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Pop. The jug had finished boiling water. Alluring steam seeped from its nozzle, forcing the relaxing Juniper to propel herself from the wooden chair where she sat at the dining room table and into the kitchen to retrieve it. She turned, and there it was sitting atop the countertop: her ornate white teapot patterned with mallard ducks. It called out to her, begging to be relieved of its thirst, and only the jug in Juniper’s hand could provide it the appropriate sustenance. She sat the jug down beside the teapot, deciding to prepare one of her favourite teas this evening: a black tea with a strong hit of Madagascan Vanilla. While a whole pot of tea seems like a large feet for such a girl, Juniper was expecting company later; a group of her friends were coming over for a Disney movie marathon following the conclusion of their junior year finals. The excited was so very real; the stories of the princesses began tantalising her with notions of triumph for when things seemed most dire.

As she piled tealeaves into the infuser, a thought struck her; did all she could to prepare for the final exams, but was that really the case? She also distinctly remembered staying up until two in the morning on several occasions; trying to deal with the outcome of toxic relationship couldn’t have appeared at a worse time. Juniper was proud of what she had told Jay, that she couldn’t deal with such an unhappy and such a troublesome environment any longer. She was surprised however, at his reaction; the audacity that boy had telling her that he agreed, and that he was equally unhappy. Juniper glossed over this, keeping her sights set on getting out of there, no matter how. She thought this made things so much simpler until her discovery about what happened at a pre-finals party she hadn’t attended. When she learned that this wasn’t the first time too, that this was just the first time while he and her weren’t together, Juniper wasn’t able to handle things as aptly as she first assumed. She poured the water in, allowing the aroma to covet the air around her for a moment before placing the lid on the teapot and returning the jug to its home, taking in its comfort and its pleasantries.

Pouring herself a cup, she began more processing. Out of a poisonous relationship filled with emotional turmoil and apparent cheating, Juniper thought that all the shit surrounding that part of her life would just magically disappear. But no, of course it wouldn’t. She wasn’t a Disney princess after all; reality doesn’t work that way. Juniper might’ve been free from the clasping and controlling arms that held her down, bullied her, told it was always her fault, and tore at her trust, but this was only the beginning. She wasn’t free from the aftermath.

But she could escape it, at least temporarily. It was the Disney movies. They acted as a model of escapism for her; it helped her to see that not everything had to be bitter, depressive, and gloomy. Even it reality was, there would always be something in her life that wasn’t.

“The tea!” She exclaimed. Even a single sip could transport her away for a moment, and that moment would hold nothing but bliss…

Juniper’s eyes opened and she paused. Something wasn’t right.

Starring down into her cup, she took a small whiff. Had she brewed black tea after all?

“I… I made black tea though; I could have sworn I took the tin out of the pantry and…” She paused again, opening the top of the teapot to view the contents of the infuser. Nope. Green tea leaves. At least, she thought it was, doubting herself.

“Is it green?” She smelt the cup again. “I made black tea. I know I made black tea. I remember taking it out the pantry, grabbing a spoon, spooning the tea into the pot, pouring the water; it can’t be green!” She froze again. Juniper repeated the phrase continuously; she started to become frantic in her words, when out of nowhere the teapot went flying off the table and into the peachy coloured wall of her grandmother’s dining room.

Juniper stopped. She sat very still for a few moments to collect herself, before proceeding to stare in shock at what she’d done. “It… It was black tea… I promise,” she said sinking down out of her chair onto the cold wooden floor. “I fucked up; I really fucked up this time.” She took her phone out, speaking as she typed.

“Soz everyone. Tonight done fucked up. Rekt. See you guys another time xx.”
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