Solitary Confinement

The most secluded and most secure of the second floor wards, solitary confinement is where patients who had been given up on were kept. Each padded cell would be used to contain a single high-risk patient. These patients would be cared for in that they would be given food and water, but beyond that they were left largely to their own devices. The corridor leading to the solitary unit has two gates down intersecting its length to ensure no one gets out, although both of these have been left unsecured (and, in the case of the second one, rusted away). The ward itself is sparse, with only a few gurneys and straitjackets left lying around. Heavy metal doors lead into each individual cell which can be bolted from the outside, however many of these bolts have rusted away or are flimsy enough that they're liable to break off in someone's hand.

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