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November 9th, 2007, 8:20 pm #21


One weapon on the possible list of weapons is a small booklet containing data files on the other contestants, including their designated weapon, original area of drop-off, a school photograph, and Danya's analysis and conclusions for the contestants. Remember, knowledge is power.


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November 9th, 2007, 9:16 pm #22

CycoKiller wrote: I see where you're coming from there, but we're talking short short bios, right? Are you familiar with the mini bios from the BR manga?
Yeah, that's basically the idea...
Megami wrote: V3 SPOILER:

One weapon on the possible list of weapons is a small booklet containing data files on the other contestants, including their designated weapon, original area of drop-off, a school photograph, and Danya's analysis and conclusions for the contestants. Remember, knowledge is power.

Damn. That destroys my idea. Well, at least someone came up with it, and thought it was a good idea.

Spoiler Alert: Eduardo is Damien's bastard child. o.o

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November 9th, 2007, 9:25 pm #23

Ahem, so here we are sitting with the man of the hour, the last set of (living) balls on the island, fighting to the death with the femme fatale... or at least that's how the plot has gone so far. Now, "Bryan", how is it using the firearms in the scenes?

I've been in one or two movie gunfights (not as anyone important, usually just one of the expendable bad guys), but none of those films have ever really emphasized guns as top-tier, must-have, you're-screwed-without items. They throw away bullets like candies, dump the magazines, you know...but uh, this is really different. They're a much more terrifying presence to the kids, and...(laughs)...

...after a while you start getting spooked by them all over again.

Who was your favorite to work with, besides Tori, I'm assuming?

You'd be correct. For the months we were filming it felt like we were married or something (laughs). It's funny though, because we never got sick of seeing eachother all the time. We'd hang out afterwards. Aside from her I'd have to say Harry. Two different scenes, we went in there with our fake guns and just came out sweaty and tired and dusty...but we had a gas.

Sounds like you had a blast with the filming, were there any parts you were particularly frightened or nervous to act in?

Well, the hotel scene...where I have to dropkick Felix....I thought was going to turn out awful. We were working with wires (which I hate with a passion) and I felt it would end up being really unrealistic. But, we pulled it off. It's actually probably my favourite scene now.

Is the pressure greater now to finish the season with the energy that it started with?

Yeah, it's laid on pretty thick. Everybody's had at one point a lot on their plate in regards to, you know, meeting expectations. A couple of us probably feel like we'd like another shot at some places, but I think the end product reflects well on all of us.

Although, yeah, this is probably the worst place to drop the ball (laughs).

Has your handler planned anything special for the upcoming scenes, and are you allowed to share?

If I did he'd probably write me off a cliff or something, sorry.

No harm in trying... was there anyone you didn't get a chance to work with that you were friends with behind the scenes?

Me and a few other cast members had done stuntwork together in other projects, but unfortunately some of our storylines just didn't end up meeting. For example, Jameson Doeert, which was a minor role but still a highlight of the project for a lot of people. I'm just lucky there was a main character that didn't really need to act much (laughs).

Are all the villainous characters in this season 180s from their real selves?

Actually, me and Kevin were supposed to clash a few times, but it eventually ended up being scrapped. We were both pretty bummed, but made sure to show up when the other was filming and harrass eachother

Alright, and the last question to wrap it up: What's your favorite cookie?
Chocolate chip...? Trick question? Please don't embarrass me!
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November 9th, 2007, 9:53 pm #24

We're here with a star that's managed to stay fairly out of the spotlight while still receiving the adoration of fans and critics alike. Tell us, Mai, what was your reaction when your handler first handed you the part? Do you feel like there's a reason you were chosen?

At first I was passed over because of my height and weight. I hadn't acted before and I usually modeled for fit magazines. I'm kind of muscular rather than the anorexic that Mai is. But my handler was dead set on having an actual full blooded Japanese American playing the role. So, we worked on thinning out a little bit more, but not much, and then we used stage makeup for making the more sickly look that the character was supposed to have. As far as my acting capabilities, the handler said I fit the part like a glove.

How did you and Kim get along? Was it weird doing a couple scenes with her "corpse"?

I have to credit the makeup artist for that, but he also had a mean sense of humor. That guy did it just so that Kim was finished with all her corpse makeup and I was comin' in for mine. I nearly pissed myself. Kim's actually a nice girl, considering her small role though. For most people that weren't there for the high school part, they might have been confused.

