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Mr. Danya
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January 1st, 2011, 10:13 pm #1

"Greynolds, we have a problem."

"...This may be the only time I've ever wished my name to be 'Houston'."

"You're a riot. Now shut up and listen."

"Sorry boss."

"It seems our threats aren't working."


"Yeah. She's still being a royal pain in the ass and frankly, it isn't worth the trouble to keep detonating collars. We could hit a real motivator."

"You could always just pick who to explode..."

"We've killed four already. If that didn't stop her, I doubt it's going to have any effect."

"She's ballsy, Danya, you've got to give her that."

"And a fucking pest too. I still have my fingers crossed for the bounty."

"I'm sensing an imminent 'but' here."

"Ding, have a biscuit. Now would you keep quiet for five damn seconds?"


"Lourvey's fixed the problem of her method getting out to anybody else, but the fact is, her little stunt has left us with blind spots. Some of them are small, others are.. less so. That needs to change. Quickly."

"Repair job?"

"Exactly. Right now, the inland woods are the most badly affected area. We'll need to make them a dangerzone for now... unfortunate, but necessary for the repairs. And well... if we send a decent sized team out, cameras won't be the only thing they can fix, if you follow my meaning."

"Suitably enigmatic, boss."

"Quit being such a smartass and go get a team together, alright?"

"Wait, you're sending me out?"

"...Is that a problem?"

"Boss, it's an early birthday present. Consider it done."


"Good morning, survivors," Mr. Danya said, with a grin and a smile. "Yet again, you've managed to exceed my expectations. Twenty five more of you met their tragic and heart-wrenching ends yesterday, making it the best day yet. Of course, not all of that was due to direct kills, so I'm not quite sure if we should count it. Ah well, something for the fans to fight out online, I suppose.

"Anyways, first to die was Owen Rothschild, killed by Fiona Sparki. Mr. Rothschild seemed to have a death wish, and you know what they say: 'Axe and you shall receive.'

"Next off, Robert Herrmann got himself in a bit of a bind when the key was declared a danger zone. He managed to take refuge in the sea, but drifted just a bit too far away to actually make it back, so now he's sleeping with the fishes.

"Maxwell Lombardi terminated Simon Grey. Then, in a very touching little moment, Leila Langford put down Hilary Strand, helping her pull the trigger. That's right, kids, friends help friends blow their heads off. Speaking of, Lily MacLaughlin nearly lost her head when she encountered Jackie Myrie, but Ms. Myrie lacked the follow through to actually sever the thing. Shame; decapitations are wonderful for the ratings.

"The next death will be one for the highlight reel, though. Rekka Saionji was actually kicked to death by R.J. Lowe. You always have to watch the quiet— hmm... I feel like I made that one before. We'll have to call Mr. Lowe 'silent but deadly', then. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sarah Atwell made Chris Carlson the star of her latest masterpiece performance. The tears, the betrayal, it was so very well, ahem, executed.

"Lily Ainsworth tried to strangle herself or something, but she put a little too much pressure on her collar. Kids, we aren't kidding about those things being sensitive. I really do wish you'd stop getting yourselves blown up. Speaking of, Ethan Kent decided to commit a little vandalism and broke some cameras. I'm afraid he won't be doing any more of that.

"Jackie Maxwell took an arrow from Samantha Ridley, making that Ms. Ridley's second kill in a short space of time. Then, yesterday's BKA winner, Ilario Fiametta, put his new toy to use, wasting Etain Brennan. We'll miss that accent; the ladies love an Irishman.

"Nick Reid used his head to eliminate David Anderson. That one must have hurt. Then, there was that little incident that cost Daisuke Nagazawa his life. I'm sure no one will need reminders.

"Tiffany Baker looked at Jason Harris wrong, which was the last mistake she'll ever make. Then Raidon Naoko went ahead and shot Alison Walworth and Madison Stone in rapid succession. I must say, Mr. Raidon sure knows how to bring some of that drama back to shootings.

"After a day of inactivity, Reiko Ishida returned to her two-a-day program, shooting Rizzo Vitoria and then strangling Carol Burke. Sebastian Descartes bashed Carly-Jean Dooley, before they executed a little Jack and Jill routine on a hillside. Only Jack walked away, though.

