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October 3rd, 2010, 6:19 pm #31

Oh dear God.

Jimmy fucking Brennan had a jolly fucking boner.

Leila laughed, pointing up at one of the nearby cameras. "Don't cum yet Jimmy, you've got an audience now. They expect a real show~!" Who knew she could get a guy stiff without even touching them? Well, everyone did now. It actually made her feel pretty good about herself. Who else in their year could say that they had such a talent? Fuck, she hadn't even had sex before and she was making guys shoot just by talking. Brilliant. Best of all, she felt a lot better about her current situation. These guys - no, boys - were practically about to jump her; she was in total control. It didn't matter if she was on TV; it didn't matter that a large chunk of them had guns; the fact was, Leila Langford was a hot bitch. And this bitch had her classmates eating out of her fucking hand.

Then Nathan piped up. He wanted- oh God, yes! - he wanted them to follow him! Ahahaha, this was perfect! Fuck surviving; by the end of the game she'd have her own fucking kingdom. Yeah, that was it. That's what she'd do. At first this had seemed like an ordeal, but if she had her own personal bodyguards at her beck and call these next few days would be a total piece of cake. Maybe she could find them a couple of tuxes to set the proper mood. After all, she couldn't have them running off and being their own people when she had needs that went unfulfilled. Like shoes. She really needed some fucking shoes right now.

Watching the boy run off into the wild, she stepped back to get her things together. She couldn't very well run after him without her rations and shit, now could she? Grabbing her daypack by the straps, she was about to fling it over her shoulders before Jeremy ran over looking all excited like a creepy rat-puppy. He was babbling on about something retarded, but then he really got her attention when he started waving a piece of paper right in her face.

"Hey Leila, sorry I was being weird and all, just take this and I'm outta your hair and we're good."

"The fuck, Jeremy?"

Snatching it out of his hand, she looked it over with a confused face.

"And what the hell am I supposed to do with-"

Apparently he didn't feel like joining their little troupe; such a shame. Huffing, she crumpled up the card and shoved it into her bag. At least now she'd have a souvenir of the fun time she'd spent at Costa de Shit. Pulling on the daypack with a few grunts (the straps kept digging into her skin), she eventually got it on and prepared herself for her next adventure. She took a few seconds to wipe the mud and dirt from the bottoms of her feet, then geared herself up to leave.

"Alright guys, let's see if you can keep up with li'l old me."

Oh, one more thing.

Turning back to Jimmy, she took a quick look back up at the camera. She wanted to make sure everyone at home got a good look at this too. Slipping off one of her metal bangles and placing it into his hand, she leaned into the boy's ear and whispered something that the other guys wouldn't be able to hear from way up on the ridge.

"I want you to think of me the next time you stroke your dagger."

Her make-up had tracked down her face, her feet were filthy and sore, and she really needed to get some new clothes, but she knew that she was still the hottest shit this island had to offer. This made little Jimmy the luckiest fucker in the world. Smiling with a satisfied look, she stooped down a touch and kissed him softly on the cheek.

"Good luck out there,"

She looked down at his bag-covered crotch.


Lips curved victoriously, she gave a wink to the gang on the mountain and proceeded to prance off after Nathan with the slightest skip in her step.

This was gonna be a fun ride for the new queen of SOTF.

((Leila Langford continued in Carpe Noctum))
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October 4th, 2010, 10:50 am #32

Jason hadn't found any convenient sleeping places in the short time that Greg and Jeremy had had their conversation and was half grateful when Nathan started to move onwards along the trail. He hadn't really wanted to stop here, but what with running in to the trio of what seemed to Jason the most ridiculous of students his original plan was thrown somewhat out of shape. Once again Nathan had come to the rescue despite not knowing he needed to.

As Jeremy bounded off Jason did sigh inwardly a little. This was going to be difficult. They couldn't just kill off people they came across. He didn't think any of them would have the guts to do so, even though he knew it was the smart play. They were armed, athletic and a mobile group, but if they couldn't pull they trigger they weren't coming out the other side. There was a deep certainty that resounded down to the very core of Jason as he thought this process through. He didn't think that anyone they had yet met was a real threat but next time they might not be so lucky.

As Nathan and Leila moved off Jason moved back up to Brook and Maf, putting his hands on their shoulders. The action may of looked a little comical to anyone watching as Jason was by far the smallest of the three but anyone could tell the sentiment was there.

"Like my awesome commando signals? Probably should of gone through that before I ran off though. Suppose we see this through, hopefully we can get to the Radio Tower before we pass out from exhaustion. I'm pretty glad Nath's taken the lead for now, gives me some time to rest and to catch up on all the gossip that's been happening back here hey?"

Keep moral up for now. When the time came he needed to make sure that someone was willing to save the group. Brook, there was no chance of him ever hurting anyone, but any of the others might. Maf would take a lot of convincing, but in the right situation... he might just pull the trigger. Nathan, just a few nudges and he might be willing to listen as long as he understood why. Jason himself. Well he hoped he would be enough of a man to step up when the time came.

Unfortunately for him it would be sooner than he thought.

((Jason Harris continued elsewhere...))
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A sigh left Brook's mouth when he realized the party was about to be broken up. Jeremy had left, but not without heading up to give Brook a little parting gift in the form of... a business card? The boy looked over it confusingly, but waited for Jeremy to head on his way before turning it around to look at the back of it. He looked, for quite some time, at the back of that stupid card, then to Jason, then to the card, and put it in his pocket, his face sullened up into a glare at Jeremy's departing form.

Wow... asshole...

