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So, uh, I maybe kinda accidentally deleted my write-up for Matt a while ago and then forgot about this.


Matt wasn't the best, but he wasn't the worst. That's all I remember.

Not requesting another kid ATM because I'm lame.
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I'll have a go at this again!
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i wa nt to eat necroplush dick now

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What is the record for shortest time spent between orgasm and death?
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I dunno but there was this guy who masturbated 42 times in a row before he died of dehydration
Pancapples - Yesterday at 12:41 PM
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I'm innocent
not pure
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I at least knew it was a sex toy
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a flashlight you would use in sexual intercourse
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Done with Bianca Howard. I don't... really have anything to say. I had a hard time getting into her character because she didn't really express much emotion, she just kinda... did stuff and then died suddenly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gimme another kid.
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You know what? Toss me another one.
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Can I just say, really quickly before I just tear into this guy, that I love the idea of embedding a memory in a post as a dream? I think the way it was handled was maybe not the best, because as far as I can tell it was either done after the fact or in really quick succession, but that's the kind of format screw that I really like. It wasn't what I was expecting, at the very least. For some reason, because of that, as well as the whole moonbase thing, I was drawn into this guy's pre-game, something that I haven't really gotten as far into with other characters, but something it makes the least sense to do now because of just how long this guy's pre-game is.

The impression I'm getting is that, this early on in pre-game, he's being painted as a jerk with a heart of gold archetype. Whether or not that works later is in the air at the moment, but right now it's realistic enough that, though overplayed, it works. He keeps his friends close, and is willing to go to war for them - or at least willing to scare off a bunch of freshman - while still being prickly enough towards them to poke at a couple of cousins for having to maybe dance together. He does popular, stonery things, with stonery people - this guy would be the hit comic relief character in SOTF: The Movie: The Game: The Series.

But then we get to Prom. Worth noting that this, while technically a separate part of pre-game, like Memories, isn't listed as part of its own section on the wiki. This is strange and inconvenient in its own ways, but not in any words really worth talking about. It's just a minor detail that I find kind of annoying. For the most part, character-wise, he stays exactly the same, sneaking pot-brownies in the bathroom and fucking around with his friends some more, but he crosses some kind of miniature moral-event horizon when he gives an unwitting member of the general public a pot brownie. Now, I'm no pot-head, stoner, junkie, or other drug associated citizen - yet - but as far as I can see this is generally considered a dick move. He plays it off like a character would while the rest of the world reacts realistically, which is an interesting dichotomy. The two stoner bro's aren't both apathetic, but one is generally caring and stunned at what just happened. That one isn't Travis, though.

I have to assume that they had sex, because their pre-game thread where they were most likely slated to have sex never got to the point where they had sex. I'm also inclined to believe that, like, the little brother saw it and was traumatized, but again, left to the imagination.

Oh, and I guess he was at a party at some point? But that thread looked really long, and moved slowly, so I set it aside for some other point because I didn't particularly feel like reading it. That's not the main event, so, whatever.

Is there such a thing as significant as a hypothetical "Main Event" to Travis? He just kind of waltzes into his first island thread and starts talking, as if there isn't anything wrong or questionable about that kind of behavior. Not only that, he comes in with the idea of stealing things. I appreciate Naomi calling him a pleb for not realizing the use of duct tape, though. This seems like another character where one of the selling points is the characters that they come into contact with. This is only reinforced as he comes into contact with Hansel Williams, and some other kid named Tyler. Fight scene was a popcorn-popper for sure, though. Really enjoyed that. For the most part, he's stayed in line with the precedent he set in pre-game up to his first one-shot, a precedent best described as "crazy motherfucker" because apart from the profile we haven't seen much of any of his truly, truly caring side yet.

Until he hears about Joe.

The narrative tries to play it off as a pragmatic concern at first, but it's pretty apparent, at least to me, that this concern lies primarily with the fact that Joe's his friend. Someone that Travis cares about, first and foremost.

I mean, that's where things feel like they're going, until Travis goes and fucks with some other gullible saps just because he can, a group that includes one of the people he messed with earlier, because that's a good idea,Travis, because that's an action that makes sense after the hook we just got for what you were going to be doing for a good deal of time, because this is a good decision, TRAVIS.


Gavin shows up and then doesn't anymore while Travis gets called out for his shit. Backslash comments on the whole Saturday Morning Cartoon villain schtick in the comment they left on the wiki, and I'm picking up on it heavy here. The callout at the end of his tenure in the container maze just sells that to me, that he's more of a character than a person. So far it's worked in his favor, for all his faults, but I'm waiting for when this eventually turns sour. I mean, he already describes Matt Masters the same way he described Tyler.

He deals with him differently, though. He kills him, accidentally piercing a major artery.

