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September 19th, 2017, 7:46 pm #496

You know what, it's been a while since I've read through V3 too. Could I get someone to read?

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September 19th, 2017, 7:49 pm #497

Only 3 threads, so I finished James Ellet!

James Ellet was one of the many many people who only showed up on Day 2-6 after having been wandering around the jungle for near a week. In this time he was with his ex-girlfriend, Morgan Ackland, and the two bickered about stuff, I can't remember exactly what and I only finished reading him like 5 minutes ago. Either way it was kind of boring stuff.

They then head into the chapel thread and we get to know a bit about James through his actions - he's got a bit of the Chronic Hero Syndrome in that he's always quick to jump in and help someone but always at the expense of his ex-girlfriend's emotional distraughtness because she does not have time for it. He also smokes but Morgan doesn't like it. Unfortunately they don't get enough time to interact with other characters because they average two posts every three months and everyone else in the scene, who are unfortunately much more interesting and pronounced as characters (including one of my low-key favourites Hannah Rose as well as high-key favourite Neil Sinclair), has to work around the lack of posting, which involves many people hopping into the thread to fall asleep or collapse, a literal gunfight, and about 2-3 deaths. They didn't mesh well with the scene at all.

They end up separated because of the Danger Zone and James falls victim to his cigarette cravings but loses his lighter. While he's looking for it he gets brained by Alexis Machina and left with a parting gift of dynamite down his pants, and we're left with a rather gory and impressive death which has the unfortunate side-effect of overshadowing everything else James did.


James (and by extension Morgan) are okay but not exactly must-read material. James had some decently interesting character traits but the lack of posting and the fact he didn't interact much with the people he shared a scene with besides Morgan meant he didn't really get to branch out much as a character and his death is more an Alexis thing than a James thing. I'd skip him.


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September 19th, 2017, 7:57 pm #498

Blastinus: Lulu_Altaire

Brackie: Warren Pace

And that would let Clive Maxwell be the last kid to finish V3. Congrats everybody! Gonna wait and see if people chime in and want to read him. Otherwise I'll do it.

Edit: D/N will finish us off!
V7 relationship thread! Say hi to my kids!
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I wills read Clive. But not all his subsequent teas with Satan.
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Stephanie Evans

It's like I'm the feature on some album that I don't end up listening to past the song I'm on :thumbsup:
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For the record, I like Lost!+ and I don't have much against Jay Z.

I forgot how I usually start these writeups. I think I'm supposed to talk about the profile or something? It's one of two things to really talk about, because Stephanie debuted in the infamous She Bop thread and never had any pre-game or memory to speak of. So, yeah, let's do the profile, right? For old time's sake? God, maybe this is what musicians feel like when they're yelled at to play their favorite song. "Play Creep!" Fuck you, can I play Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors instead? Ehghrghghrg.

She has pretty consistent interests, though the odd note that she has an aversion to technology is strange to me. Since when does outdoorsiness mean that you're some kind of weird technophobe? It's a nitpick, but it could be the first bad sign, or something. I can't say for certain. The formatting of her appearance section is also somewhat disconcerting, as it chooses to represent one of her sayings on her shirt in text.
I used to wear graphic tees too fam wrote:Often she has written on some of her clothes in Neon colours, various symbols and sayings. One of the more prominent sayings is


and is displayed on the lower left front of the shorts she wears at the beginning of Survival of the Fittest.

Another slight oddity is the inclusion of a description of the contrast between her appearance and her personality in the appearances section, which just weirds me out on a conceptual level. If I was the one writing this, what I'd do would be to put it in the section where I describe her personality, if it's that major of a personality trait. The problem here is that she's also supposed to be rather cheery, which directly aligns with her colorful appearance and dress, but she's supposed to be tough as well? This isn't really explained well enough in-profile how such a dichotomy of traits plays out, only really coming up in the soccer section. Third red-flag is a relationship with another child by the same handler - how that's been handled with some of the other kids I've read has me left less than optimistic - but I'll let it slide for now. I won't think too hard about it. Her disadvantages aren't really mentioned in her profile body, as far as her queasiness and all.

