMA with a group of friends that, like him, love the hell out of the sport.

Paulo's father was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor and his mother was a student of his that he had an affair with. After a falling out, the mother fled to (V5's city) to live with family and raise her twins (Paulo and his sister, to be posted by Casey). Paulo grew up resentful of his mother and her attempts to whitewash his identity, so he gained his interest in MMA and fighting in hopes of gaining some sort of connection to his estranged father, along with insisting on using his father's surname. Unfortunately for him, his mother refused to enroll him in any sort of school, and he couldn't keep up with the rigors of wrestling.

Paulo's somewhat aggressive toward other students, more or less because being tough and being known as that "Brazilian kid who'll break your arms" is attractive to him. Mostly he's full of shit about his own abilities, however. He has some resentment toward his sister, that seems perfectly fine with not knowing her connecting with their father.
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Okay. Here are my concepts, also known as the "Real People" (i.e. they are named and modeled after people that exist):

BENJAMIN BRADLEY: A friend of mine in the Navy. Gamer geek, but still athletic and friendly
STEVEN REID: One of my friends from high school. I'm going to make him an All-American sort of guy: intelligent, sports star, takes part in politics, both school and regarding the nation, popular, etc. Best friend of Mike Whaley (see below).
ROXANNE WADIA: The sister of Zubin Wadia (see below). Based off of my actual sister, whom I will almost definitely consult with before creating her profile. I'm not going to be playing her myself (because it would be RPing with myself, and I will already have best friends Steve and Mike), so I'll be looking for someone to RP her.
ZUBIN WADIA: The blatant self-insert. He's going to be me as of my senior year in high school. I'm afraid that I may have some trouble getting this guy passed because my experiences would give me some edge (when I turned 18, I had taken self-defense, and I had learned basic gun and survival skills from Boy Scouts)
MICHAEL WHALEY: Another friend of mine from high school. The only thing I'm going to tweak is I'm going to have him be adopted by a deaf couple (aunt and uncle), even though Mike and his biological mother are/were not deaf, respectively. Best friend of Steve Reid (see above).
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May 9th, 2011, 3:46 am #21

Alda Abbate: Paulo Silva's sister, who kept her mother's name and dislikes anything having to do with her Father. Similarly, she finds her brother ridiculous and stupid for idolizing the man, but still tries to maintain a healthy relationship with him.

Alda, in contrast to her UFC-wannabe brother, took a more literary approach to life, becoming immersed in Slam Poetry. However she's a less-than-adequate poet (she sucks, basically), something she'd rather die than admit. She's made a weak attempt at becoming an internet star, uploading her poetry and rap to YouTube, with weak results.

Appearance wise, she'll probably be a little chunky, and more on the tall side. She has long black hair with red streaks, which look horrendous because she tried to do them herself.

Alda's a real work in process, and I don't really have much of an identity for her, but I do want her to be a lot of sass and talk without much action to back it up. All of the bitch and none of the bang.

Ciara Littleton: Blonde hair, blue eyes, short stature, and mostly attractive appearance, at first glance Ciara is everything you'd expect from a stereotypical dumb blonde. She has mediocre grades, isn't the best at understanding big concepts, and gets easily angry or frustrated. She's a cheerleading, pop-music loving, soap-opera addicted Vouge-aholic. However, there's more to Ciara than meets the eye. Specifically, Ciara is a closet nerd.

After her brother introduced her to Halo at a young age, Ciara found something she was brilliant at- video games. Name the game and she's tired it- although she does have more of a thing for first person shooters with mainstream names. Ciara's not necessarily embarrassed about her inner-nerd as much as she doesn't really think it matters. She's not really into the whole "social hierarchy" thing. She likes what she likes, and doesn't understand why that's bad.

Ciara's overly perky and nice, and a total gossip, but she's also devotedly loyal to her close friends. She's a little more fleshed out as a character, but she's pretty much just an idea at this point too.

And finally A BOY. Because I've only ever written girls so far. Which is...a little sad. But I have no ideas for him yet, except for his sex. So yaaaaay. EDIT: Okay I lied. Ideas are cropping up. I'm thinking a graffiti artist who's pissed off at the idea that art could be considered vandalism. Semi-activist for artistic rights. Outside of the "vandalism" he's a pretty decent kid, with good grades. No idea's for appearance, or ethnicity, but I'm thinking Ian Valmont for a name.
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May 9th, 2011, 3:51 am #22

I've got no clue what to do. Usually my characters are improvised on the spot or based on someone I already know.

