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((Alex Jackson continued from Classy, Not Classic))
((GMing of Jessica approved by Ciel))

As Alex left the Greens and headed back the way she’d come. Apparently this part of the island was no better than any other part. Why she’d thought it would change she didn’t know. Pulling out the map she looked over her choices, picking a direction she started out. She decided to give indoors a try again. At least in the warehouse people had been civil to each other.

The walk took most of the afternoon and into the night. Alex made the decision as dusk fell that she would push on in hopes that the ranger station would have a bunk or something for her to sleep on. She’d had more than enough of bunking outside.

As she walked her thoughts returned to her brief encounter with Vivien. She hadn’t expected a welcome with open arms from Vivien, but the total brush off had still been a surprise. Alex figured she shouldn’t be surprised anymore, this island was changing everyone. She hadn’t wanted to play this game, but had been forced into the situation several times. She wondered what made the kids do it, and would she herself get desperate enough to kill. She’d been disappointed when she hadn’t heard Acacia’s name among the dead. What kind of person did that make her?

She pushed the thoughts aside as the ranger station finally came into view. It had taken her much longer than she’d anticipated, but reaching it filled her with a sense of accomplishment. She froze as she made out another figure heading towards the ranger station as well. Alex stood and debated her options; so far her dealings with people hadn’t gone so well. Maybe that was part of the reason she was so out of sorts. She was a people person and not having friends or acquaintances to fall back on was seriously disconcerting.

She squinted into the morning light and realized that the person entering the station was in fact a friend. Alex jogged towards the station so that she wouldn’t have to yell.

“Hey Jess, great minds think alike,” she said as she approached her friend. “Have you been inside yet?”

((Since Ciel is away and I don't feel like talking to myself to avoid inactivity Alex Jackson is continued in The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.))


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"... Alex?"

"Alex? Where are you?"

"... Alex?"



Jessica was -

Jessica didn't even know! What was this feeling of pure, violent despair that it wasn't despair, it was more like anger and fear and paranoia and - Fuck! Fuck fuck! Where did she go?!

Deep breaths were not going to work. She was trying to breath but all she could manage were heavy wheezes that made her head spin. She couldn't breath, she couldn't breath, oh god someone help her! She was looking everywhere, this place wasn't that big! Where could she be hiding?! Where could he have gone?!!!

"Alex?!" She screamed. "Alex?! Did something happen to you? Where are you Alex? I don't know where you are! Alex? ALEX?!"

Jessica was alone and she didn't like it. She was alone and the walls were closing in on her and and and where could she be? She couldn't leave her! No! Alex was her best - no, her only friend - the only friend that ever gave a shit about her! What the hell was she supposed to do without Alex?! Jessica didn't know! She didn't know she didn't know she didn-

"I-" She swallowed. "I-"

And then Jessica stopped talking. She ran out of the door. She ran. She ran as fast as she could.

(Jessica continued elsewhere...)