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Almost forgot to link it here.

Alex is finally dead. The villagers rejoice.
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If you have not discussed your delay with a staff member and been told that it has been noted in the staff lounge, you have about two days and three hours to get any deaths from before the current roll set done. Otherwise I (Help) will handle them for you. We're really serious about that, so please step on it.

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Sickness: Partially suicidal... very slightly because of my report, but mostly because Jason is dead. All of my personal issues stem from the fact that Jason Harris did not win SotF v4

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i hate to ask for a further extension on rhory since she's the single most extended death due right now, but my situation hasn't been very conducive to the whole "sitting down & writing" thing. i've been working triple-double overtime at work due to the massive amount of damage & closed offices thanks to Irene, while also juggling being a full-time student & dealing with the damage done to my own home. (& just in case anyone is doubting that vermont was hit hard, because i've been getting that a lot lately: up until three days ago we had no major roads left)

on top of that, rosie, who is heavily involved in the death, is gone due to drugs as per the away thread. so even if i was able to bang out the rest of my part within the limit (which i'm not), the death still couldn't be completed.

i really hate asking for another extension. you guys have been absolutely fantastic with giving me time to pull things together for this long, so i totally understand if you're unable to let it drag on any farther. but rosie & i have put a huge amount of planning & work into this death already & we'd really, really appreciate the chance to finish it if that's something everyone is willing to wait just a little longer for


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James only wins on having most extended death this time because I actually had the time to put something together.

By the way, Peter's dead although there's tons of holes in continuity to fill in.
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