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Okay, Jonathan decided not to chase him further on the offer, thank god. He was even pretty polite about it, saying that he hoped he enjoyed his meal. Ben let out a “Thanks,” but didn’t say anything more than that. Hopefully now they would go away and leave him to himself. That’d be nice. He could order his meal and then go to table seventeen, eat, and maybe hit the arcades after that. He knew that with Jonathan there he wasn’t going to go bowling, but that seemed like a good enough plan. He could have fun, and he’d hopefully forget about Jonathan being here.

And then Darius mocked him, and Ben very almost clenched his fist in response. How was wanting to eat something first something to be made fun of? If he was mocking Ben’s feelings towards Jonathan then he could get fucked. He just plain didn’t like Jonathan, how hard was that to get? He was a faggot, associated with faggots, and he just got under his skin in a way that most people didn’t. He almost walked out of the bowling court then and there; Darius could just plain get fucked and he didn’t want to be anywhere near him.

Wait, no, calm down. Take a deep breath. He wanted to have fun tonight, and just because two intruders had come in didn’t mean that he had to cancel it. He focused his mind on the line, blocked the other two out. If he ate now before going to the arcades he could avoid them. Yeah, good plan. Just focus on the good stuff and let the bad stuff go away.

And that was what he did. He ordered, ate, and messed around a bit in the arcades before going home.

((Ben Fields, continued in Sam's Town))
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Jonathan was relieved that things hadn't turned into a possible fight there. He was now going to kill some time with Darius. He needed the company of a friend anyway.

"I am so going to win!" He laughed as he and Darius headed for one of the lanes to get started. "If I win, I will celebrate by treating me and you to a nice meal." He winked at Darius cheekily. He wasn't that good at being a funny guy but at least he could try.

He and Darius enjoyed their time with bowling. He felt more relaxed and calm afterwards. He should definitely do it again with Darius in the future. Darius had made him feel better.

((Jonathan Gulley continued in Valentine's Day Blues))
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Bowling was more fun than Darius had expected. He actually cared about the game and scoring and it was way more fun than the Wii Sports version.

Also, Darius expected today be a day where he was bored and had nothing to do. But it was actually a day where he could hang out with a friend. There was no reason to prank the weirdos who went to the Bowling Alley. Darius had fun with Jonathan.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba))