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With the thud of each strike that she heard, Jackie nearly shuddered. Even as she walked away from that fight between them, it felt like they only grew closer as she followed Maddy. Now that I think about it, why am I following this girl again? She thought to herself. She let out an audible groan and placed a palm on her face, tilting her head back to look at the sky between her fingers. "This place..."

She wasn't even able to finish her sentence before she realized that she was being left behind. Without a word, she jogged up to Maddy's side and tried her best not to look back at the fight.

(Jacqueline "Jackie" Maxwell, continued in instinct•algorithm)
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Daniel blocked out everything that was happening. There was no reason for the violence, no reason for people hurting each other. As soon as he saw Maddy turn away from the scene, he gave up on the fight and tried to follow her.

((Daniel Blessing continued in Your Cross to Bear))
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