"Haruka Watanabe was chopped and dumped like old onions by Clio Gabriella. Then, proving that even a loser can turn things around, Jimmy Brennan killed Phillip Ward with a little moxie and a big stick. Jake Crimson painted the ground after taking a hit from Garry Villette. Took a while too. Is it mercy to let nature take its slow course, or is it better to finish someone quickly? I guess that's for all of you to decide.

"Finally, due to Ms. Polanski's stubborn nature, Lucy Ashmore, Alex Rasputin, and Trent Hunter all lost their heads. There's still a nice, shiny weapon waiting for whoever takes Polanski, kids.

"Speaking of shiny weapons, Mr. Brennan, there's one waiting for you at the destroyed cell phone tower, which will be a temporary danger zone. Everyone be sure to stay away from the Destroyed Tower, the Inland Woods, the Fun Fair, and the Southern Cliffs.

"Keep up the good work, boys and girls. Make me proud."


First off, congratulations to Little (and Jimmy) for winning BKA. He has 10 days to get Jimmy in a thread in that area to claim the prize before it becomes fair game to all. After that, the DZ will be removed and posting can resume.

Secondly, congratulations to Vicky (Rugga), for BDA on the death of Ethan Kent. She gets a shiny roll null, have fun with it.

And now... the rolls.

As usual, you have three days to play any pertinent cards, and seven days from that to get the death done, barring extensions (for those of you keeping score at home, that means the deadline is the ELEVENTH OF JANUARY).

You also have three days to scoot from the DZs unless you want headsplosions.

With no further ado.

#1. R.J. Lowe (Stark) - Isaiah Garvey (KillerVole, Hero Card used)
#2. Richard Han (Geno)
#3. Peter Siu (Solomir) - Michelle O'Cain (Tythanin, Hero Card used)
#4. Nathan Choultard (Greg TA-V) - Timothy Skula (Greg, Swap Card used)
#5. Eiko Haraguchi (Solitair) - Lilian Hayes (Solitair, Swap Card used)
#6. Raine Schwarz (Chibinanashi)
#7. Jennifer Romita (Killer Moth)
#8. James Robertson (decoy)
#9. Madelyn Prowers (Flare)
#10. Evelyn Reed (BetaKnight)
#11. Niklas Kronwall (Wheeler)
#12. John Smith (AceLister)
#13. Garry Villette (Renard) - Marco Stonecastle (Renard, Swap Card used)
#14. Timothy Questiare (ZombieXCreame) - Clio Gabriella (Inky, Hero Card used)
#15. Acacia Salinger (Xylophonefairy) - Roman Jackson (Betaknight, Hero Card used)

Let the slaughter commence.

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January 1st, 2011, 11:01 pm #2

I could hold out for a hero, but, well, I doubt it.

PM with ideas, and we'll see if we can't make something happen.

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January 2nd, 2011, 12:13 am #3

Is there anybody willing to hero Jimmy? I would be very grateful (Program participants take note: I have a hero card that I can use).
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January 2nd, 2011, 12:36 am #4

Wow...Raine has a vendetta against her. All right, anyone up for the kill? I should know by now no one's gonna hero her.

Preferably I wanna try a heroic sacrifice.
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January 2nd, 2011, 12:55 am #5

Haha, I was hoping for an axe-related pun!!

Anyway, please please PM me for plans for Timothy's death~ I'm really not picky.

edit: death rights have been claimed~

edit part 2!: And Tim dies no more. Mucho mucho love to Inky for his hero. I guess I owe him half my soul now.

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January 2nd, 2011, 12:56 am #6

Swapping Lily for Eiko.
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January 2nd, 2011, 1:01 am #7

Heroing Roman Jackson for Acacia.
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January 2nd, 2011, 1:19 am #8

MK has claimed the poor German lass's life. Will get to it as soon as possible
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January 2nd, 2011, 1:22 am #9

Oh well, it was a good run. PM me with death ideas. Thanks
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January 2nd, 2011, 2:08 am #10

Okay, I finally get to use this now.


Clio Gabriella for Timothy Questiare

Death rights were claimed before a lot of you even joined.

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