July 1st, 2013, 6:31 am #21

BKA: Katarina. Her reasoning made sense for the character. The build-up was incredibly tense. The actual death was quick, it was violent, it was frightening. Kat's thoughts as she deals the finishing blow to Kelly are visceral and real.

BDA: Sven. His death was sudden, but the final post really hammers in how much Sven lost, how much he still had to do in life. The description of Sven's corpse falling to the ground is chilling, and the final line is perfect for the character.

Somber Lupine
Somber Lupine

July 1st, 2013, 4:20 pm #22

And so we're off to the races!

BKA: Preliminary favoritism went to Hansel, if only for the way in which his kill seems to result completely naturally from the shit he's been assailed by and evoke a desire for vengeance that I understand even if I don't sympathize with it. Isabel's was also nice, for the way it weaves together briefly into her past so you remember that she's just a high school girl. And Joe's was intense and understandable, the rhythm of the scene consistently distressing as he and Jason struggle against each other. I think reading Hansel's kill is going to make for an excellent start of darkness in the future, but for pure intensity this time around I have to go with JOE CARRASCO.

BDA: So I'm noticing a distinctly post-modernist flavor to the deaths this time around, each lampooning the narratively significant deaths of the previous versions? Some of these shone brighter than others, but once I read David Zimmer's death the choice was decided for me. I think because it quietly plays with your expectations in a way that just ends up confounding them? He leans on a railing, talks amicably for a little while, and then two posts later has fallen to his death. In a similar fashion to other deaths on the board (Sven and Dan Liu come to mind), it plays a death very realistically, but for some reason David's just caught me off-guard in a sad, slightly hilarious way. It's also a fantastic call back to Richard Han, intentional or unintentional. So yeah. DAVID ZIMMER.

hello i am guest
hello i am guest

July 1st, 2013, 9:15 pm #23

Huh. First BKA/BDA and I'm already conflicted on who to choose. There were several good deaths and good kills here. That being said, here be my choices.

BKA: The easier of the two, but only by a tiny, tiny amount, this one goes to Theodore Fletcher for killing Gabby Parker. There's the fact that the death could easily have never happened, if Theo had just checked to make sure Hansel was alive. Once he was under the impression he'd already killed someone, from Theo's point of view, he was already stuck on the island till the end, which made sense but also provided a good deal of dramatic irony. Then there was the fact that, despite clearly knowing how wrong his actions are, Theo still believes he has to stick with them, partially due to the reasons outlined above. The kill gave some good insight into Theo's head, as well as being nicely tragic on the whole.

BDA: This was pretty dang tricky, really. There were about three deaths that I enjoyed, but my vote has to go to David Zimmer's death. I do enjoy the tragic deaths a lot, but sometimes I prefer something a little more outside the box, which this certainly was. The out-of-body view was neat, and the snarkiness did well to provide some light relief in the general despair of the island.


July 2nd, 2013, 8:09 pm #24

BKA: Iselle killing Sven. Iselle's general scorn of Sven was nicely reminiscent of the Pregame thread where all the softball girls are ragging on Andi for hanging onto Sven, and I'm looking forward to seeing the long-term effects of Sven's death on both Iselle and Andi. Plus, killing someone with one knock to the head? You know the terrorists are going to give her props for that.

BDA: Gabriella Parker's death. I really liked how Gabby's reasons for Theo to spare her emphasized the effect her death would have on people other than the two of them, especially people off the island. In my opinion, that really gave her death more impact than it would have had if she'd only asked him to spare her because she just didn't want to die.


July 2nd, 2013, 10:36 pm #25

BKA: For this, I'm going to go with Joe Carrasco's kill of Jason Meyers. The whole point of SOTF, as repeated by the terrorists and, well, US, is "friends having to kill friends", and I think this kill not only exemplified that the best, but did a really good job showing WHY that's such a dire thing. Violent-Medic did a fantastic job showing just how hard the decision was, even in the aftermath, and got me wondering how things are going to play out for Joe later. It was an incredibly effectively written mercy kill.

BDA: I really can't NOT (Yes, that was a double negative. What of it?) give this one to Dave Russell. I think the first death of any version has been thought of with a bit of... distrust, you might say, after what happened last version. In this case, however, Slam managed to make it into EXACTLY what an unrolled death should be - not only shocking, but effective and well-written. It wasn't a shocking death because OMG HE WASN'T ROLLED, it was shocking because it came right out of nowhere, yet made complete sense. It was something you would expect to happen to at least one person were this to actually happen, and it even smartly ended up being the end result of some misdirection within the thread regarding who was going to die. It was just all around impressive.

