The Cafeteria

Comprising both the kitchen and the dining hall itself, the cafeteria is a large room with multiple long tables. Having been converted an older dining room already present in the building, the cafeteria also possesses a fireplace with a large fireguard; there is still wood inside it but it has been dampened and rotted by the passage of time. This conversion has also left the room with its high ceiling and variety of ornaments such as family shields and portraits on the walls, along with art pieces donated by families who appreciated the asylum's services. At the back of the dining hall is a set of double doors which lead into the kitchen, which in itself is relatively plain, besides two industrial-sized ovens and a similarly heavy duty dishwasher. The kitchen is in the same state it was left in when the asylum was abandoned, many of the pots and pans hanging on racks and some drawers containing cooking utensils, although the only potentially dangerous objects left are now rusty and dulled beyond use.

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