So far, so good.
Cyndi Lauper why wrote:She bop--he bop--a--we bop
I bop--you bop--a--they bop
Be bop--be bop--a--lu--she bop,
I'm going to spare myself from most of this thread, since Stephanie doesn't really come in until the very end. We begin a few days into the island, Stephanie apparently having spent the intermittent time inside of caves. She runs right into Will Sigurbjornsson, the aforementioned ex from her profile, and as she tries to make some kind of amends she's cut off by Will announcing that he's already killed somebody. Stephanie is justly horrified by this, and decides to speak with him no longer, fleeing instead into the jungle.


I am not going to talk about the rest. Not putting myself through that. The She Bop thesis will have to wait for some other time. I'm not sorry. You should be sorry, for wanting to put me through that. Like, hmmmmmm? What the whyyyyy would you want me to even go throoooough that?

She manages to find her way into this field of flowers in the midst of what looks to be a tense confrontation erupted into a violent scuffle the way that the dentists say a tooth "erupts" when it is visible out of the gum and about to grow into place, the first time I heard that made me terrified, you see, and I thought that my head was going to come off and an avalanche of teeth would follow, spilling out of my neck like some kind of garden hose, psssh, psssh, all everywhere. Stephanie uses her needle gun as actual gun - which is to say that I didn't know that there was a needle gun besides the hardware tool, which is to say I thought there was a hardware tool called a needle gun, and, thank fuck, there is, I thought I was losing my mind - and points it and shoots it accordingly, deciding to preemptively defend herself. This isn't what hits the guy who does get shot, I think, because later Stephanie comments on how if it did, it'd rip his face off, but that's just Stephanie talking, not me.This kid named Dorian completely ignores the guy who gets shot, and rattles off an escape plan, something about nonviolence to get Danya to drop the whole terrorist shtick and stop the fighting. It's a bad plan, hinging on a few assumptions, namely that there is a transmissions tower close enough for them to fuck with, and that they would be able to fuck with it were they to get there.

These other two guys, Liam and Clive, show up, and then leave. I should be used to the whole habit of using threads in occupied places as just "the current thread for what is happening here, no matter what is happening here," rather than just as a scene, but I'm not. The guy who got shot gets up and is shot again. This sufficiently freaks everyone else out, but what's important is that Stephanie has signed on with the idea, and follows Dorian and crew to the lookout tower, the highest island place and the location that they're guessing is where all the transmission equipment is? Regardless of the reality here, I'm unsure, but let's continue.

Hey, remember the whole "current thread as what is happening here" idea I said I'm not used to? It happens again, here, with Stephanie and Dorian's arrival at the lookout tower having nothing to do with the previous thread apart from the fact that it wasn't over yet and they needed to get a move on. When Dorian realizes that there isn't actually any equipment on the lookout tower, he throws a little bit of a shit fit, which Stephanie promptly responds to with a quick and kurt and very sharp
Totally Stephanie and Definitely Something She Says wrote:"Bitch you crazy I'm outta here."
and turns to run. She winds up in a clearing, woken up by her ex boyfriend shooting at a tree.

Will has gone kind of crazy by this point, the conversation they have amounting to "You aren't really crazy, are you?" when he quite clearly is, but despite saying a few too many words to this crazy sack of crazy, she still manages to find the sense to turn and run away from him for the second time. He shoots her, thinks that he's done with it, has himself a little gloat, and then she drags herself back up and basically completely obliterates his head with the gun. Having ended his life, what little fight was left in her goes away, and she crumples over and dies. Then, two of the guys from two threads ago come over and loot his stuff, and the curtain closes on their incredibly loosely tied saga.

I find a lot more missed potential in here than anything. Most of the interactions between Will and Stephanie feel a little one-note, and the details of their relationship aren't ever really explored beyond the profile. If you hadn't read the profile, you'd have to be reminded that these two really had any kind of past interaction. Stephanie's personality isn't really altogether there. She has maybe one moment - when she rejects Dorian's escape plans - that I could comfortably call "tough", and I don't know how the cheerful or optimistic side ever showed itself, if it did. While the quality of writing itself wasn't low, it wasn't high either, and Stephanie as a person didn't really come through.

