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Name: Ryan Banks
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Running; wandering; reading

Appearance: Ryan stands at 5’7” and weighs in at 164 lbs, most of the weight coming from muscle. He has a toned upper body and bulky, muscular legs, giving him a stocky build. He is Caucasian. Ryan’s hair is sandy blonde, kept very shortly cut all around, and he wears black rimmed rectangular glasses which make his small grey eyes appear large due to the strength of his prescription. His ears are small for his head and he has a thick nose with average sized lips. His very strong square jaw gives him a very square face.

When out running, both on campus and off, Ryan will sport the track team’s outfit, opting for a tracksuit in the appropriate colours for the winter months. He will also usually switch his glasses for a pair of prescription sports goggles whilst doing so due to convenience, though he tricks to keep his glasses on hand when possible. His running shoes have become weathered over time due to extensive use, but still retain their original white and grey colouring.

When not running, Ryan will usually opt for a pair of jeans and one of two cream hoodies with plain t-shirts underneath, wearing a pair of white trainers on his feet.

Biography: Ryan’s parents did not stay together for long after he was born: Lisa Banks née Roberts felt that she was too young to have a child at twenty seven, and eventually divorced Ryan’s father Simon Banks when Ryan was barely two years old, leaving him in the custody of his dad. Ryan has only seen his mother on a few occasions and he does not consider her a significant part of his life, likewise she is only interested in him in passing.

Ryan and his father have often got on well, considering how they made up the entirety of their household. His dad has never been one to push Ryan into anything himself, usually opting for letting him make his own choices unless they would be outright dangerous to follow, believing strongly in learning from your own mistakes. As a result Ryan has developed an independent streak when it comes to making his own decisions. As an accountant for a large bank in the city, Simon has never had any difficulty providing for his son or himself and the two live in a comfortable suburban home.

When school started, Ryan kept to himself for the most part. Whilst he was not apprehensive about other students or interacting with others when directed to, he simply preferred to keep to himself and do things his own way. Whilst his introverted nature has generally been accepted and grown accustomed to, his inflexibility at times has brought him into conflict with both staff and other students. With average academics and a disinterest in talking to others, he faded into the background of the classroom scene, just the way he liked it.

The sole exception to that was physical education. Ryan absolutely loved exercising in that class; in fact he loved exercising period, even compared to most children his age. Whenever he had the opportunity to run around his Dad was always in for a hard time when it was time to go home, as Ryan simply did not want to leave until he was completely exhausted. The same held for most recesses at school, though stopping there before he was ready was one aspect that Ryan simply had to adjust to, loathe as he was.

As he grew older, Ryan became slightly less introverted in the classroom, making casual friends around the school, whilst running more and more. He loved challenging himself to go faster or run for longer, or do both at the same time. When he was twelve his dad got a dog for Ryan, a Siberian Huskie named Jonesy. Walks with the dog would quickly turn into runs, and the two became fast friends. With this persistent love of running over the years an undeniable factor of his life, Ryan decided to aim for becoming a professional athlete.

When he announced this intent, his dad was perfectly happy to support him in this endeavour, happy to pay for the necessary equipment. However, a professional coach was not within their budget at the time and given that Ryan was thirteen when he made this decision he was left to become his own trainer at first. The results were mixed and inefficient, with numerous issues in stride and pacing that went unnoticed by himself, but in time with his own research and advice from sports teachers, he was able to achieve a reasonable degree of effort until he entered high school. He joined the track team straight off and remains an active member, turning to the team’s manager for coaching now instead of listening to his own inexperienced advice. Whilst he has trained in both speed and endurance running, he finds that he personally leans towards long distance.

Over time his running training has become more and more intense, to the point that his schedule involves little outside of practice when not in school; most of his days consist of running, eating, schoolwork and sleeping. When he does take a break from training he enjoys going to places that he’s ran past, revisiting things he saw at speed to savour them up close and slowly, or occasionally just wandering aimlessly at a gentle walk. He also enjoys spending time on occasion with some of the few friends he has made over the years, though he still prefers his own company for the most part. If staying at home he usually takes to curling up with a good book and Jonesy by his side. He hates to admit it but he has a soft spot for trashy romance novels, if only because he likes a pleasant simple happy ending.

Whilst Ryan is very open to his father about anything he may feel, there is a sole exception: Ryan believes himself to be gay. As of yet he is not secure enough in his sexuality to openly admit it to anyone, let alone his father, and is in some ways denying it in hopes that he might be bisexual instead. The fact that he hasn’t had a interest in a girl since he was a child, however, whilst his preference for men has remained the dominant interest, continues to worry him about what affect it would have on his life, though he cannot deny that he really is interested in exploring these feelings.

At present Ryan continues his training with few changes to his schedule since when he first started. He has begun competing in local races outside the track team and hopes to boost his efforts of obtaining an athletic scholarship for college. Though he refuses to acknowledge that he could fail at becoming a professional athlete, Ryan intends to become a sports coach when he retires so that at least he will be able to train other upcoming stars to enjoy the life he believes he will get to. As he is working towards obtaining an athletic scholarship and has been since the end of his sophomore year, he puts a lot of effort into his studying and usually averages a high B or low A.

Ryan could easily be described as a dedicated person who is confident in what he does. He could be just as easily described as stubborn and self-absorbed: the high level of independence his father has given him combined with his introverted nature has made him the centre of his own universe, with little reason to care too much about others, and his inflexibility from childhood is something that he still retains to this day. He isn’t necessarily rude or obnoxious but sympathy and compromise are two things that do not come naturally to him. His extensive time alone with his thoughts during the stress of his workout has also served to make him a meditated and calm person, able to handle hard situations without losing his cool.

Advantages: Ryan is in outstanding physical condition: his intense training gives him the edge in many physical matters and is particularly excellent in anything that involves running, whether it be short or long distance. He is resolute in his decisions, so he is unlikely to back down due to stress or pressure. His is an emotionally calm person and is less likely to flinch from the pressure of the island.
Disadvantages: Ryan has poor charisma: he can come off as unsympathetic and inconsiderate when faced with a suffering individual, so he makes for a poor diplomat. His stubbornness could also get the better of him in a situation where flexibility is required and whilst he isn’t unpopular, his lack of many friends will limit his number of allies on the island. He has never faced any real violence, so the brutality of the island could overwhelm him.

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