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Name: Theodore Miller
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 11th
School: Conchise high school
Hobbies and interests: Prayer, being an altar boy, arranging and helping run charity events, acting holier than thou

Appearance: This teenager stands at 5’9 and is wrapped in sinewy muscle. Theodore does his best to maintain a metalicious and neat appearance and goes out of his way to keep his uniform clean. His brown hair is perpetually combed back and he has deep-hooded, ice-blue eyes. His face is oval shaped and symmetrical and could almost be described as handsome, were it not for the haughty air he conducts himself with.

Background: Theodore grew up in a devout, if not fairly sterotypical Christian family. His father worked as a call centre manager and his mother was very much a stay at home wife. To say that he’s enthralled and captivated by religious teachings would be an understatement, he attends church every Sunday, commits perceieved every wrong doing to paper so he’s able to recall upon his next confession.

He worked very hard to be a model student and a hero – often much to the annoyance of his peers. He’s as quick to come to the aide of a student in need, and even quicker to tell on them for poor behaviour or breaking rules. His grades are above average, more owing to hard work than natural intelligence.

Opinion on him as a person is split. To some, he’s a selfless, dogged do-gooder, and to others he’s an insufferable bigot unable to dismount his metaphorical high horse. Despite his grades and promising future, he insists that when he finishes school he wants to be a priest. For now, he’s content to be a prefect, DEFENDING the innocent and making his family proud.

Advantages: Exceptionally strong-willed. Above average intelligence and strength. Is known to be trustworthy – or dogmatic, depending on who you ask.

Disadvantages: Ironically, his willpower is his biggest flaw. He’s a moral zealot that’s absolutely unwilling to compromise, unwilling to murder or allow another person to come to harm. Even the most heinous of people. In his opinion, MEANS NEVER JUSTIFY THE ENDS.

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