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((Jason Harris continued from Bloodgarden))

Jason finally stopped walking at the edge of the woods. The howling wind and slow crashing of the waves were the only sounds that echoed from this lonely place. He slumped down next to a large rock, shrugging his backpack off, letting the bag tumble down slightly down the rise he was atop of and gazed out across the ocean.

He had never felt so tired, so utterly dejected and without hope in his life. All his friends were gone, Brook, Nathan, Maf. Everyone he had tried so hard to protect. That was it though wasn't it, it wasn't just that he had failed, it was that he had tried so hard. Things weren't supposed to end that way – the hero was supposed to win through sheer perseverance, luck and force of will. He was supposed to get the girl and everything would turn out alright. Life wasn't like that though, far more complicated than those intricate stories people wrote.

Jason sighed, letting out a thin breath of air as the wind blew the hair out of his face. At least Erin was at home, staying away from the school trip was the smartest thing she had done. Jason's eyes filled with rage for a moment. What did she care, a girl who he had never had the courage to declare his love for, a girl, who probably cared nothing for him, who saw him as nothing more than a friend.

"There's still time Jason" a voice called to him. He smiled slightly as he ran his fingers through the grass, feeling each blade press against his hand before slipping away.

"Maybe Nath, maybe." Jason said as he glanced across the windswept beach "Still there's always more time right?"

"For you maybe" came Brooks sullen tone.

Jason laughed. His throat was a little hoarse now. "Ah don't say that Brook, she'll come around. You just have to man up and ask the question."

Maf's heavy accented voice spoke to him from behind. "No Jason. She's gone."

"What are you talking about Maf? She's on the bus, Brook can ask her then right, it's just over the hill." Jason raised a hand shakily pointing over the hill. His arm felt so tired.

Something poked him in the side. Brook most likely. "Where do you think you are Jason?"

"We're on the field Brook, end of school trip remember? The bus is right over ther-" Jason paused. He couldn't see the bus. The voices disappeared on the wind, only the sound of the ocean greeted him. Bayview wasn't near the ocean. "No..." His face cracked. Everything from the last few weeks rushed up to him at once, Tiffany's death, Maf, the boats, Nathan, Brook. His hands went to his face.

For the first time in a long, long while. Jason cried.

There was a sinking in his heart that came with the sobs that wracked his body. His thoughts briefly went from revenge, to determination, back to helplessness. He sat for a long time like this until he could cry no more. He had nothing left. They had broken him.

Jason staggered to his feet. He just wanted to go. He didn't care anymore. He threw the gun in his hands away and kicked off his shoes as he stumbled towards the shore. His toes curled slightly as he felt the coarse sand shift beneath his feet. He moved in to the water, letting the liquid move around him, soaking his shorts and shirt as he stepped deeper in to the ocean. Glancing back at the lone camera Jason uttered his last words. "I'm sorry mum, I'm sorry dad." He took a deep breath and dived beneath the waves.

He swam for a while but the island was far and the ocean is deep. Eventually his body gave in and water filled his lungs. Jason craned his neck upwards towards the dim light of the sun piercing through the surface. His eyes narrowed as he sunk.

I wish I could see the clouds.

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