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"haha, awesome. I'll be there in a few mins <3"

He hit "send". He felt like a bit of a dick. Forgetting the transport arrangements? That was a stupid mistake. Like, sure, he needed a way of getting there, but all his plans of driving Mara to the prom and back were destroyed in one swoop by the fact he'd forgotten her friends were there and she hired a limo. Yeah, Mara's friends were his friends, but getting intimate in a packed limo? That was a no-go, even for someone as obnoxious and attention-seeking as Michael. Between forgetting to refill the car's gas tank and forgetting the arrangements for the night, Michael was on a disorganised roll.

And he was early too? Michael Fischer was never early. If he cared, he was on-time. If he didn't, he was fashionably late. If it was anything academic-related, the word punctuality temporarily left his vocabulary.

As he continued waiting for his mom to drive by, pick him up and call someone to deal with his car, he went back to kicking stones by his feet. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he wasn't a fan of being stuck outside with nowhere to go, no-one to talk to, and nothing to do; he almost invariably ended up dancing on a streetlight in boredom or having a staring contest with a passing neighbourhood cat. Fortunately (unfortunately?), there were no streetlights or passing neighbourhood cats nearby, so he had to settle for just leaving the car radio on, standing by his car and staring at his feet, and waiting for something of significance to happen.

Arrogantly assuming he'd be the only one with Mara tonight aside, Michael was sure the night would go well. He was always good at party situations and the like, always in the middle cracking jokes and dancing with the most attractive girls, and he'd undoubtedly be one of the driving forces of the prom tonight, making all the girls weak-kneed and all the boys jealous. Michael began to think about who Mara's friends were going with.

Kat was going with Cody. Yeah, they were both good people.

Miranda was going on her own, last he heard.

Naomi was going with...

Oh god.

He'd heard a rumour it was Oswaldo.

He hated being in the same room as Oswaldo. Not in a mean way. It wasn't his fault about his face, and while Mike hadn't really talked to him he was sure he was a decent guy once you got to know him, but Mike couldn't stand being in the same room as him. His face just creeped him out, made him feel awkward and uncomfortable and a little bit intimidated and nauseous. Why Naomi would go for him, when she was (like most of the girls in his circle of friends) a popular and attractive girl was beyond him. He wouldn't speculate about her motives but'd be awkward.

Mara would probably agree with him on that.

Looking up, he saw a familiar car appear at the end of the road, and turned off the radio.
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Summer resumed her position on the bed following Mara’s dismissal, crossing her legs and twisting a delicate silver ring on her middle finger thoughtfully while she looked over the numerous pictures and trinkets scattered around her room. Most of the pictures were of Mara or Mara with their circle of friends (of which Summer was happy to see she had a place in after spotting a photo of herself, Mara, Naomi, and Miles at a student council meeting), but several were presumably photos of her family; most notably the ones of Mara and her dad where she looked the happiest Summer had ever seen her.

Summer smiled when Mara reentered the room, noticing the familiar impish expression on the other girl’s face as she sat down next to her. Before she’d even had a chance to ask what was on her mind, Mara lowered her voice to little more than a whisper and let Summer know her true feelings about Naomi’s choice of a date.

It wasn’t often that a crack in Mara’s and Naomi’s friendship exposed itself and Summer couldn’t turn down the chance to be in Mara’s good graces, no matter how different their opinions were. Normally, Summer was the type of person to maintain a neutral position, not wanting to step on anyone’s toes or say the wrong thing. She liked Oswaldo, he seemed sweet, if not a little shy, but after playing second fiddle to Naomi for so long and with Mara’s opinion of her on the line, she couldn’t resist.

Quickly checking behind to make sure Naomi had shut the door completely, Summer spoke quietly, her tone matching Mara’s. “Mhm. It’s not fair of her to get his hopes up, either, especially when it’s obviously a pity date. It’s sad. And what if he finds out and pulls a Carrie and massacres half the class?”

Immediately she felt the weight of her guilty conscious and no bigger than a bug. No matter how scarred or how much of a pariah Oswaldo was, she doubted he’d ever say anything bad about someone the way she did. And so easily too.

Thankfully, Mara got a text and instantly reached for her phone, allowing Summer to a gather herself. Looking back as Naomi emerged from the bathroom and gave them the a-okay, Summer swallowed some of the guilt and smiled as if nothing had happened, the years of pretending finally paying off.