Was your role in the program set early on, or did it come about gradually? Did anything surprise you?

I was told there would be a longer stint, but with the handler gaining another character role that she had to write for, it ended up being the start of a lot of edits and changes, to eventually a inserted trilogy that completed my role in the series. The handler was hoping to have another successful villain like in the first version, from what I was told. The main surprise was the suicide scene. I didn't expect that right after a tension packed scene, I'd have to save enough energy to pull this suicide off convincingly.

It appears you did, judging from the general audience reaction. What are your feelings on being so closely tied to two of the most brutal (and dubbed tasteless by some critics) murder scenes?

I'm actually proud of what I did with Mai. It's not that I agree with her mental state, or what her character did, but she was sick. Only fitting that her crime of passion cause a stir.

What was the feedback from your fans outside of this project in regards to your playing an anorexic adolescent?

I've had a lot of support from them for my entrance into acting. Not that some people were a little disproving of my being in such a violent role. Playing an anorexic almost led some to believe I was actually anorexic. Which isn't true, and like I said, almost cost me my role. But this chance was one I couldn't pass up.

I think it's safe to say you made a wise choice. Another pair of questions: was there a tough exercise regime for you and the cast? Did you make any friends behind the scenes?

My workout regime was cut down for my role, but I think people like Bryan, and the jocks were worked out on a daily basis. Unfortunately, since I was very focused on the role I was playing, I only really talked to the other cast occasionally. Jack was trying to pull practical jokes all the time and occasionally I'd help.

Care to share any?

There was one involving a Sailor Damien outfit and a gerbil. That one... took a turn for the worse. I swear I hadn't heard about the Richard Gere thing before that!

Sounds like you had fun then. Any plans for the future?

Just to keep doing what I'm doing. Any future roles will probably be a little less crazy.

One more question; you're on an island filled with kids trying
to kill eachother. What's the one item you bring?

A body double. Burton Harris had it right.

v3 Minions
B21: Nigel Gillespie
G09: Jessa Vanallen
B20: Harry Tsai
B13: James Brown
B112: Dennis Bernard

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November 9th, 2007, 10:45 pm #25

Here we are with the other half of the fighting couple of V2, Tori! Now, this one's tough so take your time to think on this question: Do you like your pretzel salted or plain?

salted of course, as long as there's some mustard around for dipping

When you were signed on for this project, did you expect to be one of the memorable characters of the season?

I think like any other actor here, secretly you're hoping that you will be, though I can't say I really thought it would happen

And the romantic involvement with another character, was that a new thing for you to have to portray in a series that's bent on using paranoia to change the characters' personalities?

well, my main problem was I was afraid that no one would believe the relationship since it happend so fast... it was difficult yes

Any odd habits you noticed from other characters?

well, since Bryan and I had to have a on screen relationship I thought it'd be a good idea to get to know eachother better, hang out.. build an actual relationship. I remember, any time we'd watch a movie he had this habbit of making comments that'd make fun of the movie.. they were pretty funny.

um... for any others...

sometimes it was hard to take certian scenes seriusly... we all kinda made eachother laugh and it was kind of hard to focus sometimes

Was the Mariavel scene hard to do, with the tension and such having to come from an angrier place?

The one where she shoots me?


yea, it was pretty hard. the whole time I was kind of sitting on the side lines do to say, that was the first time, I feel, that my character actually truely realized she was in shit

Are there a lot of people that rooted for your character more than your male counterpart?

oooo, I'm really not sure to be honest... I'd hope so though

It's all good

For the last question of the interview: What kind of animal would you be if you could be one?

oooooo a tiger... they look like you would never want to mess with them, but really they're just big lazy cuddly cats in the sun!

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And here we have an interview with V3`s resident rock star, Paul Smith.

Good afternoon, Paul, and thanks for sitting down with us for an interview.

No problem, it's actually kinda refreshing to take a break from development and just sit and talk.

Yeah, I can completely understand that. Nothing like getting to the action, right? (laughs) Anyways, I'll get right to it, so as not to bore you. You're a relative newcomer to the SOTF universe, aren't you?

Well, yeah, my first appearance just happened with the opening of Pre-Game and I really hope to hold my own against all the cameo and resurfacing characters in this round.

Indeed. So while we haven't seen much of you yet, it looks like the direction that your handler's taking you in is primarily a sexual one in nature. Any thoughts on that?

