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((Al continued from Sunset Boulevard))

The time that passed while Vanessa was gone was not a good one.

Solitude. This was a terrible situation to be in. He was alone, no one was with him, and he is scared, really scared. And when he was with other people? With people he could trust? Like Noah or Vanessa? He was still scared, because no, there is no one he could truly trust. Not even Vanessa.

When Al woke up, unfortunately he was still alive. No one murdered him while asleep. Sleeping did not make him feel better, either. Well, it made him feel better. A bit. But the bit was nothing.

After recalling all the pain he experienced the past days, he listened to the announcements that came to get more of it. People were dying. Slowly. It had been 48 hours and there were still tons of people here. People in pain.

Like Al. He was angry. Hurt.

Alessio could jump down. Kill himself. Just like Mitch and Jasmine. And Vanessa was going to listen to it on the day 4 announcements and would feel bad. Actually regretting fucking hurting him. Not knowing or even acknowledging him. He could jump down and kill himself to demonstrate that Vanessa did a mistake. Make her regret being so...harsh. Jump down, as a 'look what you've done, Vanessa'. Jump down and end it.

But Vanessa did not know him, or cared for him at all.

It would be pointless to do so. To jump down. He was too scared of that. He was too much of a coward. Scared of death. Scared of something he would face these days. He did not want to jump down. He just wanted to turn back time. Before yesterday. He did not want to have met Vanessa on the island. He would have wanted to meet her home, back in Kingman.

But that time was over.

Kingman was over. Cochise was over. His classmates were dying.

So, he packed his bag, and moved on. To a different location. A location that did not have craters of unrequited love.

((Al continued in Shock Me))