I wish I was faster at reading so I could have snatched up another kid. Oh well, I'm glad I got to participate anyhow. I'll crawl back into my cave that I inexplicably hid in for several days, now, thanks. [/spoilers]
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Hi I'm done. What a disappointing ride.

Kristin Washington is written by Jojo who I am a fan of. Joshua from V2 was one of the best kids I read, though he was short. She's into swimming, because I'm a swim magnet, and she seems generally sweet and nice from her profile.

One pregame thread where she surfs and talks to a boy walking a dog who obviously has a crush on her. It's cute.

Island time.

She walks up to a small cottage and there are people in there, including a girl named Kallie, Guy, motherfucking Kenbuton Larris and Darrel I think was his name. Kaillie lets her in and is a little bit of a bitch about it, but she's the only one taking charge here and seems smart enough. She tells them that they can pair off to take the night shifts. However, Kenburton, plague that he is, starts screaming about how none of them can trust each other. Then he casually asks if there are any deep dark secrets that anyone maybe wants to talk about and sweats nervously.

God damn it, Keburton, I hate you.

For those who do not know, Ken is not really Ken but Burton from V2 and the Burton who died in V2 was Ken and they did a little switcharoo because. Just because. I don't have time to explain all the logistics here and why it annoys me but that's what you need to know.

Anyway Kaillie rightly yells at Kenburton for making everyone paranoid and the group gets kind of uncomfortable so Kaillie decides this group is a bust, they dont know each other well and now they're all on edge. So she leaves. Then Guy leaves because he wants to fuck Kaillie because he's a Chad character. Then Kristin yells at Darrel, asking if he's gonna abandon her now too, hilariously forgetting Kenburton is even still there. Darrell says he thinks it's better if they go their separate ways and Kristin thinks about how she spend so much time focusing on her goals that she never really got to know the people at school, so she doesn't know who to partner with.

She ends up inactive and comes upon a group in chaos. Serenity Halos is nearby and Kristin debates whether or not she should offer to help the injured people in the group or kill Serenity for her gun. Viktor sees her, assumes she's about to stab Serenity and shoots her.

Help kind of screws over Viktor here because in her death post it says she decides not to shoot, and offers some help, but is then shot. this isn't really fair because she offers the help after Viktor's post. In game it makes it look like she offered help and then he shot her, when his handler had no way to work around that.

Anyway she died. Don't recommend. Started very promising in pregame but Jo really gave up on this one.
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14:11 Imehal Lovely.
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20:16Meeemz Half the drag queens on Drag Race would beg to differ.

21:07craft i
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21:07craft nods sagely
21:07Rugga ?
21:07Rugga Does that mean you get a lot of them or give a lot?
21:07craft yes
21:07craft wait
21:07Rugga ....

22:31Mimi THOUGHTU
22:31mudkip MIMI'S TURN
22:31Ruggahissy Thougt
22:31Ruggahissy THOUGHT
22:31Mimi HOUGHT
22:31Ruggahissy We got it
22:31Mimi THOUGHT
22:31Ruggahissy WE GOT IT
22:31Mimi we did good
22:32Mimi we're a good team

22:46 Meeemz I love dicks, though
22:46 Meeemz er
22:46 Rugga Sig quote
22:46 NaftUm
22:46 Meeemz dicky characters
22:46 Meeemz GOD NO

19:45 BikrikiI am pretty sure we can built a bridge to jerking off

00:11 Ruggahissy Not if you wrap it in duct tape
00:11 MurderWeasel There's a fiberglass core.
00:12 MurderWeasel And the foam is some special sort you buy directly from another dimension using souls as currency or something.
00:12 Ruggahissy.........