Well, my handler is trying to establish me as a very crazy guy and the best way to get that across is by using sexuality. When someone can be subjected to crazy things -pants on fire and throwing up on a girl with an odd fetish- and still maintain an aura of humor and good naturedness, well I think that establishes that I'm certainly not a conservative character in both personality and habit. The important things of those threads that involving sex are the subtleties that they introduce, which of course will come into play as my character develops.

Yes, it's interesting that when we first see you, you're in hardcore rock-out mode; then we flash back to when you're younger and unsure of yourself. Will we see a bit more of what causes you to undergo such a transformation?

Well, I think that as we go further on and more about me is revealed you'll see that the part of me that is unsure of myself -much like it is with everyone- is still there, but yeah it is a possibility that we can reveal how I got to where I am today.

Good, I'm looking forward to that, as I"m sure everyone else is as well. Now, being as we're into the third iteration of SOTF, are you at all familiar with the earlier versions?

Well, at this point I don't think anyone can claim to NOT be familiar with SOTF.

(chuckle) That's true. Well, I'll ask you point blank - V1 or V2?

I liked reading v1 a lot more, but I wouldn't completley discount v2.

Any particular reasons why?

Well, I think v2 had a lot of potential and succumbed to more internal issues that come with a complete revamp and a new set of producers and suffered for it. But, I think the character concepts that where brought out in v2 are valid despite this.

Yes, we definitely saw some very unique characters coming out of V2, that maybe weren't as embraced as much as some thought they might be. How do you think that you'll be percieved in v3? A hero, a villain...?

I think that at the end of the day I'll be one of those gray characters, I certainly don't plan (nor does my handler) to be killing people left and right nor do I plan to save the day and be completley unwelcoming to certain aspects of the game. So, yeah, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

That should prove to be an interesting mix. Any word on potential alliances or enemies, or are you sworn to secrecy on that stuff?

Well, I think that at this point in development, only time will tell.

Alright, well Paul, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me, but unfortunately we're out of time.

And just when I was getting into the interview, well it's been great talking to you.
[+] spoiler
Connor Lorenzen: When you're this good, image is everything.
Pregame: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Memories: 1

Morgan Dragosavich: Ahh, I'll figure shit out later. Let's go!
Pregame: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Memories: 1

Ross Miller: Just hangin' out, man.
Pregame: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Memories: 1 - 2

Claudeson Bademosi: It's a beautiful day, I think.
Pregame: 1 - 2
Memories: 1

Ariana Moretti: The verbal assassin.
Pregame: 1 - 2
Memories: 1
[+] spoiler
[+] spoiler
B007 - Keith Jackson: At the end of the road he's running, looking back to survey where he's been.
B077 - Adam Dodd: You either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain. The truth lies somewhere in between.
B087 - Sidney Crosby: It's only cowardice if other people are around to tell you so. Otherwise, it's survival.
B092 - Eddie Serjeantson: Fully in charge, but not much of an arborist.
B013 - Andrew Ponikarovsky: Probably could have used a proper license and a driving lesson.
G005 - Amanda Jones: A breath of fresh air, and in the end, that was all it took.
[+] spoiler
B033 - Cole Hudson: Sprung a leak.
B011 - Adam Amato: Refused to besmirch those walls.
B099 - John Sheppard: Went out with a bang.
B122 - Ryan Atwell: Couldn't help but write a "Dear John" letter.
G034 - Jamie Li: Left us far before her time.
B011/99 - Burton Harris/Ken Lawson: The Kermit-squad.
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Mrs. Ritch: Sweet Billy
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Out of all the names of the V3 characters, Gabriel Theobaldt is one of the most recognized. Usually being called as one of the, if not the most original character so far, Gabriel is a sociopath who interests seem to be focused on Garry Dodd, a contestant from V2. He also turn out to be one of the biggest villains in SotF, and he has been allowed by his handler to chat with me.

Thank you for taking time to have a sit down with us, Gabriel.

It's a pleasure, of course.

Likewise. Anyhoo, here's the first and biggest thing that has been on everyone's mind when it comes to your character: His particular interest in Garry Dodd

Of course, I knew that'd come up. When I signed on, my handler told me that I'd be playing this obsessive sociopath who wants to be Garry Dodd. I actually wasn't too thrilled, to be honest. Seeing Garry Dodd in action, I originally wasn't impressed with the character, and it was going to be hard playing that up. I told them about this, and when my handler told me that if I really wasn't happy with the way Gabriel was going, I should add in my own 'style'. This was more comfortable for me, and in the end, my handler was quite pleased with how it turned out.