I want to do someone who's an ex gang member or petty criminal who's been trying to go straight at some point. That's really as far as my concepts go.
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May 9th, 2011, 4:31 am #23

An energetic young man, standing around 5'8" with a medium frame. He's an avid programmer; in fact, computer science is one of the only classes he does really well in. In general, he is a straight B student, with the A in Programming. Harvey is generally well liked, although he doesn't quite fit in with the popular crowd. He plays soccer, but isn't extremely talented at it. Harvey's real love of astronomy. He's wanted to be an astronaut ever since he was a little kid, and although he's given up on that, he still wants to do something with the stars. He looks at maps of the night sky in the northern and southern hemispheres for fun, which makes him come off as a little odd. Despite this, he has a fairly large amount of friends, as he never seems to be anything but supportive to others. Harvey can be a little scatter-brained, but he does try to look out for other people. He will remember tiny details years into the future, but will forget something you told him to do ten minutes ago.

A slight girl (around 5'3") of mixed Polish and Thai descent. Casey used to be a very nervous person with a penchant for secrecy (refusing to tell people what books or TV shows she liked, for one thing). Because of this, her peers saw her as odd, and Casey retreated to the internet for companionship. During her freshman year, she joined a steampunk fan-group and roleplay site, The Stewards of Anagear, and started to find acceptance there. With their support, she became much more outgoing and has gained a decent group of friends. She's really into craftsmanship, jewelry making, how electronics work, tech crew for the school musical, and working with fabric. She's intelligent enough to do well in school, but tends not to do her homework and generally underachieves. Casey used to be on an academic trivia team, but quit after she heard her teammates making fun of people outside of the top 5% of the class. She's a little introverted and can be blunt, but she will never talk about you behind your back.

((Also, I think the steampunk jokes originated from this concept. I regret nothing))

Mia Long is a Caucasian girl standing around 5'6", with medium-length brown hair almost always pulled back in a ponytail. Simply put, singing is Mia's life. She always had a talent for it; Mia would sing the national anthem at many of her elementary and middle school's sporting events. She loves every kind of music; pop, classic rock, other rock, grunge, screamo, musical theater, opera, rap, indie, name it, she knows it. Mia does some acting so she can have parts in the school's musicals, but she really only cares about the singing. Her dream school is the Curtis Institute of Music, and although her chances of getting in there are extremely slim, Mia tries very hard. She's an eternal optimist; nothing can bring her down. She hangs out with the popular crowd, the drama kids, and anyone else that will sit with her. She seems a bit naive, but Mia is determined to live on the bright side of life, no matter what it takes. Her grades are nothing special. Mia isn't interested in being in a band; she wants to be a opera singer or someone on Broadway, and she doesn't write her own music.

Poor Rishabh is left out, because I see the cap being lowered. I'll re-amp him for Mini.
Also, guys? I don't care who you are, I want to roleplay with you! Drop me a PM if you want to do some very early planning for v5 (I got a lot of plans for my folk already).
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May 9th, 2011, 5:48 am #24

I really want to make an asshole. I haven't done someone on the "dark and dickish" side yet, and I reckon I could play it pretty well. So yeah, a jackass jock who wants everything. Might be a SotF fan.

And that sounds horrible once I put it down on paper. :T

Also this version I'm going to try to actually do something. Seriously. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm going to do it. Yeah.

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May 9th, 2011, 6:36 am #25

EDIT: Now with more information and stuff.

Oh neat! Well I have two solid concepts and two shakier ones.

Michelle Weschler:

5'6''. Average size though not busty and very hippy, both of which she is sensitive about. Long light brown curls down to almost her waist.

Mother is a family therapist and father is a college professor (whatever colleges happen to be near the town we end up choosing for v5). Girl scout, lesbian or bisexual, cheerful and cute as a button. From a big family and friendly, though shy around adults or intimidating people. Her mother is into crystal healing and energy healing which Michelle scoffs at, making her very "FOR SCIENCE!". Sort of nerdy in a Sci-Fi and comic book sort of way (Big fan of Asimov, Heinlein, Superman comics and Star Trek) but generally pleasant and very kind. On the swim team and hopes to be an Emergency Medical Technician.

Amaranta "Mara" Montalvo:

5'4'' and 120 pounds. Latina with red/brownish skin and dark dark, almost black eyes. Shiny black hair cut into a fashionable asymmetrical bob and curvaceous body type.

Beauty pageant rich girl with some sort of student government position. Ambitious and motivated, but ruthless. Vain, jealous and smart, though she constantly underestimates the people around her. Hopes to be a lawyer and take over her father's lucrative company. She's not overly antagonistic, not yet at bully status but she's definitely one to talk behind people's backs. Slightly homophobic and racist though she mostly keeps that in, not verbalizing it much.

Paris Arden

Er, longish black wavy hair and tan skin with dark eyes. Handsome.

Attractive guy who's decently smart though not a genius or anything. He's an acoustic guitar douche bag who brings it everywhere. Way into his music. Very religious and will sometimes use his charm and looks to trick girls into coming out with him when it's really an hour long talk about trying to convert them. Frowns very strongly on promiscuous students, drug use and drinking. Self-righteous is this dude's middle name but he's also selfish and will use his looks and fast talking to get what he wants.