The taller boy looked down to Jason again as the Aussie made his way back up the ridge to hold the shoulders of both Brook and Maf. "Sometimes, Jason... j-just sometimes, I think you watch too many movies!" Brook laughed. How the hell was he supposed to understand all these fancy hand signals when he hardly even knew about their existence? All in all, the situations the four of them were running into were... humorous. Jimmy was being an idiot, Leila's apparently decided to read the Book of Rosa, and Jeremy thought he could be a regular Rockefeller. Put it all together, and Brook had a hefty disctraction from the fact that they were all supposed to be killing each other.

They had the means to do it, too. Hell, with four guns, the 'flowerheads' (as they were apparently called, according to what he heard today) could've taken on anybody. Leila, Cody, Jimmy and Jeremy didn't seem to have a single gun between them, so that wasn't exactly the epitome of a difficult (or fair, for that matter) fight. Yet, they hadn't blown anybody's brains out, so... that meant nobody had really killed anybody. At least, not that Brook had seen, so... things were honestly looking up! Everything was going to be okay.

Tiffany was okay, he hoped.

((Liam "Brook" Brooks continued elsewhere))
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October 8th, 2010, 6:53 am #34

Maf thought he was a pretty nice guy.

That wasn't being arrogant. He always tried pretty hard to be nice, and it seemed to be working out well so far.

But there was one thing he couldn't be nice about right now, and that was Leila Langford.

Her...display had rubbed Maf completely the wrong way. She'd basically said they wanted to rape her, he wanted to rape her, and Jason had pretty much bent over backwards for her despite it. Maf wasn't the smartest guy in the group, he knew this, but even he could see how absolutely boneheaded this decision was. It was colossally stupid.

Jason fell back to where he and Brooks were standing, his arms pulling Maf and the skittish Brooks in for a light-hearted pep talk. "Like my awesome commando signals? Probably should of gone through that before I ran off though. Suppose we see this through, hopefully we can get to the Radio Tower before we pass out from exhaustion. I'm pretty glad Nath's taken the lead for now, gives me some time to rest and to catch up on all the gossip that's been happening back here hey?"

Maf groaned. Jason was completely oblivious to the massive spanner he'd just thrown in the works. It was almost as though he was a racehorse, blinkers on to obscure the rest of the pack and keep him bolting blindly for the finish line.

Maf shook his head and pulled loose from Jason's easy grip, falling into line behind Nathan. The last thing Maf needed right now was this kind of stuff on his mind. He had to find Jennifer, find the rest of his friends, get off the island. If it meant picking up a few of Bayview's less pleasant students, then that was the price they paid. Didn't mean he had to like it, though.

((Maf Tuigamala continued elsewhere))
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Jimmy Brennan stood on the mountainside. The cool breeze whipped his red hair about as he stared off into the distance. The sea looked endless, stretching out into forever. The sun had begun to set not long after Leila and the others had vanished into the treeline at the base of the mountain.

Jimmy didn't care. His pack lay on the ground at his feet, the contents spilled on the rocky hillside. A bottle of water had fallen out and rolled down and out of site, but Jimmy couldn't care less. Whenever would he need to take a drink of water anyways?

His hand involuntarily twitched and he brought it up to his cheek, gently rubbing the brown leather of his glove over where Leila had kissed him. Jimmy lazily looked down to his pack, and to the business card shoved in his hand. He looked at it.

A crude penis had been drawn on the back, along with the words "Fuck you Jimmy Brennan."

Story of my life... Jeremy Franco. You, you, fuck...

Jimmy dropped the card on the ground and watched it flutter away in the breeze. He should have been angry he knew, but then, what was the point? Jeremy Franco was a stupid fuck, but he was gone. They were all gone, the boys he was sure would be his executioner.

They should have killed me, I KNOW they wanted to kill me. That's why I didn't care. But... did she tell them something?

Jimmy shut his eyes and images of Leila flooded his head. He could still here her words clear and seductive, ringing through his brain, interrupting his thoughts.

"I want you to think of me the next time you stroke your dagger. Good luck out there, soldier."

Jimmy couldn't remember the last time a girl had kissed him. He was sure it had happened, sometime, but he couldn't remember when. But it must have happened. He was Jimmy Brennan, he was pretty fucking handsome, to be modest. He cringed slightly with embarrassment, Leila had seen him at... full attention.

Does that even matter? It doesn't matter. She- she didn't seem to, opposed... she... And at least, she SAW it, at least she knows I got the goods, I can... she- Holy FUCK!

Jimmy bent over awkwardly, haphazardly throwing the spilled contents of his bag back into his knapsack.

Fuck this Island. Fuck these people, who can't decide if they want to kill me or not, FUCK Jeremy Franco, and his jokes. Fuck the popular kids, and fuck everyone else just because. I'm still alive and I can make it, I can make it even if I came across fucking Phillip Ward. I'm Jimmy Brennan, I got the girl and I am fucking ALIVE.

Throwing his backpack on his back, Jimmy descended the slope heading into the forest once more. A voice in his head screamed at the stupidity of his decision, screamed that he should head to safety.

Safety? There is no such thing as fucking safety. I can take it, because I'm hardcore. Leila would only kiss me if I was hardcore, and fucking look! She did! I'm Jimmy Brennan, I can decide what's safe and what's not! Fuck this Island, I can make it! I can show those motherfuckers who's boss! I'm not gonna' die, not with my cock up and not with blood left pumping in my veins! Look, look at me! I'm Jimmy Brennan and I make Gods mortal with my hands and my fists! I'll show you all! I'm not a pussy, I'm not a loser! I got the girl and I'm hardcore 100% real American badass!

His courage soaring, Jimmy strode into the tree line, disappearing from sight. Up atop the mountain a crumpled map with the words B134 stenciled on the back flew by in the breeze.

(Jimmy Brennan continues in Late Dawns and Early Sunsets )

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