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June 3rd, 2008, 5:31 am #46

What in God's name is taking Adam so long? Julie thought irately. She didn't have time for this, there were other goals she had in mind. Getting rid of Nathanial Harris for one, not babysitting a gay guy, a hippy, and a surfer. Not that she had anything against gay people or hippies.

...Surfers? Maybe. But that could be the last thing she'd ever worry about right now.

"...Take a very good look into the barrel of the weapon I'm currently pointing at you, point blank at your forehead, and then tell me if this looks like a fucking joke to you. -__- And as much as I'd like to take your word for it-" Julie's eyes widened as Sean suddenly made a lunge towards Joey, proceeding to knock the living wind out of him with a tackle.

She could only stare in stunned silence at the scuffle that unfolded.

" two-" she uttered helplessly. "Stop it already-"

God help me, this is completely juvenile. =_=

The end of her eyebrow twitched slightly. Maybe she should just mow them all down with the machine gun and be on her way... Of course, an innate sensibility was probably the only thing that was preventing her irritation to get the better of her at the moment.

She looked towards Kyrie with a raised eyebrow, by now looking rather exasperated. "God, you're asking me? He's all yours! O_O Do whatever you want with him! I'll just step all the way back here and-"

The announcements came on. Julie frowned....still no Danya. And not nearly as many kills as before...which was strange considering the number of kills that had been tallied in past announcements. No mention of Nathanial Harris either.

Oh, and it seemed that Adam at least hadn't ended up getting himself killed running around the island. Thank God. Seriously.

"...and it looks like we'd better scat," Julie muttered grimly, picking up her things and quickly replacing her first aid kit into her day pack. She looked towards the other three.

"Well, I don't know about you three, but if you'd like to continue this, I suggest you first get yourselves gone. I'm taking off now."

Least I won't be out of practice for hundred-metre sprints. Julie thought to herself as she made a dash out of the barracks area, leaped clear over a tree stump and disappeared into the surrounding vegetation.

((Off to another elsewhere.))


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The announcements blared to life, and Kyrie was once again met by the voice of a stuttering man. She grimaced slightly. She was already stressed enough with the fool of a boy in front of her, so she really didn’t need the stress of an announcement now. She was surprised it had already been a day. Time sure as hell flew by when you weren’t having fun. She turned her attention to Julie and Sean when the barracks were declared a dangerzone.

“Holy Shit… let’s get out of here!” She yelled. Julie sprinted off, and Kyrie bent down to help Sean.

“I’m with her, let’s go.” She said, before taking off, Sean in tow.

((Continued Elsewhere))
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since we can obviously assume that Joey does not want to have his head explode, we can also assume that he followed the rest of them out.

((Continued in Wash Away My Pain))

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Sean shook off Kyrie's hand, not angirly, but with an eerie calm.

"Kyrie, I really appreciate what you've done so far, but I need to go somewhere, and I have to go alone... Keep an ear out, I might see you again, maybe not,"

Sean turned around and headed in the other direction altogether, still out of the pending dangerzone, but in another wey. Maybe he would see the others again, maybe not, it didn't matter to him.

((Sean continued in The Stench of Reality))

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