And what of Adam Dodd, the winner of the first SotF and a distant relative of Garry? What's your opinion of him?

Adam Dodd? He's... he's okay, I guess. In all honesty, I enjoy watching the villains more than the heroes. That's probably the reason why I requested to play a villain. Though, of the good guys, I'd have to say that Adam wasn't easily predictable, and I enjoyed watching him throughout Version 1. I'll enjoy 'working' with him *laughs* in Version 3.

Speaking of Version 1, have you seen much of the past two versions of SotF before accepting this role?

As I mentioned before, I did see a bit of Version two, but I preferred Version One, and I saw a lot more of it.

Ah, yes. I remember that. Now, back on track... The past two iterations of SOTF have been... random, at best. Some characters who looked to be powerplayers didn't last very long (Garry Dodd, for example) Will your character make a huge impact on V3 as a whole, or have you been told not to let us know?

Yeah, I can't really say... There are a lot of things even the handlers don't tell me. You may have noticed this strange relationship with Karl Van Buren in the pregame... They still haven't really told me what that's all about, the handler only gives me cryptic hints. In any case, from all that I can really tell you, Gabriel is going to be one of the more interesting characters, to say the least.

Now, while we're on the subject of the other characters who, out of all of them, are you most interested in working with?

There's two... I said before I'm exited to be working with Adam Dodd, as not only the winner of the first round, but as the cousin of the character that i'm supposed to be obsessing with is going to create some interesting scenes... Daniel Carvahallo's been fun to work with, as well. It's not often that they hire actors this large unless you've got a specialty role, so to actually have the chance to be working with someone that I actually have to look up to, is a different experience.

The last question I have for you, Gabriel, is a different one: What is the one item you would bring if you were really participating in SotF?

If I was really participating in SOTF, i'd bring a pie. I don't think I could go down knowing that the last meal I ever had was stale crackers... As far as weapons go, I'd personally prefer a large sword. I mean, how cool would that be? Screw the cane, you can just walk on it. And who honestly expects a 6-foot long Zweihander to slice them in half?

Well, it was certainly a pleasure speaking with you, Gabriel. Thank you for your time!

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November 11th, 2007, 1:24 pm #28

((@Cyco: Could you scan some of those bios and send it? I'd like to try writing up some but I don't have the manga quite yet. X_x))

His name can be spelled E-Vil or EdTV, but Eduardo Trinidad-Villa doesn't seem to care either way. In fact, Eddie's been one of the more interesting "gray" characters in the series, morally and in terms of wardrobe. BR:TM's own Kirk Baxter was granted this exclusive interview with Eddie at his house.

KB: So Ed, how's school?
ET: Eh, you know. Pretty bad, but it could be worse.

KB: You get beaten up on a daily basis, I understand.
ET: Another Ed once said childhood trauma builds character. So you could definitely say that my manager's really focusing on character-building. [chuckles] And it's not in a good way, either.

KB: All that beating up isn't likely to make a hero out of you when you get thrown onto a desert island, that's true. But your manager seems like he's deliberately trying to portray you in a way that people would draw parallels to the notorious Kazuo Kiriyama, from the 2000 season of their Battle Royale program.
ET: First off, Kazuo never got his ass kicked in high school much. And well...Kazuo's actually formed the basic male killer stereotype, and Amanda's all over Mitsuko so that doesn't leave much choice for those with p----es. I'm kinda 50-50 about it, really.

KB: As you seem to be about a lot of things these days.
ET: Heh, yeah. But really, a lot of people are trying to go with sadistic killer-types for this season. You know, epically-dramatic and bwahaha-psychotic like Gabriel Theobaldt, or just mysterious and grim-faced like Hawley Faust or something. He [Eddie's manager] wants me to sorta tow the line between the two, like not killing out of fun but not quite out of necessity either. It's hard to explain. Anyway, I suspect Damien could have caused the "dramatic" to become popular all of a sudden.

KB: Speaking of Damien, what do you think of-
ET: If you really have to ask, I just won his autographed skirt off of eBay.

KB: The winning bid was close to $50,000.
ET: Guess I made the right decision to ask my parents to invest in Halliburton back in 2003. They insisted that I start a stock portfolio, and they weren't quite aware of many corporations apart from Enron back then. Once I got some control I went right into Google, and the money just piled up while I was in juvie. Not that I'm gonna use it for college though...don't intend to go there after I graduate.

