The Hardest Part

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((Reiko Ishida continued from Thank You For Being A Friend))

Reiko Ishida had been known as many things during her life. Daughter, sister, friend, lover, athlete, winner, enemy, bitch, the list went on. But there was one label she had never in her life dreamed she would ever be known by. Even when she woke up 3 days ago, told to fight for her life or die, she hadn't thought that she would be called this. Four dead bodies, dead by her hand, later this descriptor still hadn't entered her head. Now.... Now she could see what she was. It was almost as if she had been looking at the closed curtains concealing some sort of prize. Now the curtain was wide open, and behind it, in giant sparkling letters, to much fanfare, as the word burned itself into her conciousness.


Other people, especially the friends and loved ones of those she had killed, no doubt already associated the term with the small girl. Other people may have just thought she was defending herself. That misconception would change rather quickly with the next announcements. The entire island, the world, would know that Reiko Ishida was a murderer. And for what? What did killing anyone accomplish? She wasn't any closer to making it home. Hell, she might as well sign her own death certificate now.

Reiko stumbled, falling forward against the ground. She managed to get her hands out in front of her in time to stop herself from smashing her head. The last thing she needed was another concussion. The girl hadn't realized until that moment just how absolutely tired she was. She hadn't slept in at least 48 hours, if not more. Standing up, Reiko half walked, half stumbled to the nearest house, a small red brick building. The door was unlocked, and after a quick check to make sure no one was there, the small girl locked the door and quickly found somewhere to rest. She found a large bed with floral print sheets. Getting into the bed, Reiko fell asleep almost instantly.


Reiko Ishida winced as the bandage was removed from the gash on her arm. She'd taken a nasty fall in practice again, which resulted in a rather brutal 5 inch wound stretching from her wrist towards her elbow. As always, her sister insisted on making sure the injury was well taken care of, knowing Reiko wouldn't do it herself. Reika neatly folded the bloody material, depositing it into a special bag designed for medical waste. Pulling out a fresh bandage, she began to apply it to Reiko's arm.

"You need to be more careful." Reika said in an unusally firm voice as she wrapped the cut. Reika was usually pretty reserved, but when it came to her younger sister, she could switch on her stern face at will. Reiko was always getting herself into trouble, getting injured or running her mouth to the wrong people. Reika had lost track of how many times she had to bail her sister out of trouble. She didn't mind though, that's what being the big sister was all about right?

"So you keep telling me." Reiko retorted, wincing as Reika made one of the wraps extra tight. Just like every other time Reika scolded her, Reiko ignored it. "Reiko be careful", "Reiko you need to stop getting angry so much", "Reiko, you need to control your temper" blah blah blah. As much as Reika liked to get on her case though, Reiko really appreciated the effort that her sister gave protecting her. Even if she didn't listen.

Reika finished wrapping her arm, setting it down with a satisfied "All done!" Reiko placed her arm on her lap, once again admiring her sister's handy work. Not too tight, not too loose, just firm enough to make sure the wound wouldn't get infected, but still able to breath slightly. Reika busied herself with cleaning up the first aid kit, replacing everything just so. Reiko found herself wondering just where she would be if her sister didn't look out for her. She'd probably end up doing something stupid and getting expelled or crippled or something.

"Thanks." Reiko said, catching the attention of Reika.

"Hmm?" the elder sister replied.

"I said thanks... for everything really." She didn't know why, but the younger sister was feeling unusually sentimental tonight. "I mean, I know I must be a pain to look after, so I just wanted to say thanks for dealing with me."

Reika let out a small chuckle. "You don't have to thank me. I'm your big sister, that's what they do right? Always look out for their little sister. You know I'll always be there for you."

Reiko smiled. "I know. And I'll make sure to pro
tect you too."

When Reiko woke up, there were tears in her eyes. Sitting up on the bed, the small girl curled up into a ball, silently weeping into her knees. She wanted this to end. She wanted this all to be just one really long fucked up dream, to wake up and find herself back home or at Sarah's, to go downstairs, still in her pajamas, with her hair sticking out at every angle possible. She wanted to walk into her kitchen to see her dad sitting at the table, reading the paper in his crisp black suit, mom and Reika cooking bacon and eggs. She wanted to hug her mom and dad and sister, her sister who wasn't dead and rotting in God knows where in this island.

She wanted to go to school and meet up with Paige and Amber before morning classes, listen to them gossip about whatever topic was hot that day. She wanted to eat lunch with Carol, poor sweet Carol who she didn't choke to death in a fit of anger and pride. She wanted to run and eat and laugh and cry with her friends, to love her girlfriend to the best of her ability. But none of that was going to happen ever again.

