V4 BKA/BDA Voting February 2011

Each month, SOTF hosts various contests on the site, the most notable of which are the Best Kill and Best Death contests. Winners of said contests receive prizes that will be beneficial to either their character or themselves. Voting for these contests will take place here!

V4 BKA/BDA Voting February 2011

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February 26th, 2011, 6:47 am #1

Here's this month's BKA/BDA. If you weren't in by the deadline, or by your extension deadline, you've been disqualified. I'm very sorry, but we've been pretty clear and given a running deadline countdown, so we really can't compromise. If there's a mistake, hit up one of the admins/other staffers, 'cause I'm gone for the next 24 hours, mostly.

This will run through whenever on the 1st the announcement goes up.

Anyone with an extension is getting bumped to next month's contest so that we stay on schedule.

That said, here you go:

Best Kill:
Fiona Sparki for killing Staffan Kronwall
Simon Telamon for killing Tyler Franklin
Liam Brooks for killing Colin Falcone
Felecia Carmichael for killing Sebastian Descartes
Maxwell Lombardi for killing Cassidy Wakemore
Quincy Jones for killing Joshua Krakowski
Charlene Norris for killing Kyle Portman
Rhory Anne Broderick for killing William Davis
Nick LeMonde for killing Mike Jeffries
Kimberly Nguyen for killing Aislyn McCreery
Hayley Kelly for killing Andrew Mitchell
Kris Hartmann for killing Janet Claymont
Maxwell Lombardi for killing Kevin Harding

Best Death:
Lord_Shadow for the death of Alexander Seymour
Anderson for the death of Tyler Franklin
T-Fox for the death of Colin Falcone
Super Llama for the death of Sebastian Descartes
Fioriboy for the death of Joshua Krakowski
Ciel for the death of Johnny McDowell
Serpentis.Deteramot for the death of Kyle Portman
Chib for the death of Logan Reynolds
arscapi for the death of Marion Summers
BetaKnight for the death of Aislyn McCreery
Tythanin for the death of Andrew Mitchell
Dom for the death of Courtney Bradley
Slamexo for the death of Janet Claymont
ET.Requiem for the death of Kevin Harding
Solitair for the death of Cassidy Wakemore


February 26th, 2011, 9:15 am #2

Oh, boy. Here we go.

BKA: Maxwell, for killing Kevin Harding. I'll admit that, when it's done right, I'm a sucker for playing around with the interface and painting the fourth wall, and this was definitely an example of doing it right. When you know the death is coming, it takes a lot to surprise you, and I'll admit to not seeing this coming until it actually happened, so there's also bonus points for that as well.

BDA: T-Fox, for Colin Falcone. It wasn't a big month for deaths, unfortunately, with a lot seeming a bit more rushed than we're used to, but to every rule, there's an exception. The whole twoshot emanated a beautiful sort of bro energy that just, like, really moved me, man. Touched me in a very special place. And I like that. Excellently written overall.


February 26th, 2011, 9:56 am #3

BKA to Rhory Anne Broderick for killing William Davis
As mentioned before Maxwell's killing Kevin was very impressive. But I'm going to give it to Rhory. Watching the tension build and finally being released by Rory in the kill was great. It was gory too which is always a big plus.

BDA to Serpentis.Deteramot for the death of Kyle Portman
Fist of all you gotta love the Valentines related symbolism of Kyle drawing the heart. And the theme stayed for the entire post with Kyle caring about Hayley until he died. Also his death will probably bring some interesting changes in Hayley.


February 26th, 2011, 12:39 pm #4

For the BKA, Rhory Anne Broderick for her killing of Bill Davis.
Why? Because it was intense as fuck. Reading it, the words flowed with perfect timing with regards to what was happening, and the description thereof was almost painfully real. I've nothing against the more poetic ways of explaining scenes, but this in particular was so viscerally literal that I, at points, (figuratively) felt it. Bonus points for her palm's condition afterwards, everything above applies doubly to that one part.