KB: So why'd you win that skirt? [silence] Come on, tell us.
ET: Get those g-----n thoughts out of your head. My manager wants me to wear that about as much as a jihadi wants women to wear bikinis, okay? I just bought it for...sentimental purposes.

KB: Ri~ght. Moving on-
ET: I'm serious, okay? Sheesh. Damien was my best friend, and I'm not real happy that he lost the game.

KB: Okay, okay, save your anger for the new season. Anyway, you always seem to be so glum, even at occasions where you're supposed to be happy. Why's that?
ET: I guess it's because I've been through a lot of s--t in my lifetime. More than those who've lived the good life but definitely less than those who've got rather exaggerated strings of bad luck like that Karl Van Buren. Those were actually enlightening events, ironically enough...experience is the hardest teacher after all. I guess you could call it glum, but if there's one thing I'm definitely not, its "emo." [He really emphasized the quote bunnies - Ed.] Drama is best left to the whores and emos. And Troy McCann.

KB: Troy? You two seemed like nerds of a pocket protector when you enrolled in Southridge.
ET: Not really, I was pretty much who I was when I moved to Highland Beach, and Troy was like Urkel without the Jaleel White voice until Tyrese [Paramore] got shot. Now he's all [feigns accent] tryin' to be all up in da heezy and s--t. I kinda envy him for that though...seems like you're instantly popular just for rapping about [accent again]dem b----es and h--s and the ghetto and blastin n---as from yo' Escalade on dubs.

KB: That's pretty harsh...although your manager says this is normal for your character.
ET: If we didn't have only 15 minutes for this, I could go on about everything. Not that it matters much in the grand scheme of things though.

KB: So you're not expecting much out of your stint in V3?
ET: [chuckles again] The only person expecting less than I am out of this is my manager. He thinks there's some kind of conspiracy to get all his characters rolled. But then again, he thought of putting my then-13-year-old best friend in that outfit. I wouldn't be surprised if he met me tomorrow with a tinfoil hat and went on about how the FBI is tailing him with a party van.

KB: But you are expecting something out of this. Anybody you're hoping to work with, or lay your blades and bullets on?
ET: I'm not expecting to team up with anyone, and since it's only Southridge in V3 I don't need one of those lists like Damien had. But like I said, I'm not expecting much out of this. Just get my kills if I can, get killed and that's it.

KB: That's it? Not expecting any perks or surprises?
ET: Well, maybe I'll give a couple hints. My handler's actually trying to get me paired up with Melina Frost.

KB: You mean that girl who slapped you up really bad on the beach a couple of months back might be your partner.
ET: Nothing's really concrete yet...but it's not hard even for me to imagine that it'd be like Mitsuko and Kazuo teaming up. Of course, there's only one way for it to go, and that's down in a blaze of gunfire. Hopefully there'll be some love-making though...I don't want to die a virgin.

KB: No man wants to, Ed. It seems you're gonna lose a different virginity though to...[Xaldien's] Clive Maxwell?
ET: That was really my manager's idea...apparently I'm supposed to be "taking what I'm gonna get," which quite honestly is a bit understandable given my experience.

KB: So you're hoping to get something out of that apart from the...enjoyment.
ET: I can only hope so. It's a long shot, no pun intended, but I'm hoping that he goes down like Kristey Burrowell did with Damien. Right now though my affair with Clive's stalled after my manager had a bit of a falling out with Clive's.

KB: Again with the Damien connections. But we're almost out of time here, question. If you win...what'll you do?
ET: The hell if I know. Probably spend the rest of my life in maximum security solitary confinement while the world goes on. Nothing too dramatic. A job with Danya would be nice though. I hear it pays real good.

KB: You've got some pretty unique dreams there Ed, I'll give you that. Thanks for talking with us.
ET: No, thank you. It was definitely a great timekiller.

You can catch Eduardo on the new season of Survival of the Fittest, coming soon to all major TV networks.

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November 12th, 2007, 3:57 pm #29

You can't talk about SOTF without talking about Adam Dodd, one of the founding members of the v2 site and possibly the biggest contributer to v1 aside from Kaishi herself. I located though, not the man himself, but the character and with one session I managed to get what would be dubbed by me: the Dodderview.
Adam Dodd, possibly the pinnacle of SOTF writing and a character that still influences the universe today. From entire characters based on him, to the scar on Danya's face. It's a great honor to talk to you today Mr. Dodd, how're you doing?