14:42 Bikriki JA! Stick it in ze boot!
14:43 Rugga I LOVE THIS KID
14:43 Bikriki adds that to list of sexual euphemisms
14:43 Skyler_Phone You have a list?
14:43 Bikriki <.<
14:43 Bikriki >.>
14:43 Bikriki No...

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Oh wait, I totally forgot to tell you last night because I was busy whoring
Mimi says:

16:42 KamiKaze I've always wondered what using a fleshlight feels like.
16:42 KamiKaze Too bad I'm not special because God didn't give me a penis. ):


Ruggahissy this dress makes me feel like I should be having tea with the mad hatter. Not getting felt up by drunk Germans
Dom don't let them go down the rab-

09:51 Vicky We did a good job, didn't we, Meemz?
09:51 Mimi not really, no



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September 21st, 2017, 5:27 am #502

Gotta say, I really love Lulu Altaire as a character. She doesn't have a high kill count, a boisterous personality, some kind of weird gimmick, or any of the other oddities that made V3 seem so rough around the edges. Instead, she's a believable, kind, ordinary young lady trying to survive in this horrible situation, the sort who would feel more at home in V4 and beyond. Little surprise then that she made it to the finale, and reading through her story, I really wish that she could have gone the whole way.

At first Lulu is, well, kind of a hanger-on. She means well, and she wants everyone to get along, and so she's basically attached to Anna Kateridge and James Martinek, another character by the same handler. Lulu doesn't really take center stage in these scenes, and James tends to dominate ZombiexCreame's posts, right up until the time of his death by Lenny Priestly, but you can sorta tell from the way she acts that she's scared by the situation and doesn't want to become what the game intends. Even her first kill, that of the infamous Liam Black, is played more as an accident than her intentionally trying to get the guy with her scythe, but it's this particular moment that signals a slight change in her character, one that seems to manifest more when she loses Anna to Lenny as well. Then despite her efforts to protect her, she loses Madison Connor, another friend, to Dorian Sanders.

Her friends on the island seem to be sort of like safety blankets for Lulu, and as they're yanked away, she suddenly takes a turn, first cussing out Lenny for his murderous nature when Anna dies, and then using Madison's gun to take out Dorian in revenge. After being beaten down for so long, Lulu is actually ready to stand up for herself, and the progression feels real and natural. It's most telling when, after the next group she encounters immediately turns sour, she's ready to bail and go at it alone almost without hesitation. And yet, unlike so many other kind characters who "snap" and become killers, what she gains isn't a murderous edge, but the ability to be assertive and make her own decisions, including turning Lenny Priestly of all people into an ally, albeit temporarily. She doesn't hide behind him, she doesn't follow his orders. They're allies. Equals. That's the important distinction to make.

I think it's this aspect of Lulu that interests me the most. Even if she gets rougher and more assertive, her character and her personality remain intact. She still wants to make friends, she still wants people to get along, and while everything is crumbling around her, she still remains hopeful that people can change. She carries this positive attitude all the way into the endgame, and after reading through her story, it's a shame that she ends up only placing second to a guy who exemplifies the antithesis of this belief. Having John Rizzolo throw out a dumb homage to The Warriors and come out on top at the end feels like a real cheat when there's a character with a well-defined and entertaining arc who could have taken the gold instead. I would have even taken Lenny over Rizzo, but that's just my two cents on the matter.

I have nothing in particular that I disliked about Lulu. This was a satisfying and fun way to round out the V3 read-a-thon. That's it, really.

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September 22nd, 2017, 4:23 am #503

To be honest, I thought I would make it through this one sanity intact. I didn't (its not izzy's fault tho she's aight)

I Z Z Y C H E U N G B A B Y Y E A H!

(I <3 riserugu)


Nothing special to really say about her appearance. There’s some tonal stuff, yeah, but like, that’s fine. She looks like a person who exists, probably. And that’s okay (more than okay) with me.

This continues to be a theme throughout Izzy’s profile. I don’t have much to say here other than it’s good and stuff aight.

Though, there is one thing her profile didn’t to mention…

She’s bffs with Adam Dodd.



