The Ultimate Party

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((Thea Kairos continued from In For a Penny, In For a Pound ))

Thea landed with a thud and groaned as she turned on her back to look up at the hole she’d just fallen through. She pushed herself up against the wall, and looked down at her side which had started bleeding again.

She looked back up at the hole and tried to judge the distance required. There was no way she’d be able to get out of here. Not without help and since help didn’t seem to be coming it looked like it was the end. She noted absently that her collar had started to beep, but became lost in her thoughts.

“Would that be so bad,” she mumbled to herself. “I’d get to see Charlie and James again.” As if they were taking part in one of her drama productions the two of them stepped out of the shadows as she finished her line.

She grinned up at her best friend who was decked out in her finest party clothes. The aqua, low-cut, sleeveless shirt that they’d picked out together was paired with a short black tight skirt and three inch open-toed shoes. “Where are you headed,” she asked surprised at the change in her friend.

“We’re going to the ultimate party,” Charlie replied happily though she glanced over at James and made a face. Leaning down, she stage whispered to Thea, “You really need to help him in the dressing department.”

Thea laughed and looked over at James who was wearing the same tux he’d worn to prom. She shook her head. That was one thing she’d never managed to instill in James, that how you dressed determined how people saw you. She sighed and looked over at him, tears coming to her eyes. It seemed so long since she’d last seen him and to be honest they’d never gone over a week without seeing each other.

“A party,” Thea asked looking at the two of them.

“Yes,” Charlie nodded enthusiastically. “You’ve got to come. We’ve got to get you changed.”

Thea grimaced as her best friend cast an appraising eye over her. She unconsciously moved to smooth the folds of her skirt. “Hey you beat the hell out of Hayley and see how good you look,” she challenged.

Charlene looked unconvinced and finally Thea nodded her agreement.

A rapid beeping broke through Thea’s thoughts and then, suddenly, she was standing next to James and Charlie. Thea reached over and pushed the jacket from James shoulders. He let out a long suffering sigh but didn’t interfere with her alterations. Next to go was the tie and with it gone she loosened a few buttons on his dress shirt as well. Pulling out the shirt from his waist band, she stood back to admire her work. She glanced over at Charlie who looked unconvinced.

She smiled and bent to give him a kiss. “Just stick close to me and nobody’ll notice what you’re wearing anyway,” she reassured him.

He flashed her a smile and she had to brush tears from her eyes again. She’d missed him so much. Linking her arm with his she turned to offer the other arm to Charlie. When Charlie took it they took off down the tunnels, heading towards the ultimate party.

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