The Awkward Moment When You Realise That Everyone You Love is Dead

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((Josée Trembley continued from Aching Chest and Blurry Sight.))

It had become quite obvious to Josée that she was lost. She could have sworn that making that turn back there would be a shortcut, that was the way they managed to get to the cell phone tower, so that would be the best way to get back down again. That was the way that they had come, right? It looked familier... Sort of. Everything she tried to do was going wrong. She lost her brother and now he's going around killing people. She found her best friend and in a matter of hours she had lost him, she wanders away from Cisco for two seconds and he's gone. Wonderful.

A nearby loudspeaker crackled into action; Josée hoped that it didn't have any more news about Remy.

"Good morning, kiddies,"

More and more names were called, it seemed scary to Josée just how many people seemed to be killing others. But then again, Cisco wasn't playing the game and he was still branded as a killer in the announcements.

"Ericka Bradley gave Remy Kim a bullet to the back of the head..."

On that line, Josée fell to the floor and burst into tears. How could she be so stupid to lose her brother, she knew that if he was left alone he would start getting crazy ideas and now he was dead.

"Then, Orpheus Campbell and Robert Jenkins neutralized each other in the most permanent of ways. It was quite a mess, too."

Screaming in tears, Josée felt completely alone. Both of them had been wiped off. There have been something that Josée could have done to protect them. There had to be. Josée couldn't dwell on the past, she would have to focus all her efforts from now on on protecting Cisco, she would not let another person die because of her.

"Cisco!" She shouted to the empty landscape ahead of her. "Cisco!" Then Josée remembered that she was lost and Cisco was with the Teo and the oth... Cisco was with Teo! The murderous crossbow wielding maniac who thinks that Cisco is a murderer! Josée didn't have her map, it was with all her other stolen supplies, but perhaps if she retraced her steps and try to work out which way the others were going before they noticed that Josée wasn't there to defend his honour. Josée span around and ran back the way she came as fast as she possibly could.

((Josée Trembley continued in ...Because I Can't Make it On My Own.))
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