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Megan Nelson didn't think she could have possibly been more miserable. Not only had been she instructed to kill, something that jarred with her entire philosophy on life, but she was utterly alone. Megan wanted desperately to see somebody, anybody. At this stage, even a guy would do - well, just so long as it was one of the nice ones, not the jocks or the creepers. She was just sick of being by herself.

She knew she was dead, though. She knew it. Tae-Kwon-Do only got you so far in defending yourself, and Megan outright refused to even consider taking it a step up. Back when she'd first woken up, Megan had checked her bag out of curiousity and had been more than digusted to find that there was a gun inside. That was long gone, tossed into the undergrowth of the forest, unloaded. Megan had scattered the trio of clips similarly. Just because she wasn't going to use it didn't mean somebody else wouldn't try.

That was a horrible thought, but Megan couldn't see everybody being like her. They were all scared, and not everybody's principles were as strong as hers. She'd heard gunshots already.

Megan sighed and put her hands on her knees, taking deep breaths. She needed a rest. Trying to walk up the rugged mountainside was seriously taxing, but it was a lot more open than the forest. Anybody approaching would be visible for a long way off. Straightening, she looked around for a likely spot to take-five, and her eyes lit up as she spotted a cave in the side of the mountain, not far from her position. Not ideal, since there would only be one exit, but very sheltered. At least she wouldn't be visible to anybody that walked by.

Megan made a beeline for it and approached steadily, arriving outside it before too long. She peered into the darkness, surprised by the depth of the chasm in the rock. It extended a ways back, further than the waning daylight could illuminate. It didn't seem like a bad place to sleep. If anybody went past during the night, she'd be practically impossible to find.

Letting out another small sigh, Megan walked into the cave and tossed her bag down. Then, she managed to stub her toe on a small rock, sending it skittering off into the darkness. Megan yelped and winced, before sliding down one of the cave's rough walls until she was sitting on the frigid floor. Not ideal, but it'd do.


Kenny didn't like this very much. He missed home, being fed regularly by a friendly man with a bright smile. These days, he was allowed to go around much more, but he would have exchanged it for the chance to have regular meals again. The cage was bad, especially with all those gawkers (and the occasional little child with a stick) but being hungry was worse.

He would have wondered where everybody had gone, but he didn't really have the capacity for imagination, just the knowledge that things had changed.

Something struck him on the nose. He started, then snarled. Something had found his secluded spot, then had the audacity to hurt him. It was still there, one of those people that had spent so much time staring at him in the cage.

Kenny, all 8ft, grizzly 900lbs of him, reared onto his hind legs and let out a roar.

Moments later, there was one and only one scream.


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