V5 BKA/BDA Voting: June 2013

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June 29th, 2013, 6:41 pm #1

Alrighty, folks! It is time for the first BKA/BDA of V5. I'm going to take a few moments to explain some changes that you may or may not be aware of.

First off, votes will remain hidden until the voting period has ended. This is to prevent a pattern we saw in V4, where handlers would vote more based on who they wanted to win of the characters getting votes than who they thought deserved to win overall.

Voting is, as in V4, anonymous. To vote, you must log out and post as a guest. You may not vote for yourself/your own character (and staff has a few ways to check this, and actually does). Also, please vote for the scene you truly feel was best, rather than the one your friend wrote. We get that they may be the same, but would really like to encourage everyone to really consider their votes. V4 had a lot of voting-for-a-friend going on. With the null as prize removed, we're hoping that will help remove incentive to do that sort of thing.

Votes for different deaths/kills by the same handler/character will not be compiled, as was finalized in late V4. Each kill/death stands alone.

Now, the prizes.

BKA will, as always, get you a weapon.

BDA will get the deceased character featured in the scrolling quote. The quote will be chosen by the site, through a poll, with nominations available for a short time beforehand (and yes, the character's handler is eligible to nominate quotes of their choosing). We've chosen this because it does what BDA was initially intended to do—celebrate an extraordinary piece of writing. It does not give any tangible benefit (which was the source of a lot of awfulness in BDA in V4), but lets the handler feel good about themselves and brings more attention to the scene.

Of course, this is a new idea, so we'll be seeing how it works, and welcome feedback/suggestions for changes through PMs to Help. Please note, we will not be considering any prizes that offer benefits to handlers as far as staying in the game/saving characters goes.

Also, a quick reminder: characters who miss the start of a contest, even with an extension, will no longer be rolled into the next month's contest. This is because it was leading to continuity snarls for BKA (the terrorists awarded several prizes a day late in V4) and to stalling for BDA (handlers would extend a scene to get more time to do a better job, in hopes of winning a null). With game-affecting prizes removed, we feel it's fair to enforce this rule, since it also significantly lightens the bookkeeping load for staff.

Also, remember that you must give your reasons for your votes, or they will be disqualified. As they are anonymous, tracking down people who fail to provide adequate reasoning is a huge hassle, and I don't think staff is gonna bother. So be sure to give your reasoning when you post.

Please be sure to read every kill and death before voting. Otherwise, it's super unfair to the people you skip, who may have produced really good work. We'd love to see a big turnout, but we'd prefer to see a small-yet-informed one.

Finally, a personal (that is, not staff-official) request: Please do not campaign for awards in chat. Please do not do the "Man, it'd be so cool to win BKA/BDA" thing. Please do not try to steer people towards one of your scenes if you have multiple ones up for consideration. Please do not, in short, try to influence the votes. V4's contests got very much into the realm of "This is why we can't have nice things", and while we'd love to keep the contests as a part of the site, if they cause nothing but trouble and drama I, at least, will vote against continuing them.

With that out of the way, it is time for the very first BKA/BDA of V5.

Theodore Fletcher, for killing Gabriella Parker
Hansel Williams, for killing Daniel Whitten
Theodore Fletcher, for killing Dan Liu
Joe Carrasco, for killing Jason Meyers
Katarina Konipaski, for killing Kelly Peterson
Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer, for killing Sven Olsen

Slamexo, for the death of Dave Russell
Slamexo, for the death of Gabriella Parker
dmboogie, for the death of Daniel Whitten
bacon, for the death of Dan Liu
leAloha, for the death of Jason Meyers
bacon, for the death of Kelly Peterson
Bikriki, for the death of David Zimmer
Mimi, for the death of Sven Olsen

This contest will run for five days, like we did in the past. The announcement will be up shortly after that. This should leave us on schedule to have mid-months at, well, the middle of the month.

The Mysterious Stranger
The Mysterious Stranger

June 29th, 2013, 6:57 pm #2


BKA:My favorite kill was actually Joe Carrasco, just because it seemed like a really, really panicked and terrified kill. He freaked out, tried to defend his group, and accidentally mortally wounded a potential friend. To make matters worse, he was so traumatized by all the blood and whatnot that he went and killed the person in a mercy kill. It was very well done by the entire group, and the reactions to him were spot-on. Not to mention it'd be funny if they gave a mercy killer a cool weapon.

BDA: I was really, really fond of a couple deaths so far. Daniel Whitten was good, but I have to give it to Gabby Parker. Gabby's slow, painful breakdown as she realized that her killer could not be reasoned with no matter how hard she tried, and eventually her brutal, screaming death, was a really climactic and well-done buildup, and I think Slam did a great job with Gabby despite his minimal time to work on her.

