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((Blair Moore continued from Cast in the Name of God))

She'd fled the building, considered rushing to the other side of it and down the slope only to be deterred by beeping. It'd startled her, and she'd rushed off in a different direction. Towards the bridge.

Coincidences were starting to get on Blair's nerves. This was where she'd first found herself. Where Jennifer Su had fallen. Blair had been absolutely mortified about it at the time, but with all this other stuff happening, she'd forgotten about it.

Now she'd lost both her friends, and she'd shot someone by accident. She had no idea what would become of Georgia Lee, hadn't seen the severity of the wound. Hopefully she'd survive.

But to what end? A crippling injury would still get her killed, just more slowly. A death sentence by proxy. Blair felt sick to her stomach.

She'd found herself inside one of the cars on the bridge, eating crackers with trembling hands. God, she was so messed up. She'd been trigger-happy since leaving the garden, so of course it'd ended badly for her. She'd shot a girl, for Christ's sake! She could justify Rene, given that she'd been asked to kill her, but this? No excuse. Fuck, she was an idiot.

Blair's original strategy was to fight to live. She was no quitter, never had been, but this whole proactivity thing was a problem. She looked like a psycho, basically. She couldn't help but wonder what Caedyn was thinking of her. Probably something mocking. God, and she was right, too.

The dry crackers irritated her throat, and she started coughing lightly, which turned into heavy, spastic hacking as her lungs seized. A pleasant reminder of how screwed she already was. She had been lucky that she hadn't gotten horribly sick this whole time. She'd be long dead if she caught pneumonia.

Gulping water, Blair curled up on the back seat. It was getting late, so moving any further was risky. She'd sleep here, and think about what to do in the morning.


Opening the door to the car (luckily it was unlocked) Blair slid herself onto the ground, bag in hand, gun reloaded.

Georgia Lee had died. It was her fault, of course; Blair should've known that a gunshot wound to the leg could kill you from blood loss. Another stupid mistake, but she couldn't afford to mope any longer. She'd known Georgia Lee could've died, she just hadn't thought it'd happen slowly. Maybe staying behind and providing care would've saved her, but there'd been other people present. If they hadn't helped, what difference did Blair running off make?

Caedyn had shot Jeremy Frasier. In a twisted way, it made Blair feel a little better. Caedyn was definitely being her usual selfish self and killing on purpose. Blair still had the moral high ground, probably.

Going back to the asylum seemed pointless. What to do next...Blair dug out her map and examined it. She didn't want to go to the housing block. That would attract people, and Blair was sick of people. The vehicle depot? If there was one working car, maybe she'd find another. That'd be nice.

She packed up her stuff, and set off. Maybe she could avoid trouble for a little while. Hah.

((Blair Moore continued in Gran Torino))
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