The Hunting Cabin

The most easily recognizable of the three buildings that make up the housing block and also the only pre-existing building. The hunting cabin is just that, a hunting cabin that has been converted to act as accommodation to the staff of the asylum. Originally built a decade after the original house was to give the owners a place to stay on hunting trips to save on travel back and forth because of this much of the decor is very old-fashioned. Three of the four rooms on the top floor were already bedrooms and one room on the ground floor was converted to give a total of four. Aside from that the wooden construction of the cabin has held up very well and the interior design is still intact. A large open plan living room and kitchen contains a large fire place and a tiger skin rug on the floor, in the middle of the room is a wide staircase that leads up to the second floor which itself overlooks the living area. Despite being a hunting cabin there's a lack of trophies on the wall, this is most likely due to the island being unable to sustain a population of big game.

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