Only one thread!

Keiji’s here (blessed keiji) doing some basketball stuff in the gym I guess and Izzy wanders in too look for her lost backpack. She stares at Keiji for a fews secs and then AAARGH NO DODD’S HERE!

[insert ramble about dodd being in v3 here]

The first sentence in his first post is about V1, which makes me go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh. But, to keep this writeup from becoming about Dodd (he spends A LOT of time with Izzy), I’ll just denote my V3Dodd bugbears being triggered with an “[insert ramble about v3 dodd here]”.

Oh, and speaking of which, Dodd is claustrophobic from V1 now. [insert ramble about v3 dodd here]. Adam’s going to the gym to… sleep underneath the bleachers, I guess? Oh also backpacks trigger his PTSD. [insert ramble about v3 dodd here]. He finds Izzy’s backpack (oh hey i remember her!) and then has a flashback about almost being raped in a helicopter. [insert ramble about v3 dodd here].

Izzy’s like “what the fuck are u doing, adam?” and then Dodd almost has another flashback. [insert ramble about v3 dodd here] AND THEN IZZY FINDS OUT DODD IS USING HER BACKPACK AS A PILLOW DARN U ADAM DODD U STEALER MAN! Also I guess Keiji’s disappeared or something i dunno.
Adam has a crush on Izzy, because her hair reminds him of his V1 girlfriend’s hair I think. That or Madeleine’s hair. oh also his v1 girlfriend was the vice-president’s daughter. [insert ramble about v3 dodd here]. Adam angsts and Izzy is like “:-0” and Keiji exists again and then V3 proper starts. Uh, I guess I liked Izzy’s (and also Keiji’s) stuff in the thread.

Off to the island we go! (frog screaming)


Thread 1: Oneshot woooooo!

TLDR. it’s a basic waking up thread. Nothing special to say about it but nothing bad about it. wownextthread

Thread 2: Izzy stumbles upon Madison Conner being sad and stuff (sidenote: I really like the line “Moving deeper until she was sure that no one from the pathway would be able to see her, pressing her bark against the bark of a tree and falling into a seated position against the forest floor. “)

Anyways Izzy is like “r u okay? : o” and Madison is like “CRYING”. and then Paul Smith shows up.

oh dear

R.I.P. Kermit

Uh mkay so Paul pops out of a bush with an mp5 and is all like “would u mind relinquishing ur weapons to me, LADIES!?” but then Madison is like “:-0” and throws some raisins att Paul and runs away. Bye Madison (but not for long)! Izzy runs away also! Bye Izzy!


Izzy goes to the lookout point and Keith (dodd please don’t pimp dodd with him i beg u) and-

ahgryuag ry7gr



2900eeeeq29KEITHDODD8372853`dsgdt 647

“Can't be like that fucking Dodd kid, and kill - what was it? Fifteen people? Twenty? Who the fuck knows how many that loony tune blew away before he got off…”

And Keith KNEW that Adam Dodd would undoubtedly be a player.

[insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here]

Keith is like “let me in” and Izzy’s like “ok :-)” because she is too good for this sinful earth and also Trey Leyton’s here and he’s all S N E A K Y and stuff and then Madison shows up and is all like “crying”. Keith skips Izzy in the post order and talks about ADAM FUCKING DODDDDDDDD more AND OH NO NOW IZZY IS TALKING ABOUT HIM TOOOOOO REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE [insert ramble about v3 dodd here]

Keith had started to lean against the wall as Izzy had spoken, and had raised an eyebrow in surprise when Izzy had confessed to being close friends with Adam motherfucking Dodd.

hlep me plaease araauguuhugh [insert ramble about v3 dodd here]

Keith pimps Dodd some more and posting order has ceased to exist (so has my sanity). Madison is like “INTERNAL MENTAL CONFLICT” and Trey’s like “OH HEY MADISON!” and Bobby shows up and is like “:-(“ and Izzy calls Paul Smith a bitch. U GO GIRL YEAH!

