Each month, SOTF hosts various contests on the site, the most notable of which are the Best Kill and Best Death contests. Winners of said contests receive prizes that will be beneficial to either their character or themselves. Voting for these contests will take place here!

August 31st, 2013, 4:14 am #11

For BKA: Rutherford Roger Jr. for killing Lauren Rowe.
For BDA: Iceblock's death of Lauren Rowe.

I loved the thread. I loved Iceblock's writing and Persy's lead in to the death. It was all very well written and I think they both deserve massive kudos in the form of the BKA/BDA.


September 1st, 2013, 8:41 am #12

First off, I want to say that it was incredibly difficult to choose just one person for either of these awards. So many of these scenes are favorites of mine now.

That said, after giving it some thought, I'm going to have to give my vote for BKA to Rosemary Michaels.

Those last few moments were exceptionally powerful because of how well both characters played off of each other. Rosemary stood out in particular for me because her reactions felt real the whole way through. You could really see the deep trust and friendship between her and Joey, making her last desperate efforts all the more heart-breaking for knowing it was futile.

Thank you to both MrMsRandom and Nuggets, as well as Watcher in the Night. That whole scene was an awesome read. As a side note, I also liked the build-up. It's nice to have a death scene that doesn't feel rushed.
This one was even harder, nearly coming down to a four-way tie, but since I only have one vote, I think Lydia Robbins deserves the BDA by a hair.

I feel a bit guilty voting for a scene I participated in, (assuming my subtle choice of alias hasn't given me away yet) but at the end of the day, I feel that MurderWeasel did an excellent job capturing Lydia's last few moments.

In a way, she's both pitiable and admirable at the end. She forced herself into a position where she would die, and yet her reasoning was always understandable, always in character for her. I loved the fact that, for all her doubts and worries, she was genuinely trying to avoid bloodshed, to the point that her first thought on getting shot was to be glad she hadn't accidently fired back.

She was my favorite of Murder's three characters, and I'm sorry to see her go so soon.

Honorable mentions go to Joey, Carlon, and Mallory. All of these scenes are favorites of mine.