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(GMing approved by Cyco. This is replacing the placeholder I put up earlier, so canonically it happens before Danni's death. Just making a new post for the sake of activity monitoring.)

Trish fumbled through her pack in search of a 7.62 casing, her eyes carefully watching as Danni approached Morgan with the full intention of helping him. She finally seized one of the clips, but right as she managed to jam it into the rifle Morgan made his move, wielding Danni like a human shield in an attempt to prevent Trish from attacking him.

Trish finished her reload, but just as she pointed the gun towards the grappling duo Danni counter-attacked, driving her leg up towards Morgan in an attempt to throw him off of her. The temptation to squeeze the trigger was strong, but something in the back of her mind told her that if she fired at the wrong time she'd take Danni down with Morgan, and that would've defeated the entire purpose.

Before she could put too much thought into the logistics of it though, Trish watched as Danni and Morgan quickly plummeted out of view amidst the sounds of tearing and crashing.

Her eyes stole quickly back towards James, who seemed just as shocked as she did at what just happened. She snatched her bag up quickly, throwing it over her shoulder but inadvertently spilling about fifteen of the AK clips and one of her watter bottles onto the jungle floor. In her haste she'd forgotten to zip the bag back up. She quickly threw it back onto the ground and fumbled with the zipper, zipping it back up without bothering to retrieve her lost items. She had two other full water bottles and at least another fifteen AK clips left, and right now Danni's peril was far more important.

She rushed up the incline quickly but carefully and eventually caught the two tumbling down the thorny hill about thirty feet down. She had to be quite careful with her footing so as not to make the same mistake, but as the two disappeared from her sight she realized that her and James would probably have a ways to go to catch up with them.

James caught up with her to look down the hill, but before he really had time to analyze the situation Trish was already barking out commands.

"We've gotta go around! Come on!" she directed, and within seconds she was jogging back down the hill, frantically scanning the surrounding foliage for a path around the incline. It didn't take her long to find a makeshift trail through the trees, and after making sure James was behind her she beelined through them, AK-47 in hand and her now much lighter pack bouncing harshly against her. The throbbing pain in her leg was starting to return from the bullet wound, but the force of the epinephrine running through her veins was far superior.

The pair ran for what seemed like at least five minutes until the trail broke into a thorny clearing, revealing the corpse of Morgan Green on the ground in a nearby ravine, his broken body positioned quite uncomfortably. Trish took no chances, and immediately she fired three or four rounds into the body, which as expected made no response. Her fears had yet to subside though, as Danni was nowhere to be found.

"Danni!" she called frantically, making her way out into the clearing before James caught her attention a few feet in front of her. He was holding Danni's Mauser.

"Trish..." he muttered weakly, and together the two of them focused their search on that area. It didn't take them long to find a trail of footprints embedded into the muddy ground.

The pair exchanged concerned glances before heading off in the direction of the footprints.

(Trish and James continued in Birds of a Feather Burn Together)
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