The Rules

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This section exists to provide a place for handlers to RP/write outside the typical constraints of the island. Its purpose is to represent happenings in the rest of the world, as it reacts to the games. This section will generally not be policed too heavily, however, due to its unusual nature, there are a good number of specific rules you should be apprised of, which follow.

There are no thread limits in this section. Activity is not enforced. Participation is entirely optional.

In this section, you may RP as a wide range of characters. The limits are simple: you may not RP as a character created by someone else, or related/tied to a character created by someone else, without that person's permission. For example, you could handle one of your own characters' parents, but not another handler's character's parents.

You may not RP as a notable/important figure (that is, anyone of regional/national import) without permission from the staff; this is a decision that requires staff deliberation, so any ruling made without posting for discussion in the staff lounge will not be considered valid. If in doubt, ask.

You may RP as any character of yours approved for V5 pregame but not participating in V5 proper. You may not RP as any character in the grade who was not approved or used as an NPC during pregame without staff permission. Any character removed from play for whatever reason is not eligible for use in this section. Characters from other grades/schools are fair game; we just don't want to see the Aurora senior population balloon or unapproved characters sneaking into canon. If you use a character in this way, they may not be submitted again in later versions, even if they did not appear in pregame proper.

You may RP as older characters of yours (V4 survivors, families of V4 kids, etc.) as long as they're alive and such.

You may not use this as a medium to preview characters you plan to use for future versions; any character you use here will be denied if submitted for V6 (or V7, etc.).

Realism should be held to the same standard as is typical on SOTF. If it wouldn't fly in pregame, it probably won't fly here.

Continuity should be adhered to. Please remember that there is a three week gap between the disappearance of the Aurora seniors and the beginning of the broadcast.

Staff reserve the right to declare any problematic portion(s) of this section non-canon at any time in the future, up to and including the entire thing. For example, if, say, the V5 kids staged a revolt on day nine, and managed to destroy all the tapes/broadcasting gear, this would render any thread dealing with people knowing what happened impossible. Actual-game trumps this section every single time; this is here for fun and expansion of the SOTF story, but will not be allowed to cause problems.

You do not need a character in V5 or on the island to participate here, as long as you abide by all the other rules.

I know that's a lot of stuff, but this is a big experiment for us and we want to go out of our way to make sure it won't cause any problems for the actual game and will be a positive experience for all who choose to partake.