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Couple ideas, my dear murder target friend!

Hyacinth would judge Demetri as a useless ass if she heard any of the rumors, which she probably has. She might appreciate some of his more up-her-alley fat jokes or something if she heard them, I dunno. Demetri and Piet seem to have similar senses of humor and Piet could fall on the 'token gay friend' like Kayden does, perhaps, or perhaps they dislike each other. Demetri would not be so down with the touchiness, but he'd only make quips and shrug Piet off assuming Piet's otherwise cool with his company. Maybe does some quick casual sports with Cedric on the side, casual acquaintance like.

Beryl would hear Hyacinth out and Hyacinth might be pleasantly surprised by the sort of positive reception, relative to the usual audience she gets. Doubt she'd think highly of Miss tall crazy-hair hippie fashion as a whole though. Also, yoga practitioners so... Actually that brings up a possibly important point, how experienced is Hyacinth? And for Cedric, well...


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Cleo has nooooooooo interest in anything that ever comes out of Hycanith's mouth. Ever. Forever.

Blaise finds Hycanith to be extremely boring and trying to make up for a creatively bankrupt cookie cutter personality by pretending beauty has an objective standard. We've talked about this a bit but I think they clash a lot because Hycanith feels they should be on her side and they are so very, very not. And oh hey, lookit that, Piet is enemies with Myles, who is Blaise's nemesis, and good friends with Kayden, who is Blaise's bestest friend ever. From what I'm seeing, I think they probably get along quite well!

Hel knows of Piet but dude is a little too extra for her to handle, and she avoids Hycanith whenever possible.

Jeremiah is absolutely one of Hycanith's targets and it makes him very very sad inside because I think he probably believes it at least a bit.

Damian wants Piet to mind his damn boundaries a bit more because he is the exact opposite of touchy feely. Other than that, though, I think they're cool?

Okay, this one's a little weird but hear me out. I think Babs is "traditionally" quite attractive but she doesn't put a ton of effort into her appearance other than taking care of herself and doing very simple make-up/conservative clothes. I like the idea of Hycanith seeing potential in her and like, possibly wanting to turn her into a project to make her more confident and prove her own ideological point, and Babs is extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing but is also bad at telling people no in ways that don't involve running away and hiding so she ends up going along with it for the most part and it goes very, very poorly?
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Demetri/Hyacinth: To be honest, Hyacinth would likely meet Demetri with open disgust. There is parts of it in the rumours but he doesn't seem very socially adaptable either. I don't think even their... roughly-shared political ideology and their occasionally overlapping humour will help much. Basically.

Demetri/Piet: Yeah, I can see them casually liking each other? I mean if Demetri has two of them, it's not really a token gay friend or is it? Well, anyway, I don't think they'd do much together save the occasional hanging out together, in which they can bond (I guess) over their terrible sense of what is fun. Fair warning though, Piet is probably going to try and keep his distance - after all Demetri is one of those emo internet kidz who surely shoot up all the schools nowadays???!!!


Demetri/Cedric: Sure, sounds fine. Let's see what pregame brings.

Beryl/Hyacinth: I haven't yet settled on specifics as to her yoga skills to be honest. I was thinking... dunno, something along the lines of "not a beginner anymore" but still "a lot room to improve" if you catch my drift. Otherwise, I believe an amiable relationship here is probable. Probably not outright friendship, though - Hyacinth has her cats for that, after all.

Beryl/Cedric: Hey, what's the second best to having a dog? Having the friendship of someone who loves dogs too! Maybe not, but it's still ?



Cleo/Hyacinth: Too bad for Cleo, 'cause Hyacinth cannot but approve of dem legs ; )

Blaise/Hyacinth: Yes, we talked about this already. The kinda relationship I envisioned, at least on Hyacinth's side, is one of very confused feelings. Looking forward to the metaphorically sexual tension (As I tend to include a lo- ... always.)

Blaise/Hyacinth: Friends by association, sounds likely!

Jeremiah/Hyacinth: Alright so - again the thing is that Hyacinth is a very cold person but she is seldom actively malicious. By seldom I mean, whenever someone 'pisses her off' she gets catty. With someone as Jeremiah, I see no reason why Hyacinth would be particularly pissed off. So she'd just be like, making sure he knows his place way below her all the time they interact. You know, by giving him side-eyes, questioning his opinions and - you know this actually sounds very harsh on its own.

Damian/Piet: Bruh, I get Damian. I got touchy friends too. But yea, no - seems fitting to have them as friends or something.

Babs/Hyacinth: Okay that's cute as shit. Let's fucking do that.
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How've I not seen this thread before?

Heather and Hyacinth... is intriguing to me. Hyacinth would probably respect Heather's dedication to her fitness, but she's hardly feminine and that may bother her? For Heather's part though, it's likely that Hyacinth's attitude would annoy her, and they may have some past hostility, which could be fun if they ever run into each other at the gym.

If Piet is an equal opportunities flirt he's probably gone for Akiem, who's done his best not to say anything offensive but he's very much not down with the sinning. So that could be pretty strained.

And Cedric... I don't speak emoji, but he wrestles, and is irrepressibly chirpy? He'd probably annoy the hell out of Heather and she's probably snapped at him more than once in years past... but Akiem probably likes his spirit, and as his mother is a police officer he'd very much respect Cedric's career goal.
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broken children ahoy

Hyacinth: Ivy would either absolutely Love her or absolutely Hate her, depending on how amiable Hyacinth was to being part of her circle (they have a mutual... friend?? in Myles Roux if that means anything). Dante has flirted with her at some point, it's what he does, and I have my doubts that she was particularly receptive, but you know your characters better than I do. :p

Piet: Axel is very bi and very closeted and has definitely hooked up with Piet at some point and will definitely never acknowledge it ever again. If he ever hit on Dante or Ian Ian would blush violently and find a reason to not be wherever he was at that moment and Dante would either give an oblivious "thanks, dude!" or just be confused depending on what exactly Piet said. Ivy would probably be disgusted by him Unless he got in her good graces (by sharing good gossip, obviously) at which point she'd tolerate him.

That's kinda all I've got, but if you have anything else in mind lemme know!
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Proud Titty Brigade member Adele is probably at odds with IG model Hyacinth, and maybe she'd know Piet bc she's part of the swim team! Also, she prides herself on being a strong LGBT advocate, because her older sister is bi and happily married to a woman.
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I deciphered Cedric as best I could, and I think he might be friendly with Andy and Astor and vice versa.
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January 7th, 2018, 1:28 pm #23

Danny Livingstone to Hyacinth Eickenhorst:
I suspect Danny would find Hyacinth quite boring, probably vapid too. Little interest in actively engaging with her.

Danny Livingstone to Piet Lick:
If Piet tried to hit on Danny then Danny would reciprocate. He would probably be bad about respecting Piet's discomfort with being touched though, especially if Piet's touching him. May or may not make cracks about Piet's last name and any romantic shenanigans. Potentially a recipe for a failed relationship there.

Danny Livingstone to Cedric Kanagagota:
"Speak English please, I don't understand emoji."
Apart from some vague interest in his aspirations, I doubt Danny would have much reason to talk to Cedric.