And for the BDA, Anderson with Tyler Franklin's death.
The deaths were hard to call, but I felt Tyler's won it for me because it was so beautifully simple. He'd had a good fight, lost, but instead of the many kinds of begging, parent-apology-making, or adrenaline-fuelled last stands there have been, he was just grateful it was a relatively quick and easy way to go. Not sure what it was about that which appealed to me, but something did, and it was an interesting change from the norm.


February 26th, 2011, 4:36 pm #5

BKA: Kimberly Nguyen for killing Aislyn McCreery. This scene was also a heavy contender for my BDA, but I felt that there was something just a little bit more deserving as you'll likely see very soon. Kimberly's been trying to play the role of a manipulative bitch, and this kill is delightfully twisted in that she sees it as a mistake. No matter how bad Kimberly's been trying to be, harming people through words and psychological warfare, she is still harmed by killing somebody, which makes me wonder just how far the ripple will go to adversely effect her.

BDA: T-Fox's writing of the death of Colin Falcone. This was another 'bleed out' death, much like Aislyn, where the victim doesn't die instantly. Instead, Colin gets to suffer over a very long period of time. It's not the agony of this death that does it for me, though... in fact, that's probably its least powerful aspect. I don't want to spoil too much for those who haven't read it, but the way T-Fox decides to revisit Colin's pregame is just... really, soul-crushingly tragic. You'll have to read it to figure out what I'm talking about.


February 26th, 2011, 9:00 pm #6

BKA: Throwing this one in for Kris Hartmann. There were some nice kills this round, but Kris strikes me not so much for the violence or the manner, but what it represents. I feel like we're seeing Kris's change from an accidental killer whose lost her mind to completely being a cold-blooded murderer, state of mind or not. The well-done disjointed format of the post adds to our belief we're really taking a look into a shattered mind, and the fact that not a bit of it makes sense is chilling

BDA: I'm a fan of Aislyn McReery this go around, for the opposite reasons from Kris. Here we're seeing a character remain defiant to the end, even while she's hoping for her dad., The fact that she basically told a character to man up while she was bleeding out shows a strength of character I enjoyed.

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February 27th, 2011, 3:12 am #7

Cassidy Wakemore's death accidentally got left off the list, despite being on time. If anyone who voted previously wishes to change their vote to Cassidy, post noting such, along with your rationale and the number of your original post, and we'll get things corrected.


February 28th, 2011, 4:57 am #8

I'm giving the BDA to Tyler Franklin. This was a very well written thread that may not have been the most emotional, but it did show a somewhat new side to each of them that was actually quite interesting.

On Simon's side, we saw him lose himself to the game, and realize what he had done. The whole thing with the cremation was probably his way of showing regret for what he had done and respect for Tyler.

Tyler fought and lost. Did he regret it? Probably. But he also recognized that once he was beaten into submission, he was screwed, and he accepted it.

BKA: Liam Brooks. This guy is clearly showing his chops as a killer, and a crazy one at that. Reading Brook slashing his way through Ridley, then Raine, and now Colin for Tiffany (or so he believes) is showing just how Brook reacts to pressure.

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February 28th, 2011, 5:05 am #9

Just a reminder that, by the rules, you may not vote for yourself in BKA/BDA. If you have done so, your vote will be disqualified. If you want to change it, please PM Help ASAP to get it edited. We do check IP addresses on these things.


February 28th, 2011, 5:17 am #10

BKA: Rhory Anne Broderick for killing William Davis.
Probably the most intense death on the list. This one literally had me on the edge of my seat, waiting for me, and when the actual death finally happened, it was awesomely written. A great job on both parts, and one of my favorite deaths so far in the game.

BDA: BetaKnight for Aislyn McCreery.
Because this was completely awesome. Aislyn stood strong until her last moment, and had one of the most honorable deaths. She didn't go out in an overdramatic or out of character way, she didn't go out overly tragic way. It was really tearjerking and moving, but completely in character and just brilliant. Beta did a fantastic job with this death.