Izzy is like “oh hey there’s a madison and a trey outside!”. Also Keith thinks with an accent and it’s weird and stuff. Also Also Keith finally has a post not mentioning Dodd. Some stuff happens and then Madison accidentally shoots Izzy. The end, (or is it?)

It wasn’t hahah I tricked you

Keith gets ANGERY and Charlie Burchman shows up and he’s wacky AF. A whole bunch of random shit like Ivye Dewley throwing a grenade at everyone happens but Izzy gets out of dodge before the grenade lands in Charlie’s mouth and blows him up (i wish i was joking)


Mkay so Keith, Trey, and Izzy all escaped together I guess. Outta nowhere comes Galen Neilson who is literally all like “WHERE IS MY NADINE WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE IS SHEEEEEEEEEEE? AUAAAAAAAAAUHUAWUAUHAUUU!”

blah blah blah Keith talks about Dodd and also Izzy does but is more tolerable because she has some kind of pre-established relationship with him.

Galen is being ridiculous



blahblahblah Randall Flagg from Stephen King’s whatever shows up and is like “NYEHEHEHEHE IM EVIL AAAAAAAAND INACTIVE!” and then Keith shoots him and then Stephen King character dies and I’m pretty sure SOTF HELP was Dodd because Stephen King character says some random shit that is pretty much only used to develop Keith. Galen fucks off and dies to NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE and then Nick Jones and also S A D D show up. Ivye shows up afuckinggain and throws another grenade at them (for fucks sake what). Everyone dies. The end.

Hahahahahahahah got u again wow im so clever.

Nick thinks he gets shot in the ass for some reason and then Matt throws the grenade back at Ivye even though it’s already exploded MITSUKO I DON’T THINK THAT’S ALLOWED! Keith wanders off, and….



rip kermit again

anyways Blood Boy kills Trey and I didn’t read it because fuck Blood Boy >:-( and Izzy leaves i guess aywg7 q8

Thread 5:

Izzy here and then some guy wanders up to her and then Izzy gets sad and leaves.


oh god no…


Thread 6: Hey look guys Dodd is here awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaae9iu 3874y783y784 and his first post is a songpost AAAAAAAAAAAAEJ*UHE*&*E*(#*(h

it’s 2626 words long.



blahblahblah Bill Ritch shows up fuck it I don’t care anymore and everyone leaves blllllauuauagh

Rest of Izzy’s threads:

Okay well she spends the rest of her time in the DoddSquad and stuff and so she just kind of gets reduced to a support character for Dodd and I’m like “:-/” at that. Might be just because I don’t like V3 Dodd.

blhblajblaih Izzy is in escape thread and then escapes THE END 4 REAL THIS TIME!

Conclusion: I really liked Izzy during her time sans-Dodd, but once she groups up with Dodd she kinda gets “eeeeeehhhhhhhhh” for me, though it’s not really her fault. Also she was sposed to be one of the escape survivors, so that’s cool, I guess. I’d recommend reading her up to her meetup with Dodd and reading the rest of her if you’re doing a readthrough of V3 Dodd

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Let's get this doooooooone


So... yeah. Here's a thing about Clive. Say you were designing a kid for SOTF with the knowledge that he was gonna be a player. You could do a lot worse than the base of Clive for an idea. A popular athletic kid who's got a bit of a sadistic streak he keeps hidden? And who has a bit of a superiority complex because he wasn't actually popular until high school started and he discovered he was pretty good at sports? So he feels like he's better than the jocks who are dumb and the nerdlingers who couldn't become popular like him. Clive actually isn't a bad concept at heart compared to the various deformed maniacs that populated earlier versions... except that suddenly in the conclusion he went from "secretly a jackass" to "MOOOOHAHAHAHA EVIL SADIST" and that carried over onto the island.

Oh also there is a goes-nowhere connection with Siouxsie Souix, his cousin who was in v2 pregame, that pops up at utter random times.

