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“Cool! I’ll just get a pen out… um…” Jeremy put his hands into his pockets, reaching for the pen that he had used for most of the school day prior. While most of his classmates tended to use cases which had all of their things in them, Jeremy preferred having one to three pens in his pocket where he could take them out easily. It was all he needed, really. He could normally just place the sheets he occasionally got in the relevant places and they stayed there for however long they were relevant, and his teachers didn’t seem to mind, so it wasn’t like he needed glue or scissors or anything when he was at school. So he reached down into his pockets, and-

“Fuck.” Supposed he must have taken them out at some point. A little bit of a surprise, that, considering he was still wearing what he wore today. Must have put them onto the bed when he got home or something like that. Whatever, he could easily recite it off of the top of his head anyway.

“I guess I’ll just have to recite it then, since I don’t have a pen. F R A S I E R Jeremy at Gmail.com. No dots between my names.” God, he sounded so pretentious when he was spelling out his name. He kinda had to, though, considering how hard it was for some people to get it right apparently. He had heard a lot of spellings of his last name, which were all usually wrong. He had seen Fraiser, Fraisure, he was pretty sure someone had actually managed to spell it as “Frasur” somehow. Kinda annoying whenever somebody needed to know how his name was spelt for a thing. Oh well, if she didn’t get it he could just spell it out again. No big deal.

“But yeah, this was kinda great meeting you here. I look forward to the dance.” And with that, the conversation seemed to be over. The two went their separate ways. BB to the counter and Jeremy continuing his look through of the pop section.
Oh, by the way, he ended up buying the Iron and Wine CD for his mom. He trusted BB enough after his meeting with her to go with her judgement, and as it turned out, his mom loved it.

It was nice to be able to hear some actually good music in the car for a change.

((Jeremy Frasier’s Sadie Hawkins adventure, continued in She's Stupid Pretty, He's Pretty Stupid))
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"Me too," BB said. And just like that, she'd taken down Jeremy's information and their little encounter had come to a close.

She'd been planning to look through more of the CDs, but suddenly she had more interesting and pressing matters to attend to. She actually might have forgotten to buy the Liturgy album had she not been holding it throughout the entire conversation. So BB made her way to the counter, paid, traded a few distracted words about the music with the cashier, and made her way outside.

She was actually really really excited. It was a nice state to be in.

((BB Gunnerson continued in She's Stupid Pretty, He's Pretty Stupid))