Samuel Graham

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Name: Samuel Graham
Position: Physics Teacher
Gender: Male
Age: 54

Appearance: Mr. Graham stands at 6'0" and weighs 155 pounds, making him very lean. He looks young for a man his age, with his hair barely starting to gray from its normally light brown coloration and with a physically fit build due to his habit of hiking on the weekends. His defining characteristics are his large, square framed glasses and his usual upbeat smile.

He is typically found wearing casual shirts, especially t-shirts with physics puns on them and generic brown or black pants.

Biography/Personality: Mr. Graham's position as the physics teacher at Cochise High was the first job he took after getting his degree in teaching and physics, and he has held this position ever since—a little bit less than thirty years. He is well known and loved among the student body for being a fun, upbeat teacher and for having a natural love of teaching the wonders of the natural world through physics. He's laid back and casual with his students, but can be somewhat demanding in regards to making sure that everyone actually learns and understands the curriculum. He does his best to make sure that all of his classes are healthy, well behaved learning environments. His teaching style is focused on demonstration of the concepts at hand, and making the students think and arrive at conclusions on their own (with a little bit of guidance from him), and as such he is not afraid to ask a question to the class and then wait through an ensuing awkward silence to get an answer. He's usually able to coax participation fairly easily, however, as he never shames students for being incorrect and tends to praise their reasoning when it's on the right track even if it does not lead to the correct conclusion.