So Clive wakes up on-island as an area becomes a dangerzone and decides to get the hell out. He gets a stapler as his weapon and immediately starts thinking of the evil pain a staple can inflict, and moves on, to what would be Lenny and Elizabeth Priestly's very first thread. Ahh, the halcyon days of old. But a rather poor choice, because as far as kids with sadism streaks who decide very early on that they're going to play the game, Lenny is really blowing Clive out of the water straight from the get-go.

Which, to digress a bit, is and will be Clive's massive problem. Xaldien, who did stick around with better kids in later versions if I remember, is obviously trying REALLY REALLY hard to present Clive as a potential big-time SOTF villain, someone who will get kills tossed their way and be in there for the long run while creatively dispatching kids and getting a lot of attention. And it doesn't work, and so there's a big disconnect between the narrative voice which is constantly trying to put Clive over as EEEEEEEEEVIL and a threat to win, and the actual action where he's completely ineffectual at pretty much everything.

Also, Clive makes a list of the three most dangerous threats on the island, or as he puts it, "those to outshine his murder mania":
1) Adam Dodd
2) Blood Boy

WHO THE HELL IS NUMBER THREE? IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE CLIVE HIMSELF? I don't know and it's never explained, and that now exists to bug me nine years later.

Anyway, Clive sees Lenny and Elizabeth and decides to play nice despite how much he wants to see how their insides look like. Fair enough, he's supposed to be well-liked and manipulative. Then he abandons that idea after Lenny offers up a bit of an alliance because... he wants Lenny to gather up a group on his own and then Clive will all gloriously torture them afterwards or something? I dunno. Clive does a lot of italicthoughts about how much he loves to hurt people and etc. etc. and moves on.

Then... ugh, he meets Lilah Morgan, an ex-girlfriend or something who is of course also handled by Xaldien and as far as I can see exists only to pump up Clive as a big-time baddie, but actually just makes him look dumb. Lilah apparently materializes out of thin air in the graveyard to stick a gun at the back of Clive's head, and then... we get this:
wrote: Eventually Clive managed to quickly and gracefully get out of the guns way, and a fist fight ensued between the two of them, and Clive reveled in the surreal bliss of the fight. She matched him punch for punch, kick for kick, everytime he snatched the gun out of her hand and tried to aim, she managed to neutralize his aim and then steal the gun back. What did he honestly expect from a girl who's trained in fighting anyway?
A fight scene for the ages, indeed. Really, if you don't have the time or inclination to write an actual fight scene... uh, don't do this instead. Especially since it ends with LILAH STILL HOLDING THE GUN ON CLIVE JUST LIKE BEFORE. Please.

Clive then offers to meet up with Lilah again in a few days to settle whatever score they have. Lilah agrees for no fathomable reason and leaves. Clive thinks some more about Dodd and Blood Boy and moves on to... oh god it's the Guy Rapide sex/death scene but... Clive doesn't really get involved in that in any way, and instead he's being chased by Lilah into the scene from out of absolutely nowhere? What happened to the future showdown? WHAT IS GOING ON.

Clive tries to manipulate Guy but Guy points a gun at him while Lilah, even though she also has a gun, stands around doing fuck-all. Guy shoots but Clive jumps out of the way and takes a graze while suddenly revelling in the deliciousness of the pain and now becoming a massive masochist despite being described in damn near every paragraph as a total sadist. The situation fizzles out and Clive and Lilah just walk off. Nothing that happened in that scene made any sense at all.

New scene! And despite being another Clive/Lilah samehandlerthing, it's the best by a mile so far, even if it does again only exist to try to make Clive a big character at Lilah's expense. But Lilah was never much of any sort of character herself so it's not like I'll mourn her loss. But Clive and Lilah sit down and Lilah comes to the realization that she's not made for SOTF and can't kill anyone and Clive totes can so she says Clive can go on and shoot her already. Clive does so and has some actual human feeling. On an early-version level, it works. There's actually a darkly funny bit where she asks Clive to make it quick and he's like "I can't make it TOTALLY quick because I'm an evil sadist, haha!" Not bad. But then at scene's end it's like WELP. Back to Clive the badass masochist/sadist who will totally start racking up the kill count now that he's got one!