I'm all right, thanks, and yourself?

Well, now that I'm talking to you, I suppose I have no reason not to be. But, I digress, let's start the interview. Your return has been one of the biggest conversation starters of the v3 pre-game, what're your thoughts on the matter?

Heh, yeah, it's something that I knew would start a few water-cooler conversations, at least. Coming strictly from a production standpoint, it's wonderful. You have so many other people who have to establish themselves and who they are, where they've been and what they've done - and I don't have to do that. It makes things easier, because Adam Dodd's whole story played out in front of everyone in the first season. This time around, everyone knows who he is, and he isn't going in this innocent, naive teenager this time. Now he's a bitter adult, so it'll be refreshing to be able to relax a little with the planning aspect of the whole thing.

On the topic of your return, some have expressed concern that you're going to be stealing the limelight from the rest of the v3 cast.

Heh, straight to the hard questions, eh? Well, no, I don't necessarily think that I'll be doing that - at least, I won't be trying to steal anyone's limelight. With the first season, the problem was that we had some internal issues right around the middling-to-end of the season, and so the writers really had to scramble to change plans around. Some people, who were supposed to do more ended up doing less, and vice-versa. I was one of the ones who ended up doing more, and ended up reaping the benefits and the popularity of the whole thing. For instance, I know that Cody was never really supposed to have any kind of a program with me, it was supposed to be him against Sidney, straight up. Things changed and we had to change that into a triangle. I don't foresee the same sort of thing happening with the third season, everyone seems to be fairly reliable, which wasn't necessarily the case with the first season.

About the first season: it is almost excluded from all the criticism that v2 has gotten, do you think that this is because of a general and significant superiority over v2 or because of another reason? think that the second season was a lot different. People weren't used to it. It was a set of new characters in a new environment. It was run by different people. People were bound to have qualms about it, and I guess from what others've said, it's more of a 'growing pains' thing than anything else. I can't...I can't really say much, I was kind of distanced from the whole thing and didn't expect to be involved with it again afterwards - I had a bit of a falling out with the new producers and wasn't involved for quite a long time. I can sort of liken it to how the first season of Survivor never gets criticized. Nobody knew what to expect, nobody knew how to play that game. The second time around, everyone wanted to compare everyone to Richard Hatch, everyone was looking for the next 'Rats and Snakes' speech...doesn't mean that Survivor: Australia was any worse, nor was Tina a bad winner. They were different, and people weren't used to that. They kept wondering who the next Hawley Faust would be, and I think that was a cloud that kind of hung over the thing.

And you think those comparisons will be absent for v3?

I think they'll still be there, but to a far lesser extent. I mean, that's one of the big reasons that I was brought back, of that I'm almost certain. One of the biggest complaints that I've heard in regards to the second season was how 'planned out' everything was, and how it was almost predictable, in a way. Bringing me back was something that I don't think a lot of people expected, so hopefully that'll show the fans and the critics that we're back to the spontaneity that everyone loved about the first go-round. Also, the complaints are bound to be tempered, just, if nothing else - because of the fact that we're out of the second season. A lot of people don't believe that SOTF has anywhere to go but up. I don't necessarily agree, but I can see how some of that carries some legitimacy. I definitely thought things were far too planned out. Too fucking repetitive, if you ask me....oh, shoot, I'm sorry. I guess I'm not allowed to curse, am I?

Well, now that you mention cursing, I suppose we should ask the question on everybody's mind: does your morphine addiction still haunt you till this day?

(laughs) Ohhh, jeez. That, I've gotta tell you, was so much fun. OBVIOUSLY I wasn't actually doped up on morphine, but they had me go to a hospital and actually watch some people who've gotten on morphine and had bad reactions to it. It's funny, for sure - but also a little sad, because the poor people have no idea what's going on. I can definitely tell you that everyone was up in stitches over that. I don't think people actually figured that 'Adam's morphine rant' might actually be a defining moment of the season. I sure as hell didn't. But I guess, to set the record straight: nah, there's no morphine addiction. But I wouldn't be entirely surprised if some were stumbled upon in season three. (grins)

Well, let's get back into the topic everyone wants to hear about: how will you go about playing v3?

