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Man, time flies. It's like I'm in Grand Theft Auto or something.

Roland had felt rather complacent getting settled into this group. None of them really wanted to kill each other, at least not on the first day. Then the announcement came along, and all of it changed.

Roland imagined that if his collar detonated, he would actually be left alive in the unearthly, blinding, agonizing pain for a few seconds with his neck wound torn right open. As Marvin's name was mentioned he could already feel his neck going for a test run, causing him to tug at the collar, albeit not hard enough to cause it to malfunction. But the pain did cause him to get scared almost enough to lose rationality.

Franco killed Marvin!? He's probably going to go after me next...and what if he knew I sent my condolences to Damien!?

Roland Thomas Kelly started to move slowly backwards, as if to keep deference to the others in the church area. He didn't want to turn his back on any of them until he was safely out, from which he could keep an eye on them from the entrance. With every step, the bottom tip of the staff clanked against the ground like a heavy metal peg leg.

Like a Shepherd and his Flock.

"I'll join up with you guys, but for now...I'm going to wait outside...I won't be too far away," he groaned.

((Continued Elsewhere))

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Edgar found himself eyeing Adam with a questioning look as he made mentioned to the last version of this to be played, mentioning of how friends of his had played -- though what caught Ed's attention this most was the mention of how the winner was one of his best friends. The thought of the last version of this, and having a fond memory as to who the winner was all too well. Though as he quickly changed the subject toward trying to find a way to get off this island, out of this game, back home… but was it possible? Kids, he had heard, had a computer in the last game - access, but still they all couldn't do a thing to get their friends, themselves, nobody… no one made it off that island expect for the winner in the end of it all.

Though as he felt the need to voice some time of concern over what the other male planned to do, none of them had any spare computers lying about here, if the people here before had they where probably long horded up by the controllers of this game before they had been placed on the island. He found his thoughts being interrupted by that of another girl wondering into their ever growing party here in the church, spurting off if they had seen a girl that looked just like her, a thoughtful look crossing across Edgar's features as he pondered over what he had seen here before he had wondered in here. Though no one even familiar to her popped up, he not saying nothing simply turning his attention off her and focusing it on the others.

His eyes found the knife totting female next, she had yet to answer his question until that moment -- watching her ever so slightly as she spoke. Finding not fear hindering his thoughts about her, instead it was slight annoyance once again. He wasn't sure why though, he didn't know either her or Ali, though from what little he had spoken to the other girl she had seemed rather nice… for lack of a better term. But then again he had only known Ali for a grand total of three minutes, though still. Ed listened lightly as the other spoke, more or else shooting down the other's idea. "Farfetched… maybe." He muttered, rolling his shoulders a bit, he was starting to tire standing here like this. "But anything, truth be told, is worth a try… rather better than sitting around here or worse yet deciding to actually go only with the rules these… people have decided to set up. I'd rather die trying to figure a way off here… trying to help, than to take another person's life because someone told me it was the only way. Sorry, but I've never been good at following orders, and this bastard isn't any different from others."

Words of the former winner from Adam caught Edgar's attention once more, as a something pinched in the back of his mind. A slight sift of emotion from the slight annoyance he had been finally to a sickening anger, and a push of will to want to live ever more, he wanted to speak up - speak out against the words he spoke about Adam. Least from what he had grown to understand sent his mother had went into the hospital, that he wasn't a good person it was as much of his fault as it was his brother's, they where the ones that caused his mother into her mental breakdown. Though his thoughts were suddenly broken into by the sounds of the intercoms stationed about the island came alive and an oddly familiar voice boomed alive over the darkening island that was slowly giving away to the light of a new morning - a new day on this place. As the names of the dead where read off, he found his attention phasing once more over the form of the girl he had questioned some time ago. Though this time he looked at her with the new fact that she was a killer, she had decided to play this game and was just like those in charge wanted, just another puppet begin pulled at by it's strings. Her words, of how she had killed the other girl to survive, he found himself scoffing lightly - he wondered how true that could be, if she had killed her to survive out of defense or because she was just some cold-blooded killer.

