Toby Parkinson

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Name: Toby Parkinson
Position: Boys P.E. Teacher
Gender: Male
Age: 35

Appearance: Standing at 6’2”, Coach Parkinson is a well-built African-American man with imposing muscles. He keeps his dark brown hair in a buzz cut, and his round brown eyes contrast with his otherwise strong jaw and small lips.

Proud of his teams, Coach Parkinson usually wears a tracksuit with the school logo around the building. Off campus, he sticks to casual, plain colored t-shirts and jeans.

Biography/Personality: Ex-military, Coach Parkinson changed his career path to P.E. after spending six years in the armed forces, considering his service fulfilled and aiming to relive the nostalgia of his own high school life. He’s since taught at Kingman for close to a decade.

Coach Parkinson, despite his own military history, tends to bring a relatively relaxed atmosphere to his classes. Students that are sincerely interested in exercise and sports receive plenty of encouragement and tutoring, while the less capable students are given fair leeway as long as they make an honest effort. Slackers, however, get no quarter from him, and he’s more than happy to keep people after school to make up the time if he catches them loafing around. Students who express an interest in a military career, meanwhile, will quickly catch his attention, and he's happy to offer his insights and advice to them.