School Announcement (Appropriate Behavior and Consequences)

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Principal Kendrick sat in the main office, his arm propped on the table and his forehead in his hand. He was tired. It was nearly the end of another school year, and he was ready for the summer. Ready for a break. It had been a rough year. The students--well, the couldn't be worse than the students of past years, not really, but they sure felt more problematic. All year long, there had been incidents--fights, drug use, fornication, alcohol abuse, and that terrible incident with Pondsworth--and Kendrick had just had enough. He was sick and tired of trying to keep the students in line, sick and tired of being as tolerant as he was.

He enjoyed keeping things in order, enjoyed enforcing justice, because, in the end, what he was doing was shaping the students into productive members of society. Now, though, he just could not put up with any more of it. The school trip was less than a month away, as was graduation. Finals would begin soon. There was so much on his plate, yet he still got reports of students acting like they lacked the most basic of impulse control. It was nearly as bad as it had been six years before, when they'd found the drunk threesome in the janitor's closet. That had been an awkward phone call to the parents.

Kendrick sighed, pulled himself up, and took a few deep breaths, then reached over and flipped a switch, activating the school PA system.

"Good morning, class," he began. "As I'm sure you know, this is your principal speaking. It's the start of another busy week here. I hope you've all been enjoying yourselves and holding out in your studies. That goes especially for you, seniors. You've almost made it. Soon you will be wearing caps and gowns, and going on to college, jobs, and the real world.

"Or, perhaps I should say, most of you will. Some of your classmates have not managed to perform at a sufficient level of academic rigor to graduate. I have the fullest confidence, however, that they will be able to make it through next year, with a little effort.

"Others, though, may not be walking for a different reason. In the past few weeks, reports of various sorts of illicit behaviors have increased dramatically. It seems some of our students have decided to party a little bit early. School, however, is not out for the year. It is not the time for you to be ignoring your responsibilities. Now, more than ever, it is vital that you remain respectable individuals, so that you cast yourselves, your diplomas, and Bayview Secondary School in the brightest possible light. We are one of Saint Paul's older high schools, with a long and proud tradition. I need you all to respect that.

"For some, however, that will not be enough. So, as an additional incentive, the administration has decided the following: From here until the end of the year, any Senior caught committing a suspension-worthy offense will face several consequences. First, they will face any suspension or expulsion, and the related academic repercussions, as usual. Second, they will not be allowed to participate in the Senior Trip, which would be a terrible shame, since we have a wonderful campsite picked out this year. Finally, they will not be allowed to walk with their classmates at graduation. I know that would be a horrible disappointment to all your friends, families, and relatives.

"So please, hold things together just a little bit longer. In a few weeks, you'll be free of these halls, free to live your lives however you like. Until then, you must still abide by our school rules.

"I wish you all a pleasant day, and the best of luck on your exams."

That said, Kendrick turned the PA system off, and began sorting through paperwork.

((Alright, guys, this is a friendly reminder that realistic consequences will be enforced, in pregame as a whole and in the school in particular. The staff team knows that it is possible to get away with many illegal behaviors in schools. We also know that lots of people get caught, suspended, etcetera. We would like everyone to please refrain from doing the sorts of things that would get characters caught and suspended. Characters that are suspended or punished for doing stupid stuff will be excluded from the school trip, and thus will not be able to be horribly killed by their friends. What a pity.

Anyways, keep it real, and if you have any questions about the acceptability of something, PM a staff member to discuss it, or catch them in chat. We're always happy to help out, and we don't want to see any characters removed from V4.))