Strikeout Bowling Alley

The Strikeout Bowling Alley was built in the early 1980s, and it shows in its interior design. With its garish multicolored carpet and giant wall murals featuring old cartoon characters, for many the bowling alley is a profoundly uncool place to be, though for others it is nostalgic or ironically charming. As it stands, the Strikeout Bowling Alley is perfectly functional as a place to meet friends and hang out, and remains the best bowling option in Kingman. For those looking to make a whole evening of their visit, the alley has a bar area with ample seating that serves drinks and food, mostly appetizers or snacks. There is also a small corner including a few vintage arcade cabinets dating back to the same decade as the business' establishment, though the only real special thing about them is that they are still functional; none of the machines are particularly unique or rare.

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