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Eddie shook his head. Was he that obvious? Shit, even a blind kid could tell what he’d been thinking. The thought made him guilty. Who was he to try and claim superiority over anyone else? Hell, Jimmy was probably better off in a scrape than he was. He shook his head. “N-no, it’s not that I think you’ll slow me down. I just…” He trailed off. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt because of me. Eddie let out a defeated sigh before continuing. “You’re right. I g-guess being with me is as safe as anywhere else.”

Watching Trejo shoulder his pack, Eddie couldn’t help but wonder if he was just being a coward by letting the boy come along. The whole thing would probably end in tears, but Eddie still didn’t want to face whatever lay ahead of him alone. You’re probably going to get him killed, you know. Pushing the troubling thought aside, Eddie turned towards the steadily brightening glow on the horizon and tightened his grip on the rifle. “L-let's g-go, J-Jimmy.”

Striding with purpose, Eddie left the swamp behind him.

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Jimmy didn't mind too much that Eddie was worried about him. If the fellow wanted to risk his own life in a heroic effort to prolong a blind man's existence, that was his problem. Certainly, if such a thing happened, Jimmy would do his best to avenge his friend's death, but he wasn't going to stop his friend from sacrificing himself if he felt the need. Making the fellow conflicted over whether or not to save Jimmy would probably just result in both of them getting killed.

To be quite honest, he had only known the fellow for about half an hour. That was really not enough time to get an inseparable bond that linked them together through thick and thin. That was the sort of thing that the blind man estimated would take at least half a day. Though Jimmy really didn't have the experience in gaining friendship that would be necessary to make such precise estimates. Maybe when he really got into the swing of it, he would be able to make these important calculations. Of course, he'd have to be really strapped for entertainment to do that sort of thing with his precious spare time.

Giving a half-smile, Jimmy looked at the sunrise, a slightly lighter shade of dull gray from the rest of the sky, and strode forward confidently right behind Eddie. Things were starting to become somewhat recognizable now that the sun was up. In the darkness, everything was one big wave of gray in shades which were hard to distinguish, making locating Eddie in all that a question of whether the fellow could move enough for it to register on Jimmy's eyes. It was fortunate that Eddie was light-skinned, otherwise he would have blended in perfectly with the darker gray surroundings. In the approaching light, Eddie's shade of gray became more pronounced, and thus easier to follow. With his cane in one hand, Jimmy moved quickly behind him, determined to show that he was not a hindrance.

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Kimmy's eyes were beginning to feel heavy as she half-heartedly watched the two boys. It was a chore in and of itself to keep herself awake, but it was a whole other thing entirely to also pay close attention to her 'prey'. The lack of sleep for the past day or two was quickly catching up to her. She was certain that if things didn't speed up, she'd pass out. What she really needed was the adrenaline rush back. That rush that consumed the girls whole body and made every inch of her tingle with excitement. She needed to feel alive again, like she wasn't just a walking zombie.

Her prayers were answered as Eddie and No-name gathered up their belongings. She watched intently as the two boys walked in the opposite direction of her, one carrying the large gun and the other carrying what looked like a metal rod. The excitement quickly boiled within her small body once again and she smiled to herself as she stalked after the boys.

The hunt was back on.

(Kimmy Redmond continued in Night Diving)