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Gwen sat down on the couch.

It was funny how the little things always got people. She'd never noticed how pretty the pattern was; maroon and amber and violet and a menagerie of colors traced a delicate web across the soft fabric.

The TV was still off; Ann had the remote, and Gwen didn't feel like getting up and turning it on manually. Still, it was nice that Ann had bothered to take the time and offer to watch the nature documentary marathon with her. She knew Ann was busy with work, and wasn't big on animals.

Gwen wondered if this was a purely altruistic decision, or if she was setting up a talk. She shook the thought out of her head as Ann walked around the couch with a large tin bowl of popcorn. The buttery scent wafted off, and Gwen smiled.

"Aw, thanks!" She said, cheerfully. Ann smiled back; she was a petite woman, about Gwen's height but slender rather than round.

Ann set the bowl down between the two. Gwen took a piece, ate it, and immediately realized that this was unsalted and butter-free. Gwen figured it was another health thing. She sighed silently; so she wasn't an athlete and didn't exercise, and maybe she ate a bit too much, but she didn't have any medical problems, so who cared?

Still, she didn't bring it up. Didn't want to mar the night with bickering.

"So, which channel is this?" Ann asked, pressing the button. The TV flickered to life. Gwen told her that it was the Discovery Channel, and ate another piece of Styrofoam-flavored popcorn. Gwen adjusted her glasses.

As the introductive theme played for Planet Earth, Ann turned to her daughter. "You did very well on your midterms; I'm proud of you, and you're hard work."

Gwen's earnest smile reflected Ann's.
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