...and now it's time for a BATTLE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. By which I mean Clive meets up with the equally "totally gonna be a big-time evil killer coming soon!" Liam Black. And they have an inexplicable slapstick fight involving maniacal laughter, Clive giving Liam his stapler so Liam can staple his forehead, Clive possibly threatening Liam with a bunch of flowers he might be allergic to, and Liam...
wrote: He bent his knees and jumped horizontally lie some sort of human frog. But he did not try to grab onto Clive with his hands. No, no. He was much too into fighting mode for such a civilized action. Instead he tried to grab on with his teeth.
Clive then wanders over to his bag and pulls out Lilah's gun. Then he bites Liam back. Liam declares
wrote:"Sweet monkey potatoes!"
Finally Madison Conner shows up and fires about fifty bullets at them both. That seems kinda godmoddy. Clive clearly thinks so too as he runs around all the bullets in a circle. Bobby Jacks arrives, seemingly just to steal Clive's gun he dropped while running in one of the most breathtaking displays of godmodding I've ever seen, and the whole thing devolves into a brief OOC handler fight on what the hell is going on and who's godmodding who. Madison pulls out her laser dazzler and axe and says "Let me axe you a question.", but at least has the good sense to realize how bad that is. Liam gets blinded and charges at her. Clive goes after Bobby for stealing his gun and frankly I would too. In the middle of all this we cut to Siouxsie Sioux sitting at home and smoking a cigarette after hearing that Clive was on SOTF and deciding that she doesn't really give a shit. Well, good thing we spent all that time establishing her existence then. Madison fires a few more bullets at nothing in particular and hits Clive in the arm as he and Bobby dive at each other. Bobby godmods to hell and back saying he can see in the darkness via muzzle flashes or something. Quincy Archer and Margaret Tweedy show up to watch whatever the hell is happening and eat popcorn I guess? Then they leave?

And Clive and Liam both go inactive in the middle of this so Bobby and Madison run off.


With the remaining circuits in my brain trying to reconnect themselves, Liam shows up in a new thread with his new handler saying that he and Clive had formed a truce to hunt down Bobby and that Clive, presumably with his new handler, will be along any time now. I'm not going to go into whatever madness is going on around them but they hide and watch it. Oh, Clive's now Ciel's property. That could be something!

Clive now has a voice in his head and is kinda losing it and runs away. OK....

A new thread! Wade Wilson and Will Sigurjjadhfgjasdhf have a conversation. Margaret Tweedy arrives, steals a random daypack with a musket, and leaves. Eicca Hietala strolls in to obligingly give Will a free kill. That was nice of him. Ah, here comes Clive. He's now slobbering insanely and incomprehensibly and lunges at Will like a lunatic. Wade has some meta-insanity of his own and shoots while Will throws a knife at Clive. Something hits him and he monologues for 10 minutes or so before thrashing around with the knife Will threw at him. Will gets a gun and walks around behind Clive and smashes him in the head to kill him instead of just shooting him.

And because Clive was the halfway point of v3 there's an epilogue with him and SATAN HIMSELF that would actually be brought back in future versions at the halfway point. So at least Clive had that going for him.

Soo.... yeah.

Most of my actual thoughts are in that one paragraph waaaaay above but Clive, yeah. Clive, both in what he tried to be and how he turned out, and it's not like I blame anyone here, but Clive really ended up emblematic of many of the problems with early-mid v3, I think. He was pimped up so much but didn't deliver, and his threads were some of the most insane clusterfucks I've seen, and the writing was so completely different after he was handed over that he might as well have just been killed off after the BATTLE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. At least that would have been a suitable bit of lunacy for Clive.

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Hola friendos.

As some of you may have noticed, this RAT tended to get a little... testy, sometimes there wasn't a ton of effort, and wasn't really the best representation of how we like to read and examine characters.

The glorious Ruggahissy has started us anew, so please redirect to the new RAT at this location: NEW v3 Read-a-Thon
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