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May 4th, 2011, 8:08 am #61

As Annaliese tracked the movements of Jimmy’s shotgun, she fully expected to see her life flash before her eyes. That was, traditionally, what was supposed to happen when one was facing down certain doom, right?

There was no PowerPoint highlight reel of her past. Instead, time stretched out as everything slowed to a crawl. Ray surged towards Jimmy and batted the shotgun, sending it flying as Jimmy’s expression shifted from one of rage to one of sheer horror. Annaliese couldn’t help but track the gun’s tumbling descent, fearful that it would discharge when it hit the ground.

The only rational thought ricocheting through her mind was a scene from Army of Darkness. ‘This... is my boomstick! The twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington. You can find it in the sporting goods department. Retails for about a hundred and nine, ninety five. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.’

‘Focus, damnit! FO-CUS,’ her brain screamed at her. Annaliese tore her eyes away from the gun just in time to see Ray wrap his arms around a flailing Jimmy and pull off a maneuver she had only ever seen performed on television. In a move that looked effortless, Ray lifted Jimmy clean off his feet. As the two hit the apogee of the lift, Ray arched backwards, taking Jimmy with him.

Time began to resume its normal flow as the boys turned head-first towards the ground. Annaliese, however, was still frozen in place by the time slip that had obviously occurred. Ray and Jimmy were going to bounce off the ground and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. She willed herself to move, open her mouth and call out to Ray.

It was the abrupt end to the screaming that finally spurred her into action. As they had moved, both boys were screaming; a visceral, savage song of fury and despair. It was hard to tell apart Ray’s voice from Jimmy’s until Jimmy became silent and only Ray remained.

Horrified by the sight of her travel buddy mounting Jimmy’s thrashing form, Annaliese could only flinch and gasp as Ray stood up and grabbed the discarded gun in possessive fashion. During all the time they had spent together over the past few days, never once had Annaliese been frightened or intimidated by anything Ray said or did. In fact, being with Ray had been the most comforting and relaxing part of this whole trip. She had felt secure because they were sharing their burdens, concerns, and worries. They had started opening up to each other, really connecting on a basic level. It had been part of the universe’s plan. She had been sure of it.

But now…

What had happened? Who was this man standing before her and where had Ray gone? Ray wasn’t a yeller. Ray wasn’t Sam Jackson on steroids. Ray was the calm, logical one of their duo. Ray didn’t react to threats like this. He sure as hell didn’t react to Kris like this.

‘Still waters run deep,’ her inner voice supplied. The silent comment only served to heighten her awareness that she didn’t really know Raymond Dawson. They had spent some hours together, but she didn’t really know what his triggers were or how sensitive they were. She certainly hadn’t thought that he was carrying around this type of explosive rage.

Annaliese bit her lip to keep from making any noise that would draw his attention. She had yelled at Jimmy, who turned the gun on her. In turn, Ray turned into the goddamned Hulk. And just like the Hulk, Ray’s rage hadn’t worn off yet. She winced as Ray planted a foot on his fallen rival and bellowed at him. The whole scene was turning into something out of a National Geographic special.

She knew Ray was an athlete, just like her brother. She should have seen that competitive edge in him, the hidden alpha male instinct. The part of him that would not take kindly to being challenged by another. The part that would goad him into proving that he wasn’t just better, he was fucking superior in every way and would grind the challenger into dust under his heel to prove it.

It was coming out now, and it was coming out in spades. Except, unlike hockey and wrestling and boxing, this wasn’t a game. This was literally life and death. Ray continued to berate Jimmy and menace him with the shotgun. Oh god, what was she supposed to do?

Afraid to say anything, Annaliese simply stood in mute witness as Ray came to a decision and launched the gun that started this all somewhere far away. She dropped her eyes to the ground, suddenly afraid to make eye contact with Ray. Her fingers twitched restlessly as she tugged and played with dozen or so gel bracelets on her wrist. She felt like she should say something, but what? What do you say to a display like that?

Ray saved her the trouble by barking that they should get their things, they were leaving. She shrank back a bit to allow him to enter the house unhindered. Without saying a word, she submissively trailed after him. Maybe if she just gave him space, everything would be okay. He obviously needed time to cool down and get things back under control.