Would love some interactions with both since I sortta came in the tail end of pregame last time.
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This is a direct transposition of what I scribbled down in class, after learning that this thread was open. I hope that makes some kind of amends for the rambling-ness.

Byron Marsh: About 5'10", gingerish, skinny. Bulimic. Superior. Arrogant to point of narcissism; sees self as tortured artist.

Writes weird short stories and a whingy blog. Calls himself a published writer because he printed out a bunch of his poems and gave them to a girl once (see below). Has read two Charles Bukowski poems, but tells everyone he's a massive fan to seem interesting.

Creepy crush on Miranda Millers. Once gave her a camera. Frequently sends her love-letters. Thinks he's good looking; isn't.

Swims a lot. In swim team? (if there is one) Other swimmers only real "friends", though he still kinda despises them.

Hates his dad to seem edgy, despite his father being a pretty rad guy by all accounts (runs a pizza parlour). Feels misunderstood by peers. In general feels too "big" for his town, and that he's destined for better things.

All-round cock.


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I've actually been on and off working on v5 profiles anyway, heh. I'll start off with the one I currently remember most about.

Viktor Maeda- Half-Russian, half-Japanese, all fun; the type you hear before you see. The son of Japanese chef Ichiro Maeda and a female Russian wrestler whose name I haven't figured out yet, Viktor is the middle child of three, and picked up both his parents' passions from an early age. He's a pretty big guy, but he eats a lot, resulting in a rather stout physique. He's not all blubber, though; he's an accomplished wrestler (possibly team captain?) and the bulk of his weight under the padding is hard muscle. Captain or not, I picture him taking on a bit of a leaderly role anyway; he sees his teammates as brothers and possibly sisters if any female wrestlers are on, leading them in runs and such and when occasions allow it - such as not needing to worry about cutting weight or celebrating big wins - has been known to bring them to his house, where he and his father subsequently cook a huge meal for the whole team. The most recent of his achievements on the mat was his performance in the last State tournament, where he narrowly lost out on points in the finals. He hasn't taken the loss very hard, instead striking up a bit of a friendship with the person who beat him and being determined to win the next one.

Grades-wise, he does well, but doesn't hide the fact a lot of his classes don't quite hold his interest. He has a wide range of extracurricular activities he enjoys, such as reading, writing, music - performing or listening - and generally living life. Naturally, he's aware of SOTF and is highly opposed to it. Viktor is generally friendly to people, and has called on those he knows to stay strong and defiant in the face of such events. Also thinking he has a girlfriend, but I'll leave that an open slot if anyone is interested in seeing how things go.

Can't remember what else I was gonna put in. More on him and other concepts in future.

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The idea I've come up with is less for the character than the arc I intend him to occupy. Specifaclly, a party dude and casual drug user who gets involved in an event before before pregame, and is on his last chance coming in to the final year. Will he redeem himself in time to 'graduate', or will his highschool life go unresolved? Will he even make it to graduation?

Anywho, I'm looking for other party folk, be they mighty fine people, douchebags of the highest order, or anything in between, to be involved in either this event or to interact with him in the year ahead. If I'm interested in one of your concepts, I'll try and catch you on chat or PM and see if we can work something out.

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I had these hidden in my sig for awhile. I don't have names. I just want to play characters that I didn't have the courage to play in the last pregame. I think I have the nerve to do it now - plus my grammar is better. I think. I hope.

I'm making a football player. All around Jack Armstrong-boy scout type crap. Used to be a loser in elementary, now he's all the way to the top. Looking to have someone who picked on him back in elementary. Last name might be Touchdown, just want to warn you of that ahead of time.

I know the name for the next one - Daniel Benjamin, or DJ to his friends. A drama kid who's posh and completely full of himself, only hangs out with the drama club or the kids in his homeroom. My first character directly based off of someone I know. I normally tend to avoid these types of characters, but I think I could play this one pretty well.

I'll be working with SisterGrimm on a brother/sister sibling thing. I'm not sure if we're still doing it, but if we're doing it, we are so totally doing it. My character will be a stoner dude who plays a monster bass in his sister's band. Has a lot of promise, wants to make the big time (despite playing bass).

Last character is going to be a goth chick who wants to be a magician. She doesn't avoid anyone, she just doesn't bother. Could be friends with some people but I want to keep that to a minimum. Might have a love interest in a boy, I'd totally be looking for that... or a girl, depending on how things pan out. I still have to think about that part.

I might have to think about who's going to be my flagship. I might do another post once I come up with specifics, but I DO know that all of these characters will be natives of the town that V5 takes place. If anyone wants to plan something out just in case the brother/sister thing doesn't pan out, don't hesitate to pm me.

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So yeah... basically im just gonna use the four charries i didnt get to use for V4...
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