Everyone seems to have a lot of things on their mind. Well. I can't obviously tell you what they've got planned for me - truth is, I don't really know, at this point. But I know that there'll certainly be some development in character from when Adam left off, at the epilogue of the first season, to the first time we see him in season three. As I mentioned before, he's not going to be the naive teenager anymore. I suppose it also depends what weapon he ends up drawing. If he draws something like a shotgun, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he reverted back into his V1 mode, shooting first and asking questions later on. It'll be a shock to be back, and I'm sure the first little while, Adam's going to have a hard time dealing with it. If there's a time he'll be most vulnerable and most likely to get picked off, that'll most certainly be it. I think it's really a crap-shoot. Adam was a heroic figure the first time around...I'm sure some people wouldn't be shocked to see him do the same kind of thing he did the first time...but you never know. Adam could end up as a motivator - wouldn't that just be shits and giggles, eh?

Well, while I think people may be shitting themselves, I don't think it'll be due to laughter.

Yeah, well - I'm fully prepared for there to be a relatively large anti-Adam backlash, if anything. Some people aren't going to want to see me back again, just because it'll be the same old complaint that, like you mentioned, I'm 'stealing the spotlight' or whatever.

Well, you mentioned earlier about the continuation of Dodd's degradation into villianitude. Can we assume then that the therapy that followed SOTF wasn't as effective as implied in your bio?

I...(thinks)...I wouldn't assume anything, truth be told. Yeah, there's no doubt that the therapy won't have been as effective. That much is almost obvious. Adam's got demons - I mean, who wouldn't after going through what he did? And like you see in the bio, Adam's become, at least in hockey - prone to violent outbursts. But think about it - Danya took these kids and killed most of them, knowing full well that whomever came out alive would come out as a trained killer. It's almost like a horrific kind of military service. You take me, you put me through hell, through a war, and I come out completely different and changed. I think that Adam won't have the slightest problem killing anyone, not the second time around, anyways. You know what you have to do to survive, and this time I don't forsee him having any issues doing it. Think about it, Danya's killed all of his friends, the girl he was in love with, his cousin, his two best friends from another school, and basically everyone that he ever knew. Now he's got some quasi-celebrity and all from being subjected to a horrific brand of almost-torture, and he can't escape it. S'bound to fuck someone's mind up.

You mentioned his friends and of course Amanda, any chance Dodd might get relationships that rival or even surpass those he made in v1? Or is he pretty much put-off from friends in general due to the events of v1 and the fear of losing said friends?

Yeah, I think there's a good chance. That's one thing about me - I'm a person who enjoys being social. Of course I'll take times to be on my own, but I love socializing with people. I think it'll be very difficult for him to trust anyone completely, but once he does, they'll have his trust forever. I think in his post-v1 life, he's not going to have many friends - though everyone will know who he is, of course. Actually, there are plans in the works in that he'll go into V3 with someone that he...actually, I shouldn't be telling y'all this...

Oh, c'mon now, might as well give us a little something to whet our whistle.

(smirk) ...yeah, what the hell. Anyways, at some point which may or may not be shown in the pre-v3 stuff, Adam's going to be approached by a kid who, at first glance, seems like a normal kid, but is actually hiding a really interesting secret from everyone, and it's a secret that directly ties into what Adam's gone through - and he's going to end up befriending this guy, and he's going to end up being Adam's only real ally when he starts off. Which is a complete 180 from the first season, because if you remember, Adam was fairly popular and well-known and it lent itself to finding allies a lot easier.

May I go out on a limb here and say: Ken Lawson?

Yeah, good call. I actually went out and asked the writers to do that, because I felt that Ken...rather, Burton...was someone who was pitifully underused in the second season - mainly because of the fact that his primary writer left before he even made his debut. I thought that the guy had an incredible persona and requested that he be brought back SOMEHOW...they managed to do it in a fairly creative way that wasn't totally implausible, which was good.

Well, Adam, this has been a rather enlightening interview. Anything to say to your crowds of adoring fans?

No, not really anything specific to say to the fans, except thanks for all of your support, and hopefully I'll be able to bring some more solid moments to the third season. I do, however, have something a little more in-depth to say to my critics...

And that is?

