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Gray had just caught up with Andi when he heard Cassidy yelling at him...well him and Andi in actual fact. He couldn't help but break his stride a touch. Normally he was easily able to shrug off whatever people said to try and insult him or intimidate him. He had proved as much when Adonis had tried to start a fight with him. It was something that most people forgot since Adonis and Kyran had actually hit each other but he had been the one to start that whole thing. He guessed it wasn't exactly a big deal, after all he was only trying to get Adonis to leave Rachael alone but still, sometimes you do the right thing only for it to go unnoticed in the heat of the moment.

Gray only thought back to that because Cassidy's reaction was pretty much an exact mirror of that. She had assumed she wasn't allowed to join them, which wasn't true. He had been offering her luck if she decided to go with Gavin. She had interpreted it as him saying she couldn't come with him and Andi, which wasn't true. Instead of thinking through what he had said though Cassidy had a knee jerk reaction and burned her bridges with the two of them. Gray had always managed to stay laid back mainly because of his dad and despite how much he wished he'd just wake up on the plane as it was landing he knew that wasn't going to happen. He was getting around to accepting it but it was hard, it was always going to be hard but people responded better if you didn't act stressed.

At least that had been the idea. Cassidy had just proven that it wasn't always the case.

He shook his head, there was no point responding since Cassidy had clearly made her decision. Sadly she had made it based off a false assumption and was letting that decide what she did. Really it wasn't Gray's problem that she'd done that but he still felt bad she had made the decision the way she had. It still didn't excuse her being a bitch though. Not that it mattered any more.

Andi had made it clear that their...partnership? Was only temporary, she was planning on meeting up with either her boyfriend or her teammates, whichever came first. That was fine with Gray he was meaning to find his friends too, strange as it was he wasn't hating the idea of travelling the island with Andi at least it was someone he'd interacted with before getting dumped on the island, even if it hadn't been pleasant.

Maybe she thought he hadn't noticed it or she had tried to hide it but Gray had noticed her voice relax when she had first spoken to him. Maybe he had imagined it, maybe not. It didn't really matter in the long run. She slowed down to let him catch up, said they wouldn't be coming back for Gavin or Cassidy.

"I don't think they'd care."

Maybe she didn't completely hate the idea either and that was a start.

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