Hello World
Hello World

June 29th, 2013, 7:22 pm #3

BKA: Katarina Konipaski

BDA: Sven Olsen



June 29th, 2013, 7:28 pm #4

BKA: Katarina Konipaski, for killing Kelly Peterson. I felt that this was the best example of how an early killing should be. It wasn't rushed, it wasn't out out of self-defense, and she didn't decide to play. No, Katarina honestly felt that she had to kill at least one person, so everybody wouldn't get their heads blown off. KK felt like she would be letting everybody else on the island die is she didn't kill someone, only because she couldn't imagine any of her classmates stooping so low. She honestly felt like she had to force this burden onto herself, and that's a line of thinking that doesn't happen enough on the island.

BDA: leAloha, for the death of Jason Meyers. The reasoning behind this is a bit different then why I voted for Katarina. Instead of the reasoning and meaning behind it, this is one is purely for writing. I was honestly surprised about how the story turned out, and how cleverly it was pulled off. Everyone involved did great for their parts, making the death of Jason almost perfect as a whole. It's a good example of how to pull off a twist, and should be a goof note on story-telling for future V5 adventures.


June 29th, 2013, 7:42 pm #5

Best Kill Award: Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer, for killing Sven Olsen.

Best Death Award: bacon, for the death of Kelly Peterson.



June 29th, 2013, 7:43 pm #6

BKA: Katarina Konipaski, for killing Kelly Peterson

I appreciate navel-gazing. On a more serious note, I found it a nice touch how she lies to herself even while carrying out the deed. I also liked the motivation for the killing - it's reasoned out to a good degree, and we get some notion of the 24-hour-no-kills rule's effects on potential killers.

BDA: Mimi, for the death of Sven Olsen

I feel like Mimi has a knack for getting into the heads of characters. There's a sort of drive, I guess, from the beginning of their stories to the end, and although Sven didn't have much of an in-game presence, it's easy to get a feel for who he is. That carries through to his death in a good way, and we even get some comments about his relationship with Andi and Fiona. It's well-written, as well. I really like the sentence flow.

Also want to note (honorable mention, etc) leAloha and dmboogie for Jason Meyers' death and Daniel Whitten's death. I liked Jason's "heaven instead of home" line, and for Daniel, the omniscient narration was pulled off admirably.

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June 29th, 2013, 7:54 pm #7

I know I said I wouldn't do this, but I'm doing it anyways.

BROseidon and Docbalance, please resubmit your votes.
wrote:Also, remember that you must give your reasons for your votes, or they will be disqualified. As they are anonymous, tracking down people who fail to provide adequate reasoning is a huge hassle, and I don't think staff is gonna bother. So be sure to give your reasoning when you post.

Hello World
Hello World

June 29th, 2013, 8:04 pm #8

Bka Katarina

It stands out for two reasons. One, rattle writes the kill very well. He does a good job invoking the terror of killing. Second, it was one of a few non-gun kills. That makes it stand out because its just more gruesome and brutal. There is more of a connection between Kat and Kelly.

Bda Sven

It really comes down to quality of writing for me. Mimi's prose is just superb, and she does a good job thematically tying together a character in a very short amount of time.

Ce n'est pas un invit?.
Ce n'est pas un invit?.

June 29th, 2013, 8:24 pm #9

BKA: Had it not been ruled as an accident, I totally would have given Cassidy Kant my vote for BKA as an unconventional death. However, since this wasn't meant to be, I'm going to give my vote to Joe Carrasco.

Jesus, man, that mercy kill. Even though it was his fault for shooting Jason Meyers in the first place, I can't help but feel bad for him. Jason really had to fight through his fear of blood and the tears in order to end a life, which I really enjoyed reading up to the climactic moment. Now he'll have to deal with the repercussions, which will be fun to see.

Well done, Violent-Medic; I tip my hat to you.

BDA: I feel like Slamexo's portrayal of Gabriella Parker deserves the Best Death Award. There's, of course, the whole fact that she was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time as she was gunned down by Theo Fletcher for no reason other than because she was there, but one other thing I really like is how she was cornered.

Instead of simply being a physical struggle, she tried her best to appeal to Theo's logic and emotions, first commanding him to lower his gun and eventually degenerating into crying over being backed into a corner with no other options. The fear of this progression was really well written, and it was overall a really sad case of dying for a nihilistic reason. Really well done.


June 29th, 2013, 9:08 pm #10

I'd like to vote for Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer, for killing Sven Olsen.

To me this death makes the most sense. If deaths can make sense. Theodore Fletcher has turned into an instant player, which I dislike. Of the other deaths none of them seemed intentional, but Iselle is the only person who was provoked into an attack.

I would like to vote for Mimi and Sven for BDA. To me, most of the other death's border on being meta. The language changes from the character's voice, to the author's voice.