Annaliese winced at Alex’s snarky comment and frantically shook her head, trying to warn the other girl. Alex had a brother too, but Roman hadn’t seemed the type to Hulk out like Ray just had. In fact, of the two, Alex was probably the more confrontational of the pair. That was the last thing they needed at the moment, another person to challenge Ray. ‘Oh Jesus, please don’t let Ray turn and pop her in the mouth. I don’t know how amped up he is, and I know there’s no way I could stop him. Shut up, Alex. Please shut up,’ she silently begged.

Alex had been inside, so maybe she had missed the full extent of what had taken place outside. That had to be it, or else she wouldn’t be talking to Ray with that tone. Annaliese stopped next to the other girl and gave her a one-armed hug. “Just…just get your stuff, okay? It’s all gonna be okay. Just don’t make him more mad, okay?” she whispered, her eyes flicking nervously to Ray. She glanced back out the door and gave her head a brief, tight shake. “We’re getting the hell out of Dodge, okay?”

Something bumped against her and Annaliese skittishly jumped away from Alex before she realized that the other girl already had her belongings and was ready to go. Letting out a shaky laugh, she nervously brushed her bangs back from her face. “Oh, you’re all ready. Sorry, sorry. Let me grab my stuff and then we can motor.”

A few big strides brought Annaliese to her bag and what was left of her supplies. She shouldered it and cleared her throat. “I think that’s it for everybody who’s going ashore,” she said as she glanced at Ray before quickly looking away.
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May 10th, 2011, 12:45 am #62

Someone called her name. Isabel spit and wiped her mouth on the back of her mud caked sleeve. She looked up again and Allen was in front of her.


It felt like she was trying to think through molasses. She blinked and willed her thought process to move faster.

"Raidon, he attacked me. I came here. Jimmy, he did.....shotgun....."

For not sleeping for nearly three days the five minutes of rest she had when she'd passed out in Ray and Annaliese's garden wasn't going to do it. She could feel herself slipping down. There were only a few seconds left but at least this time she could be a little smarter about the fact that she was about to go out of commission.

Isabel reached into her shirt and grabbed the folded papers. She shoved them at Allen.

Five, four

"Whatever you do..."

Three, two

"Don't tell."


((Isabel Guerra continued in Monsters . GM approved for the group to drag her around.))
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((GM'ing approved))

Ray emerged from the house, his old, travel-dirty shirt back on his body. Right now he didn't care at all that he was putting it on. Somehow in grabbing Jimmy, he felt dirty again. He had the bag clasped in his hand.

He looked around some semblance of the fire from the scuffle with Jimmy still in his eyes. He looked at the prone boy, then around, as if searching for something.

"Fuck did Isabel go?"

He asked. Annaliese kept her eyes down, and he wondered how long it would be before he would have to address her. Remembering vaguely that someone had been knocking at the door, Ray turned on his heel and head off the porch to circle around to the front. Annaliese and Alex followed him.

At the front of the house was a boy, standing in front of a prone Isabel. He looked down at her, then back up at the boy, figured he wasn't being hostile, that Isabel's lack of consciousness was due to her lack of sustenance.

"She needs food. We're heading to the grocery store to find some. You wanna come with, you help carry her. Cool?"

Ray just wanted to be free of the house, of what transpired.
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May 10th, 2011, 1:39 am #64

((GMing approved))

Allen could only watch as Isabel's consciousness faded in front of him. She didn't answer his questions, possibly too delirious to even understand what he'd asked in the first place. She did however have the strength to pass him a couple of crumpled up pieces of paper, as well as utter a warning not to tell anyone what exactly was written on there. And then she was out like a light.

"Isabel? Isabel?!" Allen cried out, putting his fingers on her neck to check for a pulse, fearing the worst. He could feel the blood still rushing through the artery though, which was quite a relief. But now he faced a major problem. He had to move her somewhere out of the way, since the pair of them were sitting ducks just lying out in the open. The pieces of paper were still folded up on the ground, Allen snatching them and putting them into his shirt pocket. He would look at them later, once he figured out just how he was going to carry Isabel to a safe location all by himself.