Though as the list of the dead finished, and the list of danger zones where spoken off, Edgar found himself sighing slightly hearing that the church had become one. Least this gave them reason to leave, instead of standing about like a bunch of fools, moving about he placed the taser within the pocket of his jeans, and moving toward the pew he had been sitting on and grabbing his discarded issued day pack. Looking toward her as she spoke, spoke of not knowing another way to survive beyond killing.

"There's many ways to survive this -- everything without taking the life of another. Without playing into this… I'm not joining the group with any person who believes that's the only way to survive. The only thing I could look forward too would be you turning on us and stabbing us in the back, by the way you acted with Ali, and by the announcement of you killing that other girl I wouldn't hold it against you."

He sifted where he stood, pulling his daypack onto his shoulder.

"If what you say is true, and our next meeting not be pleasant - so be it. But you are not stopping me from trying to find a way home… thanks to this game, thanks to people in the last game I've lost my mom. I am not turning out like my brother, I am not going to die here of carelessness and give her more reason to cry."

With that said, Ed looked over the few others that remained in the church, sighing lightly before turning and making his way out. Not sure where to head next, besides getting away from this area as quickly as possible before they decided to blow their collars and he wouldn't have to worry about what was waiting for him out there in the early hours of the oncoming morning.

((Continued in Prophetic Counterfeit))

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3 out of the 6 who resided in the church had fled. There was little time left. Soon the ones in here would die. She wouldn’t allow that. She quickly sprinted to the doors, scooping up her bags as she did so. She reached the doors and swung them open, calling over her shoulder as she ran.

“If you’re with me then come on! We have to move before we’re killed!”

Mariavel ran, she ran her hardest, she ran like never before.

Continued: elsewhere

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Adam Amato didn't really have all that much to say.

Upon conclusion of the first announcement that signified the beginning of day two, Adam was more in shock over the fact that one of their current grouping was already a killer, and their current whereabouts was going to be a danger zone very shortly. As the announcement ended and everyone began to scramble, Adam almost got lost in the flurry of voices and action that sprung to life. Maraviel seemed to buckle under the pressure of everyone knowing she was a killer, and Ed (had that been his name?) had mumbled something sarcastic and had left. Maraviel and that kid who'd popped out of the pew had also left, and it seemed that everyone was planning on getting the hell out of dodge. Adam couldn't say he blamed 'em. Grabbing his pack, Adam looked around the church and quickly headed out the door, half-pondering where he was going to end up next.

((Continued in Silence and Solitude))
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This area officially became a dangerzone as of yesterday. You have until the end of today to remove Kasumi from the area or else her collar will be detonated. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and please understand that these ARE part of the rules of the game.

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((Time's up, and you were given fair warning.))

Throughout the chaos and confusion that had overtaken the church, Kasumi White had remained silent. It was far too much to deal with. The screaming and the fighting and the insults. She had hoped, somehow, that if she just stayed in this one spot that Lance would swoop down to save her, but until the bitter end, Kasumi didn't realize that stories like that were for fairytales.

Danya's taunting voice rang through her ears as he made the morning announcement, but she barely heard him. She barely noticed as the other people who had sought solace and shelter within the church scattered madly away from the place that had been dubbed a dangerzone. It wasn't until the solitary beeping noise began emitting from the device around her neck that Kasumi snapped back to reality and realized the gravity of the situation.

It wasn't supposed to end this way!

"Lance..." Kasumi called out as the beeping continued, she not fully understanding what was going on, "Lance? LANCE!"

The cries became more and more panicked as the beeping continued, growing louder and more rapid with each passing moment. God had sent her on a mission. She wasn't supposed to die here, like this, by the hand of some monotonous beeping. She was supposed to bring salvation to the others that were stranded on this island. She was supposed to find Lance Adams, and they were supposed to escape. It wasn't supposed to end like this!


The shrieks became hysterical in nature and Kasumi found herself in a ball on the floor, tears formulating in her eyes as the beeping continued to drown out her sobs. He was supposed to have come for her... come to save her, and protect her. She was supposed to be able to see him again before she died. Unfortunately for Kasumi White, the only way she would ever be reunited with Lance Adams was in the afterlife. Thoughts of her beloved ceased as the collar around her neck grew silent, then detonated, nearly severing Kasumi's head from her neck. Now, all that was left of Kasumi White was a pile of gore lying in a fetal position on the floor of the church.