Sarah Ramsey

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Name: Sarah Ramsey
Position: Girls P.E. Teacher
Gender: Female
Age: 29

Appearance: Standing at 5’0”, Coach Ramsey's small size is tightly packed with muscle. She keeps her blonde hair tied back in a short ponytail, while her small blue eyes sit fairly low on her diamond shaped face, exaggerating the size of her forehead. She has a similarly small mouth and thin nose, in contrast to her ears, which stick out at an awkward angle.

Around school, Coach Ramsey wears her tracksuits from her own days in training, which are all in varying shades of blue. Outside of school she dresses much more loosely, favoring short sleeved tops and cargo shorts. She tends to wear the same pair of white trainers regardless of what else she's wearing.

Biography/Personality: A former gymnast, Coach Ramsey never quite had the potential to live up to her Olympic dream. After struggling for years with depression over her disappointment, her therapist led her towards a career in training the younger generation towards their own athletic aspirations.

Since she was years out of practice in the gymnastics field, she found herself teaching general P.E. at Cochise High after a brief stint in Phoenix. Though she has little difficulty organizing and running her classes, her gymnastics dreams are still on display in her curriculum and her choice of favored students. People that have an interest in gymnastics themselves receive a significant amount of attention from her, while everyone else tends to get a more cursory response. Students who have no interest in P.E. are more or less ignored, as far as Coach Ramsey can reasonably get away with.