Give me a chance. A lot of people have been saying stuff about how it's strictly a gimmick, it's solely something that the writers are doing for nostalgia's sake because they feel as though they long too much for the old days of the first season. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once I heard that we were hitting a third season, I asked to come back. I wanted to come back. There were too many things about the ending of season one that I didn't care for, especially as the time passed. I felt that there was more story to tell. Here's a guy who lived by his friends, and lived for his friends - they all died, and he lived. It didn't seem right to me that he'd just be able to sit back and go on to his normal life. It didn't make sense. I just felt there was more story to tell. Some people aren't willing to give me a chance, and I think those people really need to relax and see things for how they are. I'm not a nostalgic old veteran coming back solely to take back the spotlight, and the writers aren't bringing me back as a gimmick, or because they can't think of anything else to do but bring Dodd back. That isn't the case at all, and I really think that people need to see that. Try and look past your dislike and just let me try and entertain you. If I go far...great. If I don't...great. I'm just back because there's more story to tell. And to the critics of V3 in general, I say the same thing - give it a chance. I really think it's raring up to be a hell of a show. And that's it, really.

Inspiring words from an even more inspiring word-smith, this is Chad, and goodnight.
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November 12th, 2007, 5:42 pm #30

Mariavel Varella, a true rags to riches story. Coming from the stereotypical n00b character to one of the finalists of v2, truly a marvel and example to us all.
Hello Mariavel -if I'm pronouncing that right- you where one of the main motivators of v2, some have accused you of being a shallow character who only benifitted off the inactivity sweeps, your response to that or your defense?

Oh my, I don't really know what to say, hun. I suppose if you put it that way, it sounds bad, but my handler and the producers felt it was nessesary to have some sort of villain who killed for the sake of killing. I suppose my motivations weren't quite clear, but if I didn't kill and of those inactives, who whold have? It's just silly to think I was doing anything other than doing a bit of cleanup.

So your defense is almost Dodd-esque, correct?

Hmmm.... I suppose you could put it that way, I really don't know. I'm just an actress darling. But you know, I never really felt as if I was appreciated for all the work me and my Handler did to get rid of the inactives. It just seemed like everyone was moaning about it to be frank.

So you see no merit in those complaints?

In some I do, in others I don't. No one else was taking the job, so what was I to do, let them sit on the roster? My Handler thought it was best to get them gone.Of cours, we expected some negative feedback. But it was nessesary. The producers were fine with it througn and through

Alright Mariavel, just wanted to clear that up. Now, being an especially long lived character, where there any storylines that you where looking forward to that didn't come to pass?

Oh yes. There were quite a few acctually. The entire Sisterhood hatred didn't come to pass as much as we would have liked, and nither did the rivalry with Jenna. That was supposed to end in a very glorified fight. The Walter storyline was supposed to be MUCH longer, and I was supposed to have a romance with jonathan micheals, where he'd betray me, and I'd hunt him down. Sadly, he quit and was killed off.

Now, I heard your handler is also a member of the staff, is there any particular cliche that you hate seeing in characters?

Yes, she's a staffer. Hmm.... cliches you say? I do have one or two. I really hate the "crazy before the island" Thing. It may sound like a double standard, but my charecter was emotionally broken, not crazy. I never liked the idea of people being crazy before the island. I like it when the island cracks them. Like Jacob Starr in V1. That was a great Villain right there.

On the topic of great characters, any character who might've been a bit underated that stood out for you?

Hmmm.... I must say that I thouroughly enjoyed Debrah's storyline. It was sort of heart-wrenching, y'know. She didn't have much of a story, but what was there was tragic.

Indeed. Being a character who really nobody expected to get really far in the game, is there any advice you feel comfortable giving to people looking to make a name for their characters?

Hmmm.... it's really just the luck of the draw. I was only rolled once, and my handler still had a swap card, so I was saved. Dumb luck got me through the game. Nothing more, Nothing less. If you want to make a name for your character, then do something epic. That's all I can really say.

Any of the v3 characters who stand out to you?

yes. Paul Smith and Andrea Vanladingham to name a few. They all look to be enjoyable characters, who knows what the season will be like? I for one, think it'll be an improvement.

Well, that's good.It's been great speaking to you Mariavel, any closing statements?

Hmmm.... Well, I'd just like to thank you for taking the time to talk to me. And I hope everyone is looking foreward to the V2 endgame. It's going to be one hell of a ride, that much is certain. I want to tell everyone that it was an honor to be a part of such a great thing. And it was an honor to be interveiwed Chad! Tee-Hee, see you all in Endgame!

The Tee-Hee was just the icing on the cake for this interview. This is Chad and this is another interview finished.
"My man got too familiar and I?d ended up having to whoop his ass, man, you know. Because he would step across the line. Habitually. He?s a habitual line stepper.? - Charlie Murphy
Ace Beats: Varsity Blues - Wale
C.C. Mac: I Do - Cardi B