Oh, I think it's worth mentioning that, before he tries to rob some people and winds up killing one of them, Travis messes with this guy named Edgar, because he's a huge guy now and that's his whole thing, he don't trust nobody. Takes Edgar's things, then isn't satisfied and goes to take more things. He'd be swimming in cracker tins at this point if he could keep his shit together long enough to eat any of them. The reason that I'm bringing up Edgar out of sequence is because Travis somehow runs into Edgar again after his accidental killing of Matt Masters. If there's ever a point for a narrative to go all grimdark, all "Fuck what others think I'm a monster now," then I guess it's after a first kill. It's in this state that Edgar, reasonably terrified, finds Travis. The only real complaint I have about this fight scene is that there is so, so much goddamned introspection during it! Time doesn't go that slowly during a fight, where you're able to think all those thoughts about family and friends and regret and whatever, all in the span of a three second fall? This really goes both ways here, but for what it's worth Edgar has it rougher. The threat at the end is, at this point, classic Travis, a little over the top and mental. He slugs off, with two bags, the weight somehow not bothering his bruised body, and wanders into another thread

This is almost the halfway point, as far as thread count goes. What I don't understand is how Travis kind of decided "Nah, that whole killer thing, that was so yesterday, I'm gonna act decent now," and didn't kill Cass right then and there. Maybe this is the start of some kind of redemption arc, or something.

I've been imagining scalpels this whole time as pizza cutters. I am dearly sorry.

He goes back to his old self almost immediately, though. He uses Cass as a human shield in a way that to me sounds like Cass finding him at the beach was only happening so that she could be used as a human shield, like a poorly hidden Chekov's gun, but it doesn't matter all that much in the long run. It doesn't matter at all, really, because Travis runs into Joe right after that.

This is where the comparison is to be drawn. The interactions between Travis and Joe before and after the island should be the biggest indicator of any personal change in Travis, since the two are such close friends. This should be the staging ground, then, for any new character moments, insights into what makes Travis tick, any indicator of anything occurring on a mental level.

And I can't really complain here. They're obviously both mad at each other, and one of them (Joe) is more right than the other in this, but as friends, they're able to pull through. Joe conveniently dodging the issue of the person he killed is a bit suspect, but I'll chalk that up to Travis throwing him to the ground and the appearance of Tyler again. I like the interactions with Tyler, too, the cat and mouse kind of chase here reminds me a lot of some good horror encounters enough to keep me engaged. The dynamic then shifts to Travis being kept on a leash by Joe, as they run into someone, walk back out, and then into a barricade, where it's Joe's turn to hold the idiot ball because he decides to knock on the door of a barricade and ask if they have a shovel. What is there to say here? I guess it makes some sense, given that Joe's been trying to assume the best of people thus far, and it does turn out well enough.

Ha. Haha. Turns out in Owen traumatized, Joe down a friend, Aileen dead, and Travis running for the goddamn hills. Well enough!

I think that Travis took a dip in writing between when he killed Matt and when he found Joe again. That little segment right there of aimless wandering and conveniences didn't strike me the right way. Now, though, I feel like the narrative has picked up some of its slack. We went from slightly manic junkie on the loose, to active killer and stealer, to restrained maniac, and now he's running around free again, bruised and battered, not much life left in him. Enough life to call Joe out, though, which, having dropped Joe's narrative when it faded out of Travis' view, I have to side with. Enough life to steal something, that something being a gun.

Enough life to get into a hell of a gunfight! It's almost like a reunion, really, as three of the six involved were all out by the Ferris Wheel before this, several days prior. None of the combatants die, but someone is caught in the crossfire, a likely tragic end to someone's tragic life. I really liked Carlos announcing the arrival of Travis. Made the whole thing feel like some kind of Shakespearean fight scene, with a chorus and the like. Throwing around the word 'Lo' helps that a decent amount. Travis makes it out basically unscathed, but missing a few shots in his gun.

Enough shots left to finish what he started with Owen, at least. I've read enough to know that this is what kindness does to you in this world, so this conclusion isn't very surprising. It makes sense for Travis to want to tie up this loose end, but not all that much sense for the mention of a name to be enough to send him on his way killing again. What happens next would probably have been another good character moment, if it wasn't an inactivity death. It makes sense for him to succumb to his injuries in some way at some point, but for all the low points of his journey I can't help but feel like he should have been found, unconscious, by someone who took pity on him, nourished him back to health, and then was killed by him, or something like that. What I'm trying to articulate is that I wish it didn't end this way.

Like, two inactive deaths in a row? My effin' luck.

I want to highlight the Meanwhile that was started and never finished. It didn't last long enough to get to when Travis died, for starters, but it showed some promise. I do wish that each post wasn't just a play-by-play of the breakdown of the family, but the course that things were taking would have been entertaining on its own.

Overall, I think I grew attached to Travis, even if I didn't completely like him the whole way through. The highlights to me were pre-game, the first quarter of his island time, and the third quarter of his island time, while the rest of his story was a bit weird to read. None of it was boring, at the very least. Jerk with a heart of gold gave way to just plain Jerk, I guess.

I think I'll hold off on another kid for now. I'll post again when I want one rolled for me.
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Roll me in, please

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