The solution to that problem came walking up to him in the form of Raymond Dawson, with Annaliese and Alex right behind him. Allen could only look up at the guy who was suggesting they go to the grocery store for supplies. He found it hard to argue with Ray's plan, seeing as it may help Isabel out, not to mention he was running low himself, and so he simply nodded in agreement. With Ray's help he picked Isabel's limp body up and carried her away from the house.

((Allen Birkman, Isabel Guerra, Raymond Dawson, Annaliese Hansen and Alex Jackson continued in Monsters))
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May 10th, 2011, 10:46 pm #65

Yet again, the guy that Rosa was hiding behind was torn apart right before her eyes. He might've been a psychotic little bastard, but Jimmy sure could take a beating. Rosa took a step back from the fighting, then another, fidgeting, looking all around herself, the cogs in her mind turning, spinning.

Jimmy was down.

She owed him nothing.

She owed herself better.

Rosa wasn't proud of what she'd done, but she wasn't necessarily ashamed of it either. She'd just done what she felt was necessary to avoid getting a faceful of buckshot. Jimmy was down, hurt. That sucked. What sucked more, though, was being on a leash to a murdering lunatic. What he'd done to JJ... Had he deserved that? Even after what JJ had done to her, getting put down like an animal, getting his head blown off?

And Rosa was going around with a murderer who was about an inch away from snapping. Being 'his girl' wouldn't be much protection there.

This was barely an argument, and barely the slightest hesitation. The opportunity was there.

Sorry Jimmy. You aren't number one. You aren't even number two or three. You're not even a fighter, big talk and all. Sayonara.

Rosa bolted.

((Rosa Fiametta continued in Monsters))

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May 10th, 2011, 11:42 pm #66

Jimmy was down, Ray had just beat the ever loving piss out of him with something that'd make Mayor Haggar proud, and everybody was running in and out of the building faster than Felicia could ever hope to keep track of. In, out, in, out... well, mostly out, but nobody so much as turned to look at her as they left the residence. Some people went one way, others went the other way, but nobody was willing to stay here.

Soon, it seemed like nearly nobody else was left inside the building except for Jimmy and Rosa... at least from what Felicia could see. Poor Jimmy... Felicia had always taken a liking for the little guy in school, and he always seemed to have to fight an uphill battle. This island was probably hell on earth for the hyper little bugger, and Ray... Ray, that goddamn jerk, picking on a little guy like Jimmy.

Taking a deep breath and keeping a watchful eye to ensure that nobody might be sneaking up on her, Felicia stepped along the wall towards the door. She's just... she'd just call for Rosa's attention, let the shock wear off, then walk around that door and hug her. That's what she'd do.

Almost there... I've finally found her... finally found her, just need to...

Before she could so much as finish her own mental ramblings, Rosa had suddenly burst out the door and began sprinting away.

Felicia immediately tried to shrilly call out to her... girlfriend? Lover? The person that meant the most to her right now. It was more than what her voice could handle at the given moment, however, and her throat cracked into a coughing fit that Rosa either could not hear, or just never turned around for. The cough persisted, nearly throwing Felicia off balance. Rosa was almost out of sight, which left only one way for her to follow. But Jimmy... Jimmy was right there, and now he'd be all alone.

Sorry, Jimmy... it would have been nice to hang out, but I need to get to her.

Her legs had already sent her off running, ignoring the terrible burn and the ridiculous tightness in her lungs.


Damn it, come back!!

((Felicia Carmichael continued in Monsters))
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May 11th, 2011, 1:21 am #67

Jimmy struggled to keep his eyes open. The world was fading out around him, and he was coughing like a motherfucker, spitting up everything inside himself. He wanted to puke, but there was simply nothing left for his stomach to reject. He could hear Ray over him, ranting, raving, voices, far off... He was out of the picture.

The second he was down, they'd forgotten he'd ever existed. He wasn't a concern anymore. He'd fought for his place and failed, and now he deserved nothing, not an ounce of pity. The thought was contagious, spreading like a horrific confidence destroying worm throughout his entire body. Rosa was disappointed in him. Everyone was- he'd fucked up worse then he'd ever imagined.

