SOTF Policy on Multiple Accounts

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February 4th, 2013, 8:50 pm #1

On SOTF, handlers are not allowed to have multiple accounts simultaneously active. This is because we only allow so many characters per handler.

There are some rare instances where a handler may wish to change accounts. If a username change is all that is desired, that can be easily accommodated. Should you want a whole new account, however, please let staff know that you had an old one and which it was. We're fine with accounts being switched if there's a good reason or it's been a long time since you were around. Many of our handlers fall into this category. We need to know about it, though, so that we can track things like adoption eligibility, activity warnings, and staff notes/warnings between accounts, and also so the old account can be locked.

Running multiple accounts at once is effectively cheating, and will result in a ban. Changing accounts without notifying staff will be frowned upon heavily, and will result in a ban should it be determined that any inappropriate action was taken or advantage gained. If not, the handler will be warned and may face further consequences (up to and including a ban) depending on the circumstances.

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April 5th, 2015, 4:29 am #2

Attention, handlers: due to recent incidents of ban evasion, the staff team has decided to disallow the use of proxy servers to log into the site, effective immediately. This is not a decision we have made lightly, but it is our belief that it is the best option for the community as a whole. For those who do not know, proxy servers hide the location of your login. They provide no other real utility, and as such are most commonly used as a tool to evade security precautions. They are not the same thing as naturally refreshing IP addresses (which many countries have) and if your IP frequently changes for reasons besides proxy use, you have no cause for concern. We are implementing this rule to better allow us to quickly weed out potential security threats. The response/repercussions for handlers using a proxy beyond this point will vary according to the situation, but if we have any reason to suspect that they are ban-evaders they will be banned as such.

If you have any questions about this rule, or if you believe that you have a legitimate need to use a proxy to access our site, please PM SOTF_Help. We're very willing to discuss the situation and to make case-by-case exceptions given adequate reason; we simply want want our official and default stance to be clear here.