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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Birth Of A Wish]]

There might or might not have been a misunderstanding of the term 'crematorium'. Fiyori wasn't the brightest bulb in the box when it came to map skills – she was lucky when she managed to follow the directions of a GPS system without accidentally ending up in Vegas – but now she dropped the ball hard.

Hard as fuck in fact.

Now, Fiyori felt her mistake was defensible. Yes, she did miss the crematorium, and yes she did miss it by quite a bunch. But Fiyori was tired. Tired of walking around, tired of people and tired of thinking. When she figured to use the Bell Tower to help her get an overview of the island and it's paths, the sky had already become dark. Not absolutely dark, but dark enough for Fiyori to see nothing. Dark, and cold as well. Freezing, practically, even if she took into account how much she got used to the temperatures.

So Fiyori sat down somewhere and simply fell asleep.

She woke up – having more bad dreams than she would've liked – a few hours later. She didn't have a time, because watches were antique and everybody had a smartphone... or well, nobody had a smartphone now to check the time. Had she guessed, she would've said it was 3 or 4 AM.

Fiyori remained awake, delirious mostly but still awake, for a few minutes.

It had been a little rest that she had been granted, but it was enough for Fiyori to think. She hadn't found Alba. She hadn't kept up with Brendan, stood him up to be honest. Fiyori resolved she'd have to find him come morning. Mostly to say sorry for the inconvenience. There was something, though, that made her wish she would not.

Fiyori fell asleep again. She would be gone from the tower before the announcement came.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Cast in the Name of God]]
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Kermit: I asked a kid who had a crush on me. But I pretty much only gave him a hug so I guess that wasn't nice of me
Kermit: My friends said I was rude not to have at least offered him a blow job
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SpiralAgnew: Here, have something sad-looking
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SpiralAgnew: XD You actually have one of those?
Whirly: I was going to say "Ian, of course he has a collection like that. He's German."

cos frankly the idea of trying to turn all your straight female characters into lesbians amuses me hugely

Uno: You seem excited. did Bambi's mom get reincarnated as a bug you just swatted?

Skraal: would it be correct to say you've sucked on a lot of black ones?
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Shangela: Did you stop high school genocide with your cock, Sansa?
Sansa: yes yes i did
Sansa: sunshine and happiness wasn't working so i had to take drastic measures

Wes: Welcome to SotF chat
Wes: Your weekly forecast: Nipples n' butts, if the pattern holds

Ruggawork: Yeah Aloha was a zygot with a keyboard shoved up his mom's uterus

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