Regarding Hero Deals

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January 16th, 2011, 1:06 am #1

Hey, everyone! Just a friendly little announcement here from the staff of Mini and SOTF. Basically, we've noticed a spate of deal offers that go between the boards, stuff like "If you Hero me in the BRAU, I'll Hero you in V4," and "If you Hero my V4 character, I'll owe you a Hero on Mini".

Well... the intention of Mini is not to provide another piece of leverage to use in deals. Really, we don't like seeing the boards intertwined as they have been in these things. They are separate RPs, and there is a reason that cards do not transfer between them. Also, it's a total pain to keep track of.

With that said, the staff team will not be enforcing, tracking, or whatever deals that involve anything off-site. We'd like to discourage Mini/V4 deals in the first place, and, while we can't stop them entirely, we're not touching them for enforcement. Also, please bear in mind that you never if someone will participate in a specific Mini/leave the site/whatever, and if that happens, you're kind of out of luck when it comes to the deal, as there's no way to enforce it anyways.

So, yeah. Deals between V4 and Mini are being discouraged, and will not be enforced by the staff.