Stella Hunt

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Name: Stella Hunt
Position: Principal
Gender: Female
Age: 47

Appearance: Principal Hunt is a thin Caucasian woman, with straight, greying black hair and dark brown eyes. She wears oval-lens glasses to correct for fairly severe nearsightedness. Her features are narrow, with a long nose and thin lips. Principal Hunt is confined to a wheelchair, and thus almost everyone, student and faculty alike, towers over her. She favors professional attire, usually dark grey or black suit jackets and white shirts. She pairs this with understated jewellery, frequently small gold stud earrings and simple necklaces.

Biography/Personality: Principal Hunt has been the head of Cochise High School for the last ten years. While she was seriously injured in a car crash in her early teens and has required a wheelchair for mobility ever since, she adapted quickly and has since then focused on her goals with a serious intensity, fully dedicating herself to anything she deems worthy of her attention and effort. Education grasped her interest early on, and she spent her time in college initially planning to teach English, though she eventually found that her talents were more suited to an administrative position.

Principal Hunt is a Kingman native, and actually graduated from Cochise herself near three decades ago, and as such she is extremely loyal to and protective of the school. She enjoys a good relationship with most of the teachers, and expects them to perform to the best of their abilities at all times. She has very little patience for slackers, both among her staff and the student body. She skews more towards reform than punishment in her disciplinary philosophy, striving to help problematic students understand their actions and better themselves rather than simply coming down on them, but she is absolutely willing to throw the book at students who seem uninterested in second chances.

Outside of Cochise, Principal Hunt enjoys spending time with her husband, Harold, often taking long drives through the desert with him. Their daughter recently moved away to college, which has left the couple with more free time than they're used to; to fill this, Hunt has adopted a Yorkshire Terrier and has been considering trying her hand at writing a memoir about her years in education.