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Week 2 Day 1
The Lawmen attack warboys.
The SBAs and Gruppa Krovi do recruitment work in the sewers, before SBAs utterly facefuck Gruppa Krovi. That escalated quickly.

New America gets ambushed by Tsarnov tracksuits. Finds out an attack is imminent.

Saracens fight in the arena gauntlet. For the most part, they destroyed the competition, however D’arby was slain in battle.

Week 2 day 2,
Not much happens outside of recruitment, Saracens buy 10 snake-hybrid slaves to add to his forces, saying they’re free so long as they work for them, whilst New America buys 10 gallons of butter... What.

Week 2, day 3,
Mostly recruitment happens for each faction.

Week 2, day 4,

Preparations for the War Rig’s travel have ended and The Slaver’s guild are now recruiting for the Journey on week 3.

The Underground seems to have shaken the earth today, as the largest war in badlands history has broken out. The Remnants of Tsarnov Tracksuits teamed up with Zeed and his gang to battle it out against New America and Gruppa Krovi. When all seemed lost, The Cheeki Breeki Balaclavas came in to return the favor for New America’s aid. That’s not all however, it seems they’ll be a permanent resident within New America’s walls, as an Eldritch Abomination awoken by the Susan B. Anthony Boyszzz woke up and destroyed the Tunnels.

In other news involving the SBAs, they’ve managed to build a floating base just off the coast of the badlands, near the Living forest. What this means for everyone else is anyone’s guess, but we can assure you it is not good!