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((Natalie Winters continued from God In Three Persons))

The last few days had been mostly uninteresting.

Natalie had been left behind by Darius and Lili in the panic after the scuffle in the library. She felt bad, having left Lili's stuff behind just because she was scared. She had done her best to search for them, to make up for things, but she had soon found herself in darkness, forced to take shelter against the horrors of the night. She had been dismayed to hear that Darius had died not long after they got separated, and she wondered if there was anything she could have done to save him had she still been with him.

She chewed on a bit of her bread as she sat with her legs dangling over a modestly sized sheer cliff on the slopes, looking out towards the sea. If only she had a boat and some way to get her collar off, then maybe she could make it out of here alive. As it stood, there was no way that she wasn't going to die here.

She looked at the bread she held in her hand for a few moments, examining the little air bubbles that had formed when it was baked.

She went back to eating, absentmindedly staring out towards the sea once again, thinking of home and how much she didn't want to be here.

It wasn't long before Natalie suddenly found herself falling when the bit of the cliff she had been sitting on gave way from underneath her.

She didn't even have time to scream before she landed head first, and saw nothing but darkness ever again.

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