He'd fucked up, and now he would pay the consequences.

But the gunshot never came. People were moving, people were shouting. From the sound of it, someone had fainted, although Jimmy couldn't be sure who. He didn't know if it was Annaliese, or Rosa, or perhaps someone else. He didn't know if Annaliese fainting would be an improvement or not. He was just so sapped of strength, energy and general caring about fucking anything. Annaliese didn't matter anymore.

She didn't even- she didn't- she-

How was it fair? He'd tried so hard. He couldn't get up. His lungs felt like they were daggers in his side, every breath painful a chore in delivering. He couldn't win the game. The odds were stacked, and he'd been dealt a shit hand. It didn't matter what he did, because underneath it all, they'd still be thinking the same thing.

There goes Jimmy Brennan, that fucking douche-bag. That fucking pussy, the shrimp who was never worth anything.

He wanted it to end. He just wanted everything to go away. But it was never that simple. The darkness never took hold. He held it back, squinting up at the now sideways form of Rosa. Her expression was unreadable. He desperately wanted to talk, to say anything. To explain. Maybe even apologize, if it was worth anything.

Not that I'm worth anything. No. I'm not. I'm motherfuckin' not. I'm going to die and- and-

Rosa was leaving. She turned, bolting back to the tree line. She'd left him.


She'd left him to die.


The beautiful girl vanished into the tree-line, and moments later another girl, someone... someone very familiar... took off after her. He reached out his hand, watching it jitter and shake in front of him. He felt like a great weight was on his chest. The figures drifted away from him and he realized he was choking back tears, barely able to keep his composure.

He'd tried. He'd tried so hard. But he just wasn't worth it.


He shouted it again, louder this time, but equally distorted.

It wasn't fair. He was supposed to be a warrior, an incomprehensible folk hero, some sort of sick figure of justice, a hero, someone who mattered, someone who counted, someone universal, someone who could reach out, broadcast his message to every kid in America who'd ever felt that life was unfair. With a hacking cough he rolled over onto his side, shaking in rage.

"I'm Jimmy Brennan and I deserve everything."

It was that simple. He repeated it again, letting the idea grow in his mind. He murmured it once more, and it quickly devolved into an unintelligible chant, a mindless mantra with more emotion then reasoning. Rosa was gone. Ray was gone, his gun was gone, and one more he was at square one. He was alone... But the more he thought about it- the more it seemed alright. Square one was good. Square one meant a new start, a new path. Answers.

It didn't matter what they thought. He could be anything he wanted.

Jimmy surged up, his head spinning a thousand different ways. He gagged and spittle dripped down his chin. The pain was churning through him, but he'd accepted it- moved on to bigger things. He deserved everything. If no one else mattered besides him, the only one he was letting down was himself. No.

No, he'd die before he'd turn coward. His mind was made up.

And I won't die. I won't die- I can't die- no I won't die, I deserve everything- I got the Moxie- can't die- can't die if I have Moxie-

Jimmy giggled.

He wasn't going to die, because that was what they were counting on. It was time to rebuild. He scanned the nearby area- his gun lay off to the side, discarded. He giggled again, like a little boy in a candy store. With an awkward grunt he rolled over, and began crawling towards it. Ray would be damned before he'd ever stop him. He was indestructible, anything he wanted to be. And right now, Jimmy felt like being God. It was time to rebuild his world. The gun was close and he reached out through his fatigue, clutching it desperately. He sank back down in the grass, exhausted- but happy. Grinning like a mindless fool.

"I get it- I get it Rosa, - I-"

He needed to find her. Apologize, talk, anything. He needed to find out why- the future would come, but he would be ready for it.

Never stop, never die.

Over the course of the next ten minutes he propped himself up against the house wall, awkwardly shimming his way to his feet, careful to avoid any risky moves. It would be a long hard journey, but he would never back down. He would keep going, and his killer would have to drain him of every last drop of blood before he'd submit. He'd fallen hard, but in his battered mind it was just another test.

And Jimmy Brennan was determined to pass with flying colors.

((Jimmy Brennan continues in Monsters))


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