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decoy73 wrote:I apologize for this, but I must ask that I get a further extension for the death of Jimmy Robertson.
Can't give you one without a reason...
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John Smith is Dead!.
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Marco Stonecastle has tumbled down to the ground, and isn't getting back up again.
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Richard's death begins here: ... ost8730510

If it's okay, I'd like to please please please ask for a post-post extension. The last few weeks I've been extremely busy organising LIFE and dealing with crazy family issues, so I had very little time to post, and a lot of trouble thinking what to write when I could. It's only with getting past that and discovering the wonders of coffee that i've been able to work on this.

Also I wrote from 11.00 yesterday until 6am today and haven't slept for more than an hour since and that's got to count for something.
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Raine's death is getting done right now in Bloodgarden. Had some really bad twelve hour shifts at BK and now I have bronchitis. Posting as well as I can now.
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And Jen is finally dead here. Apologies for the delay. Been appearing in pantomime, dealing with a car accident (nobody hurt, just insurance arguments), and work. Hopefully, should be back on track now.
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So the fat man is dead, you may find his body here. That is all.
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Took a while, but Michelle O'Cain has met her end.
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And then Clio died of bullet wounds.

I'm sorry if it took so long, there were some troubles on my side of the world that prolonged it more than it should have been.

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Raine's finally bit the dust in BloodGarden.
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Better late than never, right?

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Dead Evelyn is finally dead.

A little late, but at least it's done.
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