Reika and Paige and Amber and Carol were dead, Sarah hated her guts, her parents were probably at home, their eyes glued to the TV, Dad not even going into work any more, to see the fate of their only children, doomed to die before them. Forced to watch their beloved Reiko savagely kill and murder half a dozen of her classmates; while their other daughter lay rotting in a swamp, her body picked at by all manner of insects and wildlife.

Reiko looked up from her lap, glancing around the room she was in until she found what she was looking for. For the second time so far that game, Reiko Ishida looked directly into one of the cameras. She stood up, walking towards the device until she deemed herself to be close enough. She didn't want any of what she was about to say to be lost because she was too far away.

"Mom... Dad... I know that you are watching. I know that neither of you have slept since we went missing. I know you've seen everything I've done, and you are probably disgusted by what you've seen. I'm sorry... I... something came over me when... when Reika's name... I lost control. And I did things that I know you would never wish for me to do... And neither would she. I'm sorry that... that I caused you more pain.... after losing one child already. I... I couldn't protect her.... when she needed me the most...

"I have done... terrible things. I know that.... I always knew that... but I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop. It... it felt good. I felt joy... taking the lives of others. I was proud of myself... I took pride in being stronger than any of them. To be a survivor. I was so proud that I killed someone who trusted me. Who despite everything I had done, believed that I was innocent. And I killed her. I choked her dead and I felt good about it. I'm scared... scared of what I've become. I know that you are scared of what I am now.... and I don't blame you.

"But no more. I can't turn back the past, but, but I can try to fix the future... To the parents, the siblings, the friends and family of those who have fallen by my hands, I'm sorry. I know that you can't forgive me, and I'm okay with that. I don't deserve to be forgiven... I don't expect to be forgiven...

"Mom, Dad.... when you finish watching this, I want you to go to my room. I know that you haven't stepped foot in there since I ended up on here. But I want you to do this for me, as a final request. I want you to go to my room, and I want you to pack up my belongings. I'm not going to be coming home. So please, once I am finished, turn off the computer, turn off the TV, don't watch any more. I don't want you to have to deal with watching both your children die. I'm sorry..."

Wiping the tears steadily streaming down her face, Reiko Ishida tilted her head at the camera before grabbing her things and leaving.

((Reiko Ishida continued in Darken Your Clothes and Strike a Violent Pose))

Kaori Ishida couldn't look away from the computer screen. Her only remaining daughter had long since walked away from the camera, but she just stared at the empty space. Her husband, Tsuyoshi Ishida, silently walked over to the computer and shut off the monitor, placing a firm but gentle hand on his wife's shoulder. She looked up at the man she had been married to for nearly 20 years, who had always been so strong. With a silent nod, the two walked up the stairs to the room that once belonged to Reiko Ishida.

Pushing the door open, Tsuyoshi flicked on the light. The room had been untouched for the last four days, neither parent wanting to enter. The two walked in and stood at the center of their younger daughter's room. Her unmade bed, various pieces of clothing strewn out on the ground, piles of papers on the desk, various trophies and pictures pinned onto her wall or in frames on her dresser. Shoved between two of her trophies stood an envelope. Kaori picked it up with shaking hands, and opened it up, revealing a typed letter inside.


I thought I told you guys not to go into my room while we were on the trip >: ( not that I didn't expect you guys not to. What better time to clean up my room without me to bother you? Anyways, me and Reika decided to leave this letter for you, because we know how bored you two will be without us around for three whole days. Anyways, since we're out having fun, we figured why shouldn't you two be allowed to? So we got together, pooled our money together, and got you two dinner reservations for your little special place.

You have to be there sunday night for 6:30, okay? No later, or else they'll give your table away. Oh also, your meal has already been paid for, so don't worry about that. And don't worry about us either! By the time you get this we'll probably be out kayaking or playing capture the flag or whatever it is people do on these trips. Don't worry about us, we'll be home before you know it, so you two enjoy the freedom while it lasts!

Love you forever,

Reiko and Reika Ishida, aka your annoying children

Kaori passed the letter to her husband, sitting down on the edge of Reiko's bed. Tsuyoshi joined her on the bed, reading what would be the final words of his twin daughters. After he finished reading, he calmly folded the letter and placed a hand on Kaori's, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

"We need to honour our daughter's last request." Tsuyoshi said, his voice still strong, but with a noticable waver. Kaori nodded, not daring to speak lest she began to cry.

And so, Kaori and Tsuyoshi Ishida, the parents of Reiko and Reika Ishida of Bayview Secondary School, St. Paul, Minnesota, their only children torn violently from their lives, tried to begin healing, and started to pack up the personal belongings of their daughters.