Mr. Guest
Mr. Guest

July 3rd, 2013, 8:32 pm #26

BEST KILL AWARD: Katarina Konipaski

There were a couple really strong kills this time, but what pushes Katarina above and beyond to me is that her kill came about in a very natural way that was also highly intentional. She took into account the changes to the rules, decided to take a logical action, and then followed through. It was brutal and effective, yet at the same time a good moment for her character; earlier in the game, we saw her struggling to back up her threats, but once she thought her back might truly be against the deadline wall she did pull out the stops and kill. Combined with her other actions, it was a great moment for her character as well as being a well-executed kill.


Early deaths are always going to be a little truncated, especially during the first rolls and double especially for characters with almost no pregame. What's impressive to me, then, is making the best of that short space to give a character some real oomph, and Sven displayed that in spades. We got to see him interact with a friend, respond exactly as an irresponsible teenager would to a tough situation, and then suffer for it. Sven wasn't a bad guy, but he made frequent, rash choices. These led to his death. The death itself was very minimal, but in a way that felt calculated. It pulled back (and deaths are the only time I'm okay with a narrative doing that if it's not an established feature of that character's narrative), and it let us know just that little bit more about Sven, making him both pitiable but also more than a little unpleasant. For a quick, fairly clean death, that's all I could ask for.

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July 4th, 2013, 5:18 am #27

Thirteen hours and twenty-three minutes for votes. We're probably going to close this right at deadline, since there's an announcement all ready and waiting.


July 4th, 2013, 5:29 am #28

MurderWeasel wrote:Alright, this was actually pretty tough as there were a few that really entertained me in each category and I wish I could give credit there, but to pick just one from each I'll go with:

Hansel Williams, for killing Daniel Whitten

Alright this kill/death entertained me quite a bit. It was sudden and I like that - it's realistic to me. Not every death/kill needs to be something dramatic and that's what won me over. The scenario was a fun thing that worked well in my imagination. It was chance meeting between three characters, where Hansel had his gun ready, not really looking to kill but to threaten the unknowing Daniel from a distance/hiding. Amaranta, might I add was an excellent fit as the unfortunate witness to the whole thing, bumping in Daniel when the whole surprise happened.

Best of all, it seems this scene will have a long lasting impact on many characters and not just the ones involved. Daniel was a friend to many and his death will shakes things on the island. Hansel has blood on his hands from this, and Mara after witnessing this just a few inches from her face, is already having a deep development on her character from when she first started and looks like she'll be taking this thing more seriously than before. Great, amusing scene that will leave an impact.

Joe Carrasco, for killing Jason Meyers

Honorable mention: I thought of the first couple deaths, this was probably the best thought out scenario and it played off interestingly. Nice swerve where it looked like Finn would be the killer, but it turned out to be Joe who did it instead. The kill also looks like it will have a strong impact on Joe's story.

Slamexo, for the death of Gabriella Parker

What I really liked about this death scene. was Gabriella's reactions to Theodore through out the whole scene. it was different I thought and was a good first kill scene. What made it different to me, was Gabriella instead of trying to fight back or run or escape or anything like that... knew she was trapped and was determined to reason with him. Throughout that whole scene it was evident to me, where you could almost feel Gabby's increasing frustration after each post, when Theo just wouldn't listen to reason or the sense she made. The frustration and defeat was a pretty serious and dark moment that truly fit the SOTF feel for me.


July 4th, 2013, 5:49 am #29

Best Kill Award
My vote for this award goes to Theodore Fletcher's kill of Dan Liu. It's with this kill that we can really feel Theodore's despair as he digs himself deeper and deeper into that hole of killing people. It really captures that feeling of Survival of the Fittest best of all the kills for this day.

No vote for Best Death Award as nothing really seemed to stick out to me this time.


July 4th, 2013, 4:35 pm #30

Ugh, I hate the Indulgence skin.



I'm going to give it to Hansel. It flowed really well as a state of mind from his previous thread where he'd been shot at so it made sense to me how paranoid and scared he'd have to be to fire that warning shot. He was angry and he was out of control and all that translates into how the death happened. I like that after he felt he had to act like it WAS intentional to scare the others off. I just felt like it was all keeping in character and had a progression that made sense.

Honorable mention here to Joe. I kind of thought it was going to be run of the mill when Jason was shot in the stomach but I was caught off guard when he was shot that second time.


To Mimi and Sven. It wasn't long and it was fairly simple but there was a lot of character insight packed into that one post before his death. It was an interesting look and an interesting sort of character that was affective and not too dramatic or farfetched. He died quite quickly, but I also just like the type of boy-man jerk he kind of was. Good job on you.