“Everything’s okay then?” She said, making sure the concern in her voice was apparent, “And not really. Mike was going to be early, but I guess something happened.”

Not wanting to conversation to venture further than that, picked up a picture of Mara and her dad from the end table and spoke once more, “Is this your dad?”

A moment later, Miranda entered the room in full dress and greeted the girls. “Oh gosh, you’re already all done up. We must be slacking,” Summer laughed, only to be cut off when another knock resounded through the house, initially leading Summer to think it might be Mike having figured out his problems, or Francis coming early.

“Is that one of the boys?"

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October 26th, 2012, 6:29 pm #18

Mara got up to take the dress out of the bag while listening to Summer. Mara carefully lifted her shirt over her head making sure not to ruin her hair and pulled off her pants.

"Right," she laughed. "We'll be nice, wouldn't want a Carrie. He'll be fine though, much worse to be an ugly girl than an ugly guy."

Mara stepped into the dress and pulled it up. Just as she reached around to zip it up, Naomi reentered the room. It sounded like the call wasn't any cause for concern. "That's good," she said as she pulled the zipper up about halfway. She reached one of her arms back behind her head in a feet of flexibility and finished zipping up.

She looked at her dress in the mirror and seemed satisfied. Summer picked up a photo of her and her father and Mara tensed. It was her reaction to reach back and grab the picture but as soon as she saw herself in the mirror with that intention in her eyes, she locked up. Discretely, she breathed out and her muscles unwound.

It wasn't a recent picture. She looked a few years younger and for a few seconds she looked at it. It was odd how something could be in your room, always around you and you don't often take the time to really look at it.

The younger her with her father was an unpleasant sight to look on. It was like the feeling you'd get watching a movie where you knew something bad would happen, but there's no stopping the movie from speeding along and eventually you hit the point you were afraid of.

In her elaborate home in her sparkling gold gown, Mara had an uncharacteristically soft look for a moment. This entire process took perhaps four seconds to run its course. She turned around and smiled at Summer.

"Yes, that's him," she said quickly. "He's very busy, you know," she said with exaggerated waving.

Miranda has walked in and Mara turned to greet her properly.

"Another doll! You look fabulous. I don't think it's the boys, they aren't supposed to be around for another 40 minutes or so."

"Whoever it is, the door is open!" she called.

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Naomi nodded and opened the dress bag as Summer mentioned that something had happened with Mike. She was quite glad he wasn't early. She had nothing against Mike... well, apart from the fact that he was a slacker when it came to school work (and slackers were only good when they let her have control of group assignments) but at the moment the less people the better. At least during preparation time.

Summer had picked up a photo of Mara and her father. Naomi had seen the photo before but never really looked closely at it. She edged closer and peered over Summer's shoulder at it. Mara looked jubilant in the photo. It made Naomi think of her own family photos. No-one ever looked jubilant in them, because the few that had the entire family in them were taken in professional studios or at family gatherings, and Naomi's mother always had the imperfections airbrushed out.

Yes, perfection was good. Preferable over the alternative. Still, genuinely happy photographs like this one of Mara and her father made Naomi wonder, just for a moment, if she was actually missing anything in terms of parental affection. ...Not that she cared.

In reply to Mara, she added, "Well, of course. All decent parents are busy. Well, all decent adults, it shouldn't be restricted to parents."

Shuffling back again, Naomi studied Mara and her golden dress and said, "You look fantastic. Not that it's any surprise, of course, you could probably look stunning in a garbage bag." She turned to Miranda. "You, too. Love the dress, very sophisticated."

The doorbell rang, making Naomi feel slightly annoyed. More people already? And she still wasn't in her dress and looking fantastic. She really was behind, and she didn't need to appear imperfect in front of even more people. They were meant to remember the end result, not the things in between.

Perhaps a little quicker than she would have normally, Naomi removed her everyday clothes and put on her dress, a strapless chiffon gown that was a powdery pink colour, with a silvery beaded applique at the waist. Normally Naomi preferred stronger colours, red being her favourite, but red formal gowns tended to lean towards the sexy side of things, and that wasn't the impression she wanted to give.

At least she managed to zip up her dress by herself. Thank you, practical applications of yoga lessons.

Searching her mind for a conversation topic to keep her mind off prom dates and people clustering into Mara's house, as she put on her shoes (silvery to match the applique, and flat so that she didn't tower even more over Oswaldo) Naomi said, "So, prom... feels like the curtains are closing on high school, right? You all got plans for afterwards?"

She was curious about that, anyway. She wanted to make sure she could stay in touch. It couldn't hurt to have connections out there, and these were some of the few people she considered friends, whom she secretly didn't look down on. Well, most of the time. They had high standards for the most part, that was the important thing.
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((Stacy Ramsey continued from Monochromatic Living))

Stacy and her mum pulled up the driveway to Mara Montalvo’s house and parked the car. She smiled as she gazed at the beauty of the house. Stacy had always been envious of Mara’s home, it looked so beautiful and perfect. She saw several lights on in the house and bit her bottom lip out of nervousness; she hoped she wasn't late.

“Thanks for the lift mom.” Stacy said whilst getting out of the car. Slamming the car’s door, Stacy waved goodbye to her mum as she pulled out of the driveway.

She was not wearing her prom dress, but was instead dressed in a light grey pair of sweatpants, a white tank top and a light grey hoody. This was because, after weeks of trying on dresses, Stacy had still not decided what dress she wanted to wear. She already had her hair done, wearing it down in a cascade of curls. Stacy also carried three bags with her. The first two bags Stacy carried were two dress bags, one containing a strapless, thigh length, frilly, salmon pink dress with a black bow around the waist and the other containing a floor length, low cut and figure hugging red dress with white rhinestones placed just below the bust of the dress. The third bag was a large bag containing two different pairs of shoes to match the dresses, a collection of jewellery, two purses and a large assortment of makeup products.

One dress was cute and sweet, the other was sexy and seductive. She couldn't make her mind up on which one to wear; she was hoping that the rest of the girls would help her decide. A plus side to having two dresses with her was that if one of the girls was already wearing a similar dress to one of the dresses she had with her, Stacy could just simply put on the other dress. However, she would need to make up her mind on which dress to wear quickly as she also needed to put on accessories and makeup to match the dress she was going to wear and she couldn't be late for prom.

Turning to face Mara’s house, Stacy noticed someone standing at the front door. Upon closer inspection, Stacy realised it was Kat Tolstoff. Stacy was happy to see someone else outside the house; at least she wasn't as late as she thought. She placed the two dress bags over her right forearm and slid the other bag over her shoulder and skipped towards Kat. When she reached Kat, Stacy extended her arms and squeezed Kat’s sides twice.

“Hi Kat!”

Stacy was unsure if Kat had already knocked the door so she leant forward and knocked on the door twice.
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"Hi, Kat!"

Kat turned to see Stacy Ramsey from ... around. Yeah, that was the word.

"Hey, Stacy." Stacy knocked on the door, and a couple seconds later, there was a voice from upstairs saying that the door was open. Kat opened the door and pushed inwards, nodding to Stacy. Huh.

She walked upstairs to where the voice came from. In the room already were Mara, Miranda, Naomi and Summer.

"Well, hello, everybody. Looks like I got my work cut out for me."
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January 3rd, 2013, 2:02 pm #22

"Thank you".

Miranda half-jokingly curtsied, though only a shallow one. Really, it was nice to get compliments on outfits. She worked hard on finding the right one, and she was sure she found the best. This only confirmed it.

As Naomi undressed, Miranda looked away, towards the others.

When the question came up, she paused.

She... honestly didn't know what she wanted to do after school. Well, okay, she kind of wanted to pursue her interest in fashion. But she hadn't entirely dedicated herself to it just yet. She had applied to college, certainly, in minor part because her dad would have killed her if she didn't continue her education. Mom too, but that was besides the point. Anyways, she hadn't gotten word from them just yet.

Miranda had done a bit of research on getting a job in fashion design. There were internships, and there were schools and classes she could take to learn more. And, well, the industry did need all sorts of people. People with graphics design. People who can blog. People who can get coffee. People who can draw, or sew, or, well, close to anything could help.

Her dad had been pushing for her to get a Business degree of some sort, though. She supposed that could be helpful. After all, business skills were kind of important. In her research, business degrees did have their place in... plenty of jobs, actually. So maybe dad had a point. Maybe.

"Uh... not sure yet. I've applied, but I'm thinking about seeing if I can get a job in the fashion industry", she said.

Oh, wait, she shouldn't just stand, could she?

"Mind if I sit down?"

A beat later, Kat came up the stairs and